Game On!

March 11th, 2012

But it had to be posted.
Even without the ludicrous subject matter and the over wrought furry harmonizing vocals, the visuals alone are enough to make me want to emigrate immediately to the Netherlands.

“We’ve got a man who understands that God gave a bill of rights.”

What does that even mean?

Are they talking about the actual bill of rights?

Or are they saying that the bible is somehow a bill of rights?

But most importantly – why is that drummer smiling so insanely?

And what is up with the dad on stage with the seemingly out of control joy?

And what is that sister doing with that flag and sexy walk on the side of the road?


  • bPer:

    They kept referring to Reagan, but I doubt they’d be thrilled by this. Then again, (a)historical revisionism is the stock and trade of the religious right.


    • km:

      This has everything I don’t see every day
      a Jesus tshirt
      Santorum supporters on a Special bus
      that curly long hair do. Is that a fundamentalist thing?

      I wonder will our state’s primary matter at the end of April. I’d love to see these types descend on our little town in Connecticut. We have Republicans, just not these kind of Republicans. They are super fascinating.

      Faithful to his wife and seven child-ren. Hard to rhyme that one. Kudos to their homeschooling :)

      My liberal self feels sorry for these young women supporting Santorum. I have lived in a country where religion was the ruling power and it was mean, small-minded and anti-women. Believe me, dancing, twirling girl you don’t want that in your life. It is horrible.

      • Carol Sorensen:

        The hair is a fundie thing – check the Duggars. Probably an ATI/Gothard influenced family (can’t remember if the ladies in the video are “skirts only.”)

  • Clay:

    Gee whiz, what a cheery little piece! I disagreed with everything it said but it was very well done. The democrats need to come up with some videos of happy young people singing happy yoiung thoughts.

  • Raven:

    When I saw this all I could think of was the reason why the Hitler Youth were so terrible: the complete destruction of youthful innocence in the name of ideology.

    Actually, I also thought of the 80′s, why feather earrings should not be worn with feather necklaces and when I was in school, accusing someone of riding the “special” bus was a pretty big insult.

  • theresa basso:

    Oh my God.

  • Jessie S.:

    Did anyone notice that they were on the “special” bus… Just saying.

  • Jessie S.:

    Nevermind, I see KM pointed out the bus.

  • susan:

    cannot stand looking at that guy. its his mouth! short upper lip makes his mouth perpetually agape. And then there is the hands on prayer shit.

    no wonder he is so parodied in SNL.

    Rechelle, if you havent seen the HBO film “Game Change” about the McCain/Palin race for presidency please do so. what a debacle and this does NOT paint Sarah Palin in a good light. Au contraire! Julianne Moore is spectacular playing Palin.

  • The editor:

    80′s hair rocks!

  • Leslie:


    Sorry, that is all I can say about it…


  • m.r.:

    Game on! This song is stuck in my head and I blame you Rechelle.

    There is something compellling about these beautiful young women, especially the really smug non-guitar playing one on the right. If I were a young christian male who didn’t think much about politics, I would totally vote for whoever she told me to.


    • Rechelle:

      It is quite catchy. Maybe they should switch from campaign songs to advertising.

  • Jill:

    Hope you and your family are enjoying your spring break – but I beg you…please put something new on your home page! I check in hoping to read your latest and greatest post but am greeted with a still frame of the Santorum Stepford Squad. Anything will do – photo of cat, musings on KU in the Sweet Sixteen, or rebuttal to the “cloud angel” that has been all over MSN today. Safe travels!

  • LucyJoy:


  • M.R.:

    I tried to comment a few days ago on my cell phone but your website ate it. So … I just want you to know that I spent days with that stupid “Game On” in my head … and I blame you! The worst part is that I found those beautiful girls strangely compelling. If I were a young christian male with no political leanings I would totally vote for whomever they told me to. Especially the smug non-guitar playing one on the right! (Fortunately, I am a 61 year old non-any-organized-religion woman, so I am able to overcome their strange powers.)

    • Rechelle:

      Phew! That was a close one! Ha ha

  • Kitkat:

    How do they reconcile their perfect theocracy with the godless era of the endtomes that is supposed to bring the rapture? Shouldnt they want the worst scenario to their values? Ah, the conflicting views of the Bible and their followers…