The Soothing Tones of Sam Harris

January 30th, 2012

Sometimes listening to an atheist decimate Christianity is such a delightful balm.


  • Thanks for putting this up. Thanks also for leaving out Dr. Craig’s portion of the debate – he can be so pompous and condescending. EFH

  • Papa Harry:

    I thought Sams argument for scientific morality was incredibly weak. His double standard on bias is disgusting, I do however agree with him about the way obama picks people for leadership positions. these comments refer to minutes 24 thru 45 of the debate

    • Clay C.:

      Since you don’t seem to be able to provide any reason for thinking that Sam’s argument was was incredibly weak why would anyone think you are anything but incredibly brainwashed?

  • Jay:

    The thought of people going to hell because they were unlucky enough to be born in a different culture was the first and largest crack in my faith when I was young.

    (boring personal story to follow)
    I actually spoke to my pastor at the time, who assured me that God didn’t send non-believers to hell if they never heard about Jesus. He said that if someone was born, raised, and died, and never heard of Jesus or God or anything like that, that God would not punish them with hell. I dont remember if he had verse to go with that, or if its just something he ‘interpreted’. That was enough for my young mind at the time…

    until I started thinking about missionaries. Their job was to go to other lands and teach people about Jesus. So if they went to another land where people didnt know about Jesus, and they told everyone about Jesus, then everyone that they told that DIDN’T end up converting, was now going to hell.

    If the missionary was really bad at convincing people, then everyone he told lost their ‘free pass’ and was now going to hell. If the point of spreading the word of christ is to save immortal souls, then telling people about christ in this manner was putting their immortal souls at risk!

    Obviously, the religious Spackle didn’t hold up and the crack grew until the freethinker emerged, but any time anyone asked me when I started to lose my ‘faith’, I tell them my thoughts on the ‘odds to hell based on birthplace ratio’. Now fortunately, I can direct them to this link to Mr. Harris who is much more well spoken than I.

    TL:DR – Thanks for the link! :)