His Blue and Frozen Remains

January 5th, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night…

No… wait.

Actually it was a dim and frozen morning.

Preceeded by a dark and stormy night….

For I was seated in my usual spot, the perch in our home described as the “brown chair” a heavily padded wingback which is the most desirable seat in the house. I had the laptop on my lap as I earnestly scanned the headlines for news of the latest protestations to emerge from either Bachmann or Santorum, my two favorite right wing nut-jobs.  When into the house burst the CD!  He was in the midst of a night of call and had spent most of the evening at the hospital attending to patients as they arrived in our small town ER. However at around eight-o-clock, there was not a patient in sight and he drove home to eat a bite of supper.

And that’s when he veered.

And this veering is where our grim mystery begins…

Because it was raining outside.

And very cold.

And the freezing rain was rapidly turning everything it hit into a sheet of ice.

But the important part of this story to the CD is not the ice…

But the rain.

For we have been in the midst of a drought in this part of the country.

A severe drought.

A drought that had shrunk our pond to half it’s normal size causing the dock that the CD built this summer to display more than a decent portion of it’s unattractive underpinnings.  But the steady rain fall of the past few days had vastly improved the appearance of the CD’s new dock.  It now sat on top of the water in the exact manner he had intended and he felt compelled in spite of the sleety rain, to get a closer look at his creation.

“I’m going out to see the dock!” he announced as he ambled out the front door into the rain.

“Okay” I replied to his back and then went right back to scrutinizing the internet for the latest intel on the GOP.

And that was the last I saw of the CD that night.

Later, when I went to bed, I wondered briefly where he was.  I contemplated giving him a call, but his phone doesn’t get reception in the lower level of the hospital where the ER is located and I figured he had just been called in and I had missed his departure due to the general hubbub of our house.

The next morning I woke up alone.

The house was very cold.

I shivered, pulled on a heavy sweater and turned up the furnace.

I got the boys up, stumbled downstairs, put on a pot of coffee and set out a few breakfast items.

And that is when I saw it.

Exhibit A…

The Country Doctor’s stethoscope.

It was lying on the kitchen counter.

Hmmmm… That’s strange, I thought. I had not heard the CD come home last night and trust me, the man can’t take six steps without waking the dead. He’s not exactly a creature of stealth.  Still – I thought maybe for once he had re-entered the house in the middle of the night without waking me up.

So I checked to see if possibly he had slept in the guest bedroom…

Exhibit B…

But no.

The guest bedroom had clearly not been slept in.

It was then that I noticed his briefcase was leaning against the fireplace.

His briefcase.

His briefcase…

His stethoscope…

His briefcase…

The stethoscope…



The empty beds…



Empty bed….

What was the last thing he said to me…

Something about the dock?….

“Going out to see the dock… going out to see the dock…  the dock… the dock… the dock… dock… dock…..”

Fearing the worst, I ran to look out the front door…

Exhibit C

In the night, the pond had completely frozen over.

Everything was slick with snow and ice.

What if the unthinkable had happened!?!

What if the CD had slid on the ice as he walked across the dock, hit his head on the wooden planks and then  slid silently into the freezing waters of the pond?

I crept out to the dock, terrified of what I might find.

I could see his footprints where they had walked around on the dock, but from the yard I couldn’t tell if they went up to the edge.

I needed to get a closer look…

Just a little closer.

I folded my hands inside the sleeves of my sweater.

The cold air sliced through my thin pajama pants.

The icy grass stabbed my feet.

It was about here that I decided a phone call might be a better way to solve this mystery.


What if I unintentionally disturbed the evidence???

So I jogged back into the house and called the CD’s cell phone.

CD – Hello?

Me – Hello!

CD – Hi.

Me – HI!

CD – What’s up?

Me – You haven’t drowned in the pond!

CD – What?

Me – You’re not dead!

CD – What are you talking about?

Me – I thought you were trapped under the ice!

CD – What?

Me – I didn’t want to disturb the evidence.

CD – I have no idea what you mean.

Me – I’ll explain when you get home.  Just please come in the house before you go out to the dock.  I don’t want to have to search for your blue and frozen remains again. It’s too freakin’ cold outside!


  • Jessie S.:

    So where was he?

    • Rechelle:

      He was at the ER. He spent the night there. At least that is what he claims!

      • GA in GA:

        Yep, they all claim that! ROTFL!

        Glad he did not fall into the pond!

  • Erin:

    Don’t you love being a doctor’s wife — things like our husbands not coming home/missing/etc don’t really phase us (till the next morning when we think they have drowned in the pond!) My CD forgets his stethoscope all the time – that wouldn’t be a very good indicator that he’s around somewhere.

    I heard someone talk about how they should have know that their husband was having an affair…they were home late/not at all, they got phone calls in the middle of the night, etc…I thought “that’s not how life is supposed to be?” :-)

    • Rechelle:

      Yes – with all the phone calls from nurses and late nights at the ER or the hospital – we often joke that Mike has a girlfriend.

      • GA in GA:

        I am sure my CD has multiple GFs! It is never the same one that calls throughout the night!

  • A:

    So pleased I found your blog again – and subscribed this time. I’ve missed your wonderful writing style and sense of humour. Oh, and so happy the saga ended well, by the way!
    Waving from Australia, where it will be about 40 degs C today!

  • That’s funny, Rob did the same thing the other day. He told me that he was going to the office later, after dinner. So we ate dinner. Then I was cleaning up and called for him over and over to come help me do something, with no response. So then Luke comes in the kitchen and says, “Mom, dad left like 20 minutes ago.” Well ok then.

  • I love the quilt on the guestroom bed. Where did you get it? It’s beautiful!


    • Rechelle:

      Ye Olde Pottery Barn

  • Cassie:

    Great post rechelle!

  • Axelle the french reader:

    So so funny !