Top Ten Reasons I Love Watching Varsity Basketball Games

December 20th, 2011

1.  The hugs…

2.  The dance routines…

3.  My son’s  insistence that these are not dance routines… they are warm-ups.

4. The pep band…

(That plays the awesome dance music to which the baskeball players perform their carefully choreographed warm-up routines.)

5. The introduction of the starting line-up.

6. The cheering section…

7. The signs…

Who are “The Nachos”?

And why can’t they come into the gym???

8. Number 40

9. Keeping it low, low, low, low….

Low, low…

Low, low.

10. More hugs.

Maybe someday I will figure out how to take good sports photos inside of a gym.

Until then, I’ve got plenty of blurry hugging for everyone!


  • theresa:

    I very much enjoyed this cute story..but I have to tell you. I am a loyal Rechelle Unplugged fan and I click on often. I was getting pretty tired of Panera curing the eyeball attack, you know!!??!! It must be semester break!

  • Rechelle:

    Thanks for sticking it out Theresa. I hope to post more frequently now that school is out for me.

  • km:

    So good to see you back. Here’s a “warm-up” routine from the NZ rugby team. My kids love this:)

    • Rechelle:

      So cool! I had heard about this, but not actually seen it. Thanks for the link.

  • poppy:

    LOL! Love how the nacho sign is orange!

  • Enjoy it! My football player will graduate this year and when he ran out on the field for the last time….I cried like a baby. Luckily it was raining and I blamed the mascara streaks on the weather :P

  • Hope:

    This is very neat. I liked it very much!

  • Nancy P.:

    Love this! I don’t care what anyone says, there are few things more heartwarming than the camaraderie of teenage boys. They’re goofy, sweet, vulnerable, cocky, and absolutely hilarious. My guys have flown the nest and I miss those days. Enjoy every minute.