Jim Bob Duggar’s Attempts to Save Scottish Atheist Thwarted Due to Hectic TV Vacation!

December 29th, 2011

In the first few minutes of this video in which the Duggar family is visiting Scotland, Jim Bob Duggar is seen attempting to proselytize a Scottish street performer.  The performer admits after Jim questions him that he “doesn’t really believe in God”.  Upon hearing these shocking words, Jim is forced to try and convert the man quickly because the family has to get to their next destination.

As the scene plays out it becomes strikingly evident to me that Jim Bob does not care about the man at all, instead he seems only concerned with displaying a proper evangelical demeanor in front of his family and the cameras as opposed to having a meaningful conversation with the Scottish man about faith. He doesn’t listen to anything the man says, but instead barrages past all his comments with crazy statements about the distance of the sun from the earth and how we would all be “forced” to worship god were he to appear.

I wonder if this is the first time the Duggar kids have ever encountered a person willing to publicly profess disbelief? If so then I think the Duggar “world tour” was completely worthwhile.

So here is my breakdown of The Jim Bob Evangelism Technique…

1.  Have a noteworthy number of children (say anything over ten).

2.  Take large brood with you wherever you go.

3.  Use the enormity of your family as an ice-breaker when approaching strangers on the street whom you plan to proselytize.

a.  Use phrases like – “This is my wife Michelle.  She has had nineteen of my children!  Isn’t that amazing!  I SAID -  ISN’T THAT AMAZING!!!”

5.  When the stranger looks at you a little cockeyed, ask them about their faith background…

Example – “So… what is your faith background?”

6.  If the stranger confesses to anything less than bible believing Christianity make one of the following statements…

a.  If the earth were any closer to the sun or the sun any closer to the earth we would be burnt to a cinder or frozen instantly.

b.  If god were to appear in the sky right this very instant, we would all be forced to follow him.

c.  He has a plan for your life and he loves you but you have to repent from your sin and give him control.

7.  Finish up by walking away rapidly, exclaiming on the talent of the stranger, telling him how impressive he is and how thankful you are to have seen him.

And that my friend is how you bring people to Jesus.

I hope it helps!!!


  • AmeliaJake:

    When I was little, I would run out of the room when Lucy & Ethel got themselves in an embarrassing predicament. I’m afraid to watch this video lest I hear kids screaming, “Grandma’s cowering in the bathroom!”

  • Véronique:

    I don’t know where they are heading on their tour, but I think there will be plenty opportunities for the kids to be faced with atheists. People like the Duggar’s family are seen like an exotic American phenomenon here (EU). I have the feeling religion is more of a private thing here. (hope my english is not too bad that you don’t understand me..)

  • Véronique:

    It would really make my day to meet them in the street and have a little talk…

  • See, that kind of evangelism would totally work on me. In fact, the only reason I’m still an atheist is that I’ve never had a father of nineteen come up to me on the street, on camera, and explain that if the Earth had a different orbit, we’d all die horribly. So hey, if Jim Bob Duggar happens to read this and wants to swing through Texas for a little chat, I’d be happy to find a reasonably scenic streetcorner where we could meet.

    Or, you know, that might be sarcasm.

    Véronique, your English is excellent.

    • Véronique:


  • The editor:

    Who’s had the rest of his children?

    • I was thinking the same thing! Good lord, could Jim Bob be a philanderer, or worse yet a divorcee!!!! No wonder he needs to repent endlessly!!

    • Rechelle:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • poppy:

    Amen. I’d def buy that poor guy a pint. Or two.

  • km:

    Oh for the love of God (literally I suppose). I’m not that old and I know families that had a bazillion kids from one mother. The biggest family being 16 kids. That’s with thinking for about hmmm 2 seconds. This was in 70s Ireland when said mother didn’t have a tv crew and a caravan load of money to help her either. So get over yourself Pop Duggar. What’s more nutso definitely is the whole evangelical extremism. That’s where people in Europe will be “huh??? Are you mad? ”
    I like Mrs. Duggar. Himself, though, to me is cracked.

  • Miss Lucy:

    Oh my….

    “Thankfully they speak English in Scotland….”

  • Kait:

    Why do American TV networks feel this overwhelming need to share this sort of idiot with the world? Do they WANT the rest of the world to hate the USA?

  • I’m enjoying your blog, Rechelle.

    In a word: Indoctrination. These folks grow up believing that their religion is the only true one & everyone else is going to hell. In their minds, they probably believe they are being compassionate. Fundamentalism puts a lot of emphasis on proselytizing. I bet it has never even crossed their minds that some people are happy with their own religion or no belief.