Drew Writes A Thank You Letter to His Student Teacher

December 5th, 2011

My son Drew had a student teacher in his math class this year. Her time with the class is almost over and the students were instructed to write her a thank you letter. This is Drew’s… (As you may note – he does not struggle with a lack of confidence)

Hello Miss Cox,

It is very sad that you have to leave Mrs. Callahan’s math class and all of her great students (especially me). All of us will miss you so much that we will sob for hours and lock ourselves in our closets for days! You, on the other hand, will move on and live a very happy life with your awesome math ninja skills. I know that you will be successful!
When I came to WMS and began pre-algebra I struggled very much and needed lots of help. Then, as time passed, I developed into one of the top students in the class! Seventh grade then came in a heartbeat and I was working my butt off to stay on top of things. It was very difficult with all of the homework and the frequent test and quizzes. Then something changed. Miss Bellender came.
Miss Bellender, if you didn’t know, was our 7th grade student teacher. She was funny, happy (all of the time), a good cook and good at math, kind of like you! When she came, she brought happiness into the class and made it fun. Miss Bellender was awesome and I am not the only one who thought that. We still did lots of work and had tests and quizzes frequently, but the class was just more fun. Eventually Miss Bellender did leave and Mrs. Callahan took over again, but that wasn’t bad because Mrs. Callahan is fun and a great teacher. It was just great having Bellender around because the class changed and a change is what our class really needed.
Finally 7th grade ended and 8th grade began with very high expectations. The first few weeks of 8th grade were slow, not fun, and a lot of work. Math was one of those classes that I looked forward to in the beginning of 8th grade, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. Mrs. Callahan challenged us with matrices and many other very hard math subjects. With math not going well, like I said before, the days were going slow.
Then you arrived, to experience Mrs. Callahan’s math class and all of her students. Once again, just like in 7th grade, things in math class changed. All of the students, including me, began to really like you and how you teach. You were just like Miss Bellender in so many ways and with that, the class improved. After math got better, the whole 8th grade experience got better and I give you a lot of that credit. As you taught and we listened, most of the time, we got smarter very fast. You are a very good teacher and I hope you take that skill into your career someday and enjoy it.
We will all miss you Miss. Cox and you never know, I could be writing black hole equations someday and then give you 1% credit on the making of the equation for teaching me the distance formula! I hope you have a happy life, but always remember…Go! Big! Red! ☺

Your favorite student


  • Susan Sawatzky:

    What a great kid you have there. Lucky girl.

  • Miss Lucy:

    My…what an orator! Perhaps he should look into becoming a speech writer!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I think I know where he gets his sweet writing skills.

    • Kay in KCMO:

      Nikki, I thought the same thing; the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

      And yay! Rechelle’s back!

  • Clay C.:

    What a tremendous writer Drew is! Here we are, hanging around your site and you are not saying anything any more, maybe you should give him some writing assignments for us.

  • What a sweet letter! I wonder if Miss Cox will search out Miss Bellender to form a super-ninja math instruction tag team? They should.

  • Rainy:

    I think we all need a math ninja in our lives!! I am glad he got one for a bit. I finally got mine and I am 38 and back in school, I wish I had my math ninja earlier in life!

  • Priss:

    I got kind of teary reading that, envisioning Miss Cox’s delight in the letter and yours at your awesome boy. That was a wonderful letter.

  • Jennifer:

    I’m glad you shared that–what a lovely note. Miss Cox probably shed a few tears over that one. Happy tears.

  • Kim J:

    That is hilarious!! I’m sure Miss Cox will share that letter with everyone she knows, and will re-read it for years when she needs a boost. Drew is a talented writer – just like his Momma!

  • The apple didn’t fall far from the tree Rechelle. He’ll be a bestselling author before you know it. But what I appreciated the most was his “Go Big Red” loyalty.

  • Anoria:

    He seems to have inherited his mother’s talent for telling things exactly how they are with no exaggeration :)
    This is really adorable though – I know it will mean a lot to his teacher. I got so attached to my students even as an occasional substitute, I can only imagine what it must be like for a student teacher in her first long-term classroom. She’ll treasure all the letters, if the others are anything like this one.
    (Also, good for Drew for being enthusiastic about math. Too many people hear one person tell them it’s hard and believe them for the rest of their lives. Help him keep up the confidence!)

  • Clay C.:

    Miss Cox should include this letter in her job application portfolio.
    Where are you Rechelle?