Dear Charles Hosts His First Giveaway,You Seriously Don’t Want to Miss Out!

December 28th, 2011

Dear Readers of Rechelle Unplugged (all six of you who remain), it is with great excitement that I inform you of a supreme giveaway going on just inches from your fingertips at this very juncture!  For if you were to reach your wormy appendages in such a way as to click upon the Dear Charles tab (located in the header) you will be rapidly transported to the Dear Charles section of this blog where none other than Dear Charles himself has written a new post for you to enjoy.  And enjoy it you will for it is a very long post – very, very, very long.  In fact, it took me two hours to read it this morning, but that is nothing compared to the months that it took for Charles to write it.

It would appear that Dear Charles has a relative who is very concerned for his immortal soul and in order to permeate this same soul with the soul saving knowledge of Christ, this relative did send unto Charles a copy of Lee Strobel’s book A Case For Christ.  Charles, being the earnest and generous soul that he is read the book and as a result wrote the review that you can now find under the Dear Charles section of my blog.  It is a very, very, good review (albeit just a tad bit lengthy), but Charles is not a man without concern for others and so to break up the enormity of his response to Lee Strobel’s A Case For Christ, he did insert a giveaway about halfway through.  So please go and read his review.  I sure am glad that I did and plan to greedily enter his giveaway under a variety of pseudonyms in order to increase the chances that I might win.

I myself read Lee Strobel’s A Case For Christ just a few months prior to devoting myself to full time atheism.  (As opposed to the part time atheist I was previously) and it did act as a temporary balm for my crumbling faith.  It is one of those books that sort of makes the believers feel more “believey” while making skeptics even more skepticky which I am not sure was the goal of Mr. Strobel.

After I read Charles’s review, I must tell you that I was filled with a warm and satisfying disgust for Strobel. The way Charles deconstructs Strobel’s book is well worth the two hours it may take you to get to the end of his review.  There are also a lot of laughs along the way and for GAWD’S SAKE!  DON’T FORGET ABOUT THAT FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!!!


  • Erin:

    There are only 6 of us left? I feel honored to be one of them! ;-) Glad you’re back…between you, PWS and Marlboro Woman all being MIA for a while I thought there had been some massive takedown!!

  • I guess I’m one of the 6. I shall try to read the review between breaking up the arguments of my children that always erupt when kept indoors at length. Gotta love Christmas break! ;)

  • bPer:

    Make that 7 readers. I’ve been lurking lo these many months, using your RSS feeds. Glad you’re back.

    Charles’ post is a great take-down. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve seen other videos of that smarmy snake Craig, and couldn’t stomach another, so I’ll forgo the contest.

    Happy Holidays!


  • Shay:

    Happy New Year Rechelle! I’m still here. Just call me Number Seven.