Favorite Door County Photos

October 12th, 2011

All of my favorite photos from this trip except for the above picture, were taken in the town of Ephraim, Wisconsin located on the “Green Bay” side of Door County.  Ephraim snuggles right up to shoreline.  It’s cozy downtown features my favorite of all the Door County beaches we visited.  It was soft and sandy (as opposed to some of the rocky beaches on the peninsula) perfect for swimming and within walking distance of some great little shops including one fantastic ice cream shop.

I think the reason I like these photos the best is because I got to take them alone.  I left the boys and the CD on the beach and wandered off downtown snapping pictures to my heart’s content.

Then I returned to the fam and got a few of Jack and Drew working on a sand castle.

It was a good day.


  • farmgirl:

    I go there every fall…usually with my sisters in law for a girl’s trip. Its a very pretty spot and always makes my heart sing. So glad you could enjoy a sweet spot in MY state. :)

  • theresa b:

    Growing up in Illinois, Door County every Fall was our family’s favorite mini-vacation. I am glad to see you post and am thankful to see your gorgeous photos and relive a few childhood memories.