2011 Butterfly Collection

October 12th, 2011

It was a tough year on gardens this year in my part of the country. A month long heatwave caused a lot of gardeners to lose heart. I managed to keep my plants alive, but my overall harvest was significantly diminished. I am still getting tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and all the herbs I can stand and they are delicious.

Throughout the season I photographed any butterfly that would stay still long enough to let me snap a few photos. Here’s a few of them…

This guy had a town wing.


  • Nancy:

    So happy to stop by your blog and see activity! Such beautiful photos! I was in your neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago on my Kansas exploration trip and fell in love with Wamego. It didn’t hurt that the day that we arrived your town was celebrating Oztoberfest. We rambled all over and visited historic sites from Council Grove to Olathe and back. We checked out Topeka, Baldwin City, Emporia, Cottonwood Falls, Lawrence, and a whole bunch of other spots, but Wamego stole my heart. What a lovely place. My husband, who has been dragging his feet about a move, fell in love with the Flint Hills so it was a successful trip. Thanks a million for your advice from way back.

    • Rechelle:

      You’re welcome Nancy.

  • Priss:

    Beautiful! And so happy to see a new post!