The Surfing Doctor

June 28th, 2011

This is Doctor Blank.  His name is not really Doctor Blank.  His real name is Doctor Something Else, but it is not actually Doctor Something Else either.  He does have a funny name for a doctor.  It’s along the line of Doctor Bloody Hands or Doctor Searing Pain or Doctor Freelove.  I actually know a Doctor Freelove.  His wife reads this blog sometimes.  Hi Doctor Freelove’s wife!  But the doctor pictured above will remain anonymous to preserve a modicum of his privacy because I am now going to tell you everything I know about him.

He is a surfing doctor.

A surfing doctor who lives in Kansas.

Which as you can imagine, makes his life very hard.

He is passionate about surfing.

He grew up in Kansas, went to school in Colorado and he loves to surf.

No one around here really understands this.

And sometimes he feels very alone.

He lived in New Zealand for a year.

And he surfed everyday.

And then he came back to Kansas.

And he is in pain everyday.

Pain from not surfing.

He is a character.

And his wife is long suffering.

And we all feel sorry for her.

But we are glad they are here.

And we hope they stay.

This is the surfing doctor’s baby.

He is extraordinarily good-natured and laid back.

It could be the surfing genes.

Or perhaps the alcohol.


  • Hi Rechelle! Rob says he’s flattered to see his name on your blog! Did you know we knew a Doctor with the last name Casanova? He and Rob thought they should open an OB-GYN clinic together! The best reaction to Freelove has to be at Yellow Sub, in Lawrence. Never fails, “Cool last name dude. Is it real?” Seriously, who would make that up? I hope your surfing doctor stays! And I hope you like the resident who’s coming as much as I do. They are super nice people. But they are Wildcat fans!

    • PegK:

      Those Freelove folks are some good people. Maybe it’s because they are so generous with their love.

  • Priss:

    I was delivered by a Doctor Butcher which is along those lines of Dr. Bloody Hands.

  • Tracy:

    There’s an ob-gyn named Dr. Harder in my town. There is also a Catholic priest named Father Harder, but people use his first name instead, thank goodness.

  • km:

    At YNHH there’s a doctor called Dr Kopf (cough). Unfortunately he isn’t a pulmonologist, he’s an awesome cardiac surgeon. His partner for pediatric cardiac surgery is Dr. Mello which seems like an excellent name for someone who should have a steady hand with the scalpel.

    Also Father Harder with a Boston accent gets a bit obscene.

  • Jill:

    My daughter is friends with Dr. Freelove’s daughter! Our last name is Truelove. To complicate it even further my husband’s name is also Robb and although he isn’t a doctor he works in the medical field. He is confused with Dr. Freelove on a regular basis. I get comments about our name all the time but the best was from a gas station cashier who told me it sounded like a made up porno name.

  • RE:

    One of my husband’s good friends had a vasectomy performed by Dr. Dick Chopp. True story.

    • km:

      thank goodness it wasn’t Dr. Butcher

  • farmgirl:

    Our friends’ specialist is Doctor Bonebreak. Yep–an orthopedist.

  • HALCYON!!!!!

  • Jaime:

    Love those Freeloves! Hope your surfing doctor stays…he HAS met you right?