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A Baking Secret…

June 27th, 2011

I made a cake for book club…
Or rather I attempted to make a cake for book club.

It was a lemon blueberry cake.  Recipe here.  I did not have enough blueberries, so I also added some raspberries too.  I had to grate a lemon rind for this cake which almost made me faint from exhaustion.  Then there were the three yes THREE layers!  What kind of a sociopath invents a cake with three layers?!?  ! Let’s not even discuss the frosting which required yet another grated lemon peel, cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar.  I always try to make junky food healthier by reducing the sugar and using low fat products and whole grain flours and adding extra fruit.  I think this might be why my baked goods always turn out crappy.

But I followed the freakin’ recipe on this one and it still turned out poorly.

And yet – somewhat charming now that I see it from this angle.

Just don’t look at it from the top down!


Here’s a baking secret.

When you serve your guests a crappy cake – double the amount of alcohol that goes with.

I served them ice-cold champagne in Uncle Chuck’s stemware.

And as the evening toggled along, that cake just got better and better!

The CD helped to organize a weekend baseball tournament for some of the local teams which is good because what we need more than anything in our lives right now is a little more baseball.  To create the three teams necessary for the tourney, the coaches took a few kids off of each of the existing two teams, recruited a hand full of younger players and created a third team. This resulted in my two middle sons playing against each other in the tournament. Mike coached Ethan’s team, while another dad coached Drew’s team. At one point – Drew was pitching to his brother.

It was the first time that Drew had ever pitched on a full size field.  Drew still plays on a smaller field for his regular team.  I was standing in Ethan’s dug out when Ethan came up to bat so I gave Ethan a bit of advice as he trotted out for a few practice swings.

Me – Hey Ethan, why don’t you let Drew strike you out.

Ethan – What?!?

Me – Let Drew strike you out. It will build his confidence. He hasn’t ever pitched this far before.

Ethan – Mom!!!  Are you CRAZY!?!?!?

And then Ethan went out to home plate.

And Drew threw him a pitch right down the middle.

Which Ethan hit.

It was a line drive down third base

That was caught by the left fielder

And Ethan was out.

I suppose in some ways – this is not a bad ending to this weird little tale.

At least from my perspective.

I kind of went crazy planting lettuce this year.

There were so many wonderful sounding varieties available at the Abundant Life Seed company where I placed my seed order, that I think I went a wee bit overboard…

The varieties I grew are as follows…

Green Salad Bowl
Super Jericho
and a Mesclun Salad Blend.

As far as taste goes – they are all wonderful in the early cool of spring, but we had a hot streak in May and almost all of the lettuce became bitter at that point except for the Green Salad Bowl which is the lime green curly lettuce that looks like typical garden lettuce. Because of that, it’s the only variety I will order again next year… along with a few more varieties that I still need to try. But I will attempt to keep a slightly cooler head with next year’s order.