My Broccoli Harvest

June 16th, 2011

This is my broccoli harvest.
After growing these plants from seeds, nurturing them through the winter months, transplanting them to the garden and encouraging them to grow for the past eight weeks, this is what I get.

I actually cut about this same amount a few days ago and chopped them up in an omelette for the CD and myself, but this batch did not get the star treatment.

Instead it got mercilessly added to a pot of Ramen.

And this shall be the fate of all the other veggies in my garden who choose to perform so poorly!

You. Have. Been. Warned.


  • Tracey from Central Coast Seachange:

    Are you giving your broccoli performance anxiety. BTW…Am I first?

    • Rechelle:

      Yes. You are first Tracey. Good job!

  • Nola Rice:

    looks like they took a vote and said nope, not happenin’

  • Inga:

    Oh, I am so sorry! That is so frustrating. I am glad you are sending out a warning to all others to perform better. I am having a fairly good broccoli harvest over here, but I think we have just a tad different weather and that can make all the difference.

  • jamoody7:

    That looks about as good as what our local grocery store had to offer this week.

  • Oh, they look so pathetic laying there wanting your acceptance!

  • Oh dear. My broccoli is just starting to form heads – hopefully they’ll be bigger than yours! Last year my cauliflower turned out pretty wank.

  • Mackenzie:

    Ah, I love ramen with broccoli! Except my broccoli is the “bags of frozen broccoli from the grocery store” variety.
    Think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.