Cookie with Hydrangea

June 22nd, 2011

Perhaps it seems like just another cat photo to you, but that is probably because you lack a certain sophistication.


  • farmgirl:

    awwwwww cookie…..get off the table…..meow.

  • susan:

    the lighting is beautiful! love it…

  • Sara:

    Beautiful photo!!

    I LOVE your table and chairs!! :)

  • Darling Cookie…..

  • LucyJoy:

    Gorgeous! I want to scratch Cookie behind her ears…I know she’d purr for me.. <3

  • Hydrangeas are my favorite. The only ones I could ever grow are the Limelight variety. I must have killed 15 of those suckers.

  • Rechelle! How did I not know you owned a cat!? I like you and your blog already… but now I’ve found a way to love you more.

    But…. that is coming from a crazy cat lady.