A Mother Gives Her Son Some Baseball Advice…

June 27th, 2011

The CD helped to organize a weekend baseball tournament for some of the local teams which is good because what we need more than anything in our lives right now is a little more baseball.  To create the three teams necessary for the tourney, the coaches took a few kids off of each of the existing two teams, recruited a hand full of younger players and created a third team. This resulted in my two middle sons playing against each other in the tournament. Mike coached Ethan’s team, while another dad coached Drew’s team. At one point – Drew was pitching to his brother.

It was the first time that Drew had ever pitched on a full size field.  Drew still plays on a smaller field for his regular team.  I was standing in Ethan’s dug out when Ethan came up to bat so I gave Ethan a bit of advice as he trotted out for a few practice swings.

Me – Hey Ethan, why don’t you let Drew strike you out.

Ethan – What?!?

Me – Let Drew strike you out. It will build his confidence. He hasn’t ever pitched this far before.

Ethan – Mom!!!  Are you CRAZY!?!?!?

And then Ethan went out to home plate.

And Drew threw him a pitch right down the middle.

Which Ethan hit.

It was a line drive down third base

That was caught by the left fielder

And Ethan was out.

I suppose in some ways – this is not a bad ending to this weird little tale.

At least from my perspective.


  • LucyJoy:

    Baseball under the lights….Just like the big leagues. It sounds like a wonderful week-end & what a terrific experience for the boys!