Wouldn’t It Be Nice to See This Happen in Real Life?

May 11th, 2011

This was posted over on Unreasonable Faith. I couldn’t resist posting it here.


  • One of my favorite shows of all time – I think I said that title multiple times while watching it.

    Also? Rob Lowe. : )

    I think I’m going to have to put it on my Netflix queue to enjoy again.

  • I really need to get this series on DVD. I think that might be the episode where CJ does “The Jackal.”

    The only other TV character that comes to mind who had great speeches like President Bartlet was Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women. Another series worth watching anew.

  • I’m always happy to point out that President Bartlett hails from New Hampshire. Unfortunately I’m not so happy to point out that an only moderate percentage of my fellow states-people share similar views to his character. Wish it were more of us.

  • Deb:

    I loved that show and miss it. I remember that scene – a veryl thinly veiled reference to Dr. Laura. I believe his character was Catholic, but then Catholics don’t believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

  • Marie:

    Just about the finest tv drama series ever.

  • Leslie:

    Oh…how I love everything about that show. I was very, very sad when it ended. I believe that I too will add it to netflix…

  • This is one of my favorite West Wing clips. The show is still popular in our household.

  • Dear Rechelle, I often read your blog, and have for a long time. And I love it. Just had to ask. Have you ever read the blog called Bring the Rain? I have , several times over the last few years. It just gives me the creeps. More than that. I actually have felt nausea when reading, and I don’t know why. I am not going to look anymore. Would you read it for a bit and write me back? This must be one of the worst blogs ever. Fondly, Rae.

    • I just took a gander out of curiosity – and could only stand a moment or two. I can see a resemblance to PW (not exactly the same, but she was gushing about a CD she just got “permission” to advertise). BLECH.

    • Rechelle:

      Well – I checked it out. It seemed to be the usual super uptight Christian blogger with stories that are always just a tad too tidy. I bet her jaw is firmly clenched when she writes.

    • Rechelle:

      I think this blog might be a good curative for miss uptight tidy pants…

      No artificial ingredients and no preservatives.

      • Shay in NZ:

        Ooh, I like that one. Thanks for that Rechelle. Nice to see REAL people blogging

  • GreenInOC:

    If you haven’t seen “For the Bible Tells Me So”, please rent it! It’s available on Netflix – as a DVD rental only (no streaming, boo!).

    I think you would really enjoy it. Here’s a trailer:


  • Gretchen:

    What I hear in your blog is a very jealous and bitter woman. Both because of how you criticize and deride Pioneer Woman and how you scoff at Christian faith.
    What if what you seem to once have believed is really true? Where does that leave you? Truth is truth and whether you believe it or not won’t change that. Eternity is a loooooooong time to be in hell. A place so unimaginably awful that I don’t think anyone comprehends it. I really hope you open your mind and heart to what you seem to have once believed. If all the people who believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ are wrong, no big deal. But what if we’re right?

    • Mo:

      What I hear in your comment is a very fearful woman. Are you a Christian because you are afraid of hell? Are you a Christian because you are afraid of being wrong? No big deal if the Bible and Jesus and Christians are wrong? You make it sound like the only merit to believing is your after-death insurance policy. That’s really un-Christian of you, and I think that makes Jesus cry Gretchen.

      • Shay in NZ:

        Amen Mo.

    • Rechelle:

      Oh holy shit Gretchen. If you are right – than the God you serve is a horrible bastard who burns unbaptized babies for eternity and gives newborns birth defects because their great grandpa picked up a stick on the sabbath. What a grand dude!

      • Nancy:

        Annnnd that’s why I love Rechelle’s blog.

  • I never watched this show nor had I ever seen a clip till now. Regretting missing this for sure. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Then again I’m a big crybaby. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rose:

    I just e-mailed your sister and told her the same thing I am telling you – I don’t normally e-mail bloggers. I told her I found her blog to be funny and that I also found your blog to be entertaining. So much for that. I could care about anyone’s religion or lack of. That is no ones business. However, I find it preposterous that your sister would find it necessary to apologize to ANYONE for your beliefs. If you, like many other, find PW to be phony, so be it. That is your belief; not hers. To each his own. I am amazed with the people that come on your site and berate you for your beliefs (Gretchen).
    People, if you don’t think like Rechelle, stay away. Now, I will also tell you what I told April. She is the only sister you will ever have, so forget about her religious beliefs and just love her. Between the two of you, agree to disagree and keep all discussions and meetings on a neutral playing field. Who cares who is right and who is wrong and don’t try to convince each other.

  • kazzles:

    I feel for you that you live where you do in the world, this clip makes me cringe just a little, but it is a good one. I have an American friend who is a Christian who says that she almost ignores the whole of the Old Testament, which I found to be rather shocking actually, but when I see this sort of conversation I get why. There definitely seems to be more of an emphasis on the Law than Grace.

    I’m a Christian, but I wonder if I was around the people that you’re very likely around that I wouldn’t feel a bit like you. Come to Europe where being a Christian is actually pretty radical! :-)