The New Garden, The Old Garden, A Garden Tragedy and a Visit from PW Sux

May 11th, 2011

The Country Doctor built a new garden for me.

He likes to build things.

And I like to think of things for him to build.

So it works out well for both of us.

Except it kind of works out better for me.

I did however, get the old garden planted.

Just looking at it gives me an immense feeling of well being.

But these near dead seedlings give me an immense feeling of distress.

They were so beautiful, stong, independent, smart, creative, willing to start at the bottom and work their way up, etc, etc…

Eager to transplant them to the new garden, I sat them on the deck last week to harden for a few days.

And that very night, it got down to almost freezing.

And my young seedlings did not fare very well.

You can see the seedlings in happier days behind Gwyneth Paltrow and Pie Near.

You can also see them robust and thriving on the table behind PW Sux and I.

(PW Sux is the one with the bag on her head.)

She dropped by for a visit one day.

We had a very good time.

Guess what we talked about?!?!

Of course we had to play with Pie Near and her friends.

PW Sux just HAD to be Pie Near!

So I got stuck being MM and Tia.

Who are clearly second class citizens.

Oh well!  At least my characters can speak magic animal languages!

In the meantime…

Back on the farm…

My half dead tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants are still struggling towards a come back.

Every day a few tiny new leaves unfurl and they get a bit greener and a little less sad looking.

I am determined to nurture them back to health.

It’s the least I can do after nearly freezing them to death!

I will choose a book winner from the below post tonite.

Have a good one!


  • ks grandma:

    Should I tell you about the year my tomatoes froze in the garden? I replanted – duh- but had not yet gotten around to pulling up the old ones. Whilst my back was turned, they made a comeback. A stunning comeback. They became the hardiest, most prolifically producing tomatoes I have ever grown. Let’s just say that summer was a good tomato summer for me, for my relatives, my friends and neighbors and why yes – need I say it? Strangers on the street benefited from those “frozen” plants. I cannot speak for the eggplant or peppers.

  • Mo:

    Your garden is so effing fantastic. I will send happy-grow-thoughts to your struggling seedlings.

    And you got to meet the one and only PWSux! I always imagined her to be a department store bag type of person instead of a grocery store bag type of person, but it’s still great to finally put a bag to a name!

  • Kait:

    Oh it’s the crazy internet stalker in the flesh! I kinda wondered it PW Suxs was the unknown comic. Then again, I should know better, he was not funny.

    Oh your poor veggies. I am sure they will revive. I once accidently frozen some plants and they came back.

  • Rhonda H.:

    For some strange reason, I always pictured PW Sux to be a man. I don’t know her, but I think I know her brother. Used to be on the Gong Show, right?

  • Stella:

    Oh……….I hope that bag over her head doesn’t mean she has a face only a mother could love :(

    That would sadden my day.


  • Kait:

    I gotta ask – did she bring the bag with her? Did she wear it into the house? “You will know me because I will be the one with the bag” sort of thing?

  • Rechelle you were so nice to give PWSux, Pie Near Woman to play with! I am still waiting for Pesky Tim to make an appearance! We all know how much Pie Near wants to play with him!

  • LOL That was SO AWESOME meeting you! You were so gracious and allowed me to just totally barge in. We have got to do that again. :)

  • Shell:

    Hi Rechelle, I think your an amzing woman, so talented and creative, and I aplaud your very hard descision to put down the bible, its a terribly destructive heavily edited, chinese whispers type of book, that unfortunately too many ppl get hung up on. I admire the appologies you did on your site,, how incredible, very awesome and positive. I do however believe in energy, and how powerful we are as humans and how we connect to natures energy and how we can heal and make our own lives up as we go,,,we are our own god,, it is our right to make the most of this life that we can, no matter how big the dreams.

    I have missed the whole PW thing..? what happened? If it was something terrible to you, then I agree you should stick up for yourself,, I however do feel for anyones children,,, no matter how horrible my mother was, I would hate for someone to publicly hate on her.
    Can u shed some light for me?

    much love

    • Rechelle:

      Shell – there’s a little device called a search bar on my blog. Use it well young padawan.

  • Theresa in Alberta:

    I think you and the bag lady behaviour is petty, childish, and SHAMEFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EllieMae in TN:

    I just found you and PWSux. HIP HIP HOORAY! Funny funny stuff. Keep up the great work!