Scintillating Vegetarian Update

May 24th, 2011

I may have accidentally eaten some ham a few weeks ago when I was making an omelette for my son. I made a veggie omelette for myself in the same pan a few moments later and I was not exactly vigorous at scrubbing out the ham crumbs.

And I may also have eaten some tuna…. which came in a tuna casserole… which I made… and ate with frolicky abandon while standing over the stove even though my entire family was watching me do it.

And I also ate a few bits of chicken just now in some left over pasta that was in the fridge…

I did dig out all the big hunks of chicken, but there were a few tiny chunks of chicken that I just couldn’t make myself care enough about removing them from the tangle of pasta and veggies on my plate.


And also…

A few nights ago, I brought home some sushi from the grocery store.

And yes…

It was from the grocery store

But might I point out that it was also from a grocery store in Kansas

So I don’t really see how the whole ‘grocery store’ part really matters.


The point is that I got some veggie sushi for myself.

And some carnivore sushi for the Country Doctor.

And then I totally ate about half of his sushi.

And all of mine.

But aside from these rare and incongruous incidents, I have remained a steadfast and loyal vegetarian for these six long months. And I plan to continue for these next six months.


Sometimes having a huge patch of lettuce growing in your garden makes you crave any food that is the exact opposite of lettuce.

That is all



  • My son was a vegetarian when he was 9 years old. He was vegetarian for three days. Till we had hot dogs. He gave it all up for one measly Nathan’s dog with mustard and kraut. He’s cheap and easy just like his mother.

    • I’d cut someone for a Nathan’s hotdog! They’re the only brand we buy. I could never be a vegetarin, but I admire the dedication of the folks that are. I like Nathan’s hotdogs and bacon and sushi and prime rib too much to give it all up.

  • km:

    This sounds like me when I try to cut carbsl

  • Carol:

    If all else fails, you can always be meatless Monday. Or meatless mostly- unless the meat is REALLY good : )

  • Megan:

    I was vegan for 12 years until I suddenly wasn’t one day. I have a drawer full of cheeses in my fridge now, my very own drawer filled to brimming with cheese. It makes me happy every time I open my fridge, just to know it’s there.

    • Kait:

      OMG you made me laugh. I love cheese too but I don’t have a whole drawer full. :)

  • nanne:


    my fourteen year old daughter has been a semi-vegetarian for 3 years now. it’s not some big political issue with her, it’s a cute and fluffy thing. she will not eat anything that started or ended life cute & fluffy. however, slimy, scaley fish; ugly shrimp & shellfish; sad, little, wormy looking oysters–you are all fair game.

    my oldest daughter is not a vegetarian, but, has decided she really doesn’t love meat all that much–and, and, and…she wants low-fat, low calorie, healthy meals (thank god she is away at college most of the year..)

    my husband loves meat. i love meat.

    meal planning at my house is a full time job.

  • Bridget:

    Speaking of sacks full of lettuce, Does anyone have some homemade salad dressing recipes? I like mine with candy bars mixed in, but even if your recipes are sans candy bar. I would love to have some dressing recipes because I suck at making good dressing. I am especially looking for a creamy ceasar. Sorry I am asking so many questions all the tme, but Rechelle’s reader are generally so help and enjoy actually replying to each other.

    • poppy:

      Newman’s Own makes an awesome creamy caesar! I haven’t found anything else that compares, homemade or otherwise. Mmmm. You could mix in some Milky Way bars to call it your own :)

  • poppy:

    You want to know something? I haven’t eaten any beef since you posted the slaughter vid on Pie Near. Watching that poor cow totally opened the flood gates and reignited the passion I had for sprouts as a vegan (many years ago). However, I would not touch tuna casserole with a ten foot pole, vegetarian or not. My mom made tuna casserole with a can of cream of mushroom, a can of tuna, some frozen peas, and a package of potato chips (remember when they were sold in twin packs?). She sprinkled some crumbled potato chips on the top , baked it in the oven for an hour and snarfed it down. Christ, I’d eat veal before I’d eat tuna casserole. Anyway, lettuce will only make you hungry for protein, especially if you’re doing a lot of physical labor in the garden. You might try eating it with some cheese or a nut vinaigrette or even a smoothie that contains soy powder. It might ease your pangs somewhat. Some things just make you feel hollow inside.

  • Mo:

    I had been wondering how the vegetarian thing was going for you.

    I had an old boss who became a beef- and pork-vegetarian after a bad dream he had in which the slaughtered cows were still in pain and talking to him, and he said that made him feel like he was eating intelligent beings, so he couldn’t do it anymore. But poultry and seafood were dumb beings, so he still ate those. He also freaked out slightly if I gave him documents with wire paper clips instead of staples or binder clips. Good times working for him.

    Just saw tornadoes went through KS last night and this morning, hope they weren’t near you & yours!

  • susan:

    with all that lettuce you can make a wilted lettuce salad with warm BACON dressing. i think if i had to choose a last meal if on death row, it would entail bacon….and maybe a really good cheeseburger.

  • GA in GA:

    Yep, loads of lettuce in my garden make me crave anything but salad after the umpteenth day of eating salads. Though now that the Sweet 100 tomatoes are ripening, salads are tempting again.

    • poppy:

      Man! Did you pit them in the ground on Valentine”s Day?

      • poppy:

        uh, that would be put

      • Rechelle:

        Fascinating garden tidbit to follow – I planted them LAST YEAR! And they still grow! Evidently winter does not kill spinach – it just slows it down a bit.

  • Sounds like a slippery slope to me. Gosh, next you’ll be praying to an imaginary man in the sky!

  • Irma:

    Well, it’s not like eating a few scraps of meat is going to make you sick or damn you to hell (lol)….People who decide to eat a vegetarian diet do so for hundreds of different reasons, with hundreds of different parameters and taboos, and if you ate a bit of meat it doesn’t mean you FAIL AS A VEGETARIAN, it just means you are finding your comfort zone within your own diet. You don’t seem too bothered by it, so no one else should be, either.

  • Rechelle – Yesterday I was pondering buying a pizza. I opted for the veggie one in your honor. Crazy, I know. But those cherry tomatoes were bursting better than gREEase!

    Sorry….I can’t help myself!

  • PJ Carz:

    Thanks for being here, and for being you in all the facets of Rechelle-ness.. I wanted to comment on April’s thing about “losing” her sister, but found I couldn’t say it well, but I read comments that said it for me.

    Yes, PW is a hoot, I used to think she was 1/2 way real till the Lodgemahal redo. (Who said that first, Cat Chaps & Emma?)

    I hate animal slaughter, too, but am too fond of meat to give it up entirely. Good for you to make an effort to do so,

  • Nola Rice:

    If you have choices you eat what you want, when you want to eat it. No big deal. There are no rules for eating that I have ever seen.

    I am jealous of all who have these choices. I can choose from limp crappy veggies, intestine stews, suspect meats and fish and “my go to” suspect fried rice. Beef is probably not really beef, cheese is nasty unless you make a special trip and pay very top dollar. I never liked pork and it is now my favorite. Because it is real and affordable. Eating more fish, never liked it either, because it is fresh and affordable. Fruit is hard to find in an edible form if you are picky.

    I have learned that eating is what you can get and not what you would like . Not being bitchy here but “labels” don’t work when you have to find food you can eat. Oh, and I won’t eat the dogs.

    • Rechelle:

      Where do you live Nola?

      • nola rice:

        Currently a trailing spouse in China. Gave up a lot to be with the husband, some days not sure why, others days he is great. Living in a second/third world country sure opens the eyes.

  • sheila:

    Do you miss April?

    • Rechelle:


  • Ahhhhh, salad! We are eating our first salad from the garden tonight (only slightly embellished with spinach from the store). Also – blackened chicken. No vegetarians here, I’m afraid. Though the price of meat may force us into semi-vegetarianism soon.

    It’s starting to get a bit warmer here, but our growing season starts a bit later than yours I think. We’ve had temps in the 60′s so often I can count them on one hand! I’m envious of all of you that have had warm weather earlier than us…

    (I’m in Washington state, west side of the mountains)

    • LucyJoy:

      Aren’t you ready for some nice warm weather, Anne? I’m in WWa, too…I’m really tired of all this rain & cold!!

  • Luanne:

    My son and I love, love, love the grocery store sushi! We only eat it occasionally because it is a treat but then we fight over it!

  • I am trying to give up sugar. I wonder if it’s as tough as giving up meat.

    • Rechelle:

      Meat is generally in one thing – meat. Sugar is in almost everything. Very hard. Good luck.

    • Kait:

      Sugar in what form? Just sugar like you would put in your tea? Or the sugar companies put in every damn thing?
      I have started using Agave Nectar in place of sugar and it is great. Only a tiny bit takes the place of spoons full of sugar and you don’t get heart palpitations either as it has a low glycemic content or something like that.