Pie Near Woman makes the New Yorker Magazine!

May 3rd, 2011

Holy Shit Ya’ll!

Pie Near Woman got mentioned in the New Yorker Magazine!


I am DYING!!!

I Die!

I Die!

I am DEAD!

But at least I died happily!

A six page spread about Ree Drummond appears in the current issue of The New Yorker Magazine. It goes on and on and on and on about Ree and her boring blog and yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah…


Like a golden orb wallowing through the mist… shattering the mind numbing inanity of a mild mannered reporter’s attempt (and failure) to make The Pioneer Woman compelling enough reading to justify taking up room in one of America’s most prominent cultural/literary magazines.


As her success has grown, the Pioneer Woman has become the subject of caricature and satire. Web sites (The Pioneer Woman Sux) and even a fictional Twitter feed (The Pie Near Woman) have sprung up to parody and critique her, some in poisonous and obsessive ways. Her detractors jeer at her self deprecation, lampoon her repetitiveness and psychoanalyze her posts for signs of darkness repressed.

Unfortunately, you can’t read the ‘long version’ of this article unless you are a New Yorker subscriber. But here is the link, to the ‘short version’ , which doesn’t mention Pie Near (so why bother?).   Jezebel referenced the article too.


And one more thing!

Pie Near Woman has her own blog now.

She was just getting too big for her britches around here.

Go visit her!

She is so isolated and alone!

And the internet is her only friend!


The first chapter of her romance novel, which I think is going to be called ‘black pumps to rotting stumps’ is ready for your enjoyment as well as a few more insightful articles that will totally change your life.

Off to comment all the hell over Jezebel and the New Yorker!




  • Jennine:

    Well slap the dog and spit on the fire! I saw your tweet and thought you were joking!!

    You get any more famous and I’m going to have to start a parody blog about you, Rechelle!

    Can you see it? A doll of you posing Pie Near Woman dolls…

    (I’m so proud of you!!)

    • Out of all the comments, the first one from Jennine is my absolute fav!

      Congrats on being mentioned, Rechelle!

  • I’ve never been a reader of TPW’s blog but am curious about this donation per comment going on. Is this something she’s done before or is it only this time? And is it going on now because of The New Yorker article? Great timing for a charity donation I’d say.

  • IMO – gREEd doesn’t do anything without her palm being greased. Remember everyone jumped on the James Frey band wagon as well. No one bothered to check the million little facts.

  • Rechelle – I am jumping over to view the new blog now.


  • Melissa:

    So, you finally got some notice…..and just for being mean, and snarky, and jealous? How lovely for you! You must feel so proud.
    Too bad you can’t use that energy and creativity for something positive. Yeah, even a cookbook or childrens’ book would be a vast improvement.
    Oh, and you before you and your Mean Girl Gang start ranting in unison that I am a gtoupie of Ree’s or one of her zombies or whatever it is your think her fans are….get your granny panties out of your cracks. I could not care less about what she does and can’t remember the last time I looked at her site….but thanks for reminding me to. Bet that is not the result you sought..
    Envy is such a putrid color of green and you wear it well.
    Admit it, you are not really mad at Ree….she found a successful gig and you didn’t. You are just mad at the legions of folks who fall for it. You only have a small gang of misfits and wannabes following you being your “yes people”. But, hang in there…you have been thrown a crumb. Surely a whole moldy loaf is next.
    Cheers! Go play with your dolls some more. I am sure your little mind is churning with ideas…..the ones another woman gives you since you are as obsessed with her as the people you ridicule.
    And yeah, I am sure you will spam my comment since you only want you bitchy lap dogs praising you.

    • Rechelle – I think Amanda Fortini needs to read the ABOUT page over at Pie Near Woman. Maybe Amanda can do a follow up piece!?!

      Apparently, Amanda’s Harvard education did not include the class, FACT CHECKING. After reading the NYM article it appears that the extent of Amanda’s research was gREEd’s PR person. (Melissa maybe?)

      Melissa – darlin’……you need to take that fact checking class as well. I know, I know, it takes time and more brains than you have but give it a try you might learn something.

      • Penny:

        I wish Melissa and the thousands of Reebots like her would get it through their thin little skulls that those of us who dare to blast PW are NOT jealous. I don’t get why they think we would be….because she’s successful and rich? Please! Maybe on the surface that seems like a good reason (if you’re a shallow thinker), but it goes deeper than that. I think (and I’m just speaking for myself here) that the reason some of us dislike PW is because, like Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s a woman who lives (and has always lived) a privilged life, yet she pretends that she’s just like us. Her “Aw Shucks” bullshit just doesn’t ring true. Just because you say you wear holey yoga pants and pick your toe-nails does not make you like the average American housewife. I could respect her, even if I didn’t like her, if she were just honest. If she could say “yes…I’m married to a millionaire”,”yes, I have nannies, gardeners, etc. and I DON’T so this all by myself”, “yes….my recipes are inspired by old church cookbooks and aren’t 100% original.” But instead, Ree is a pretender…a character, pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. I wonder if she really believes her own crap or is she just laughing all the way to the bank?

      • Lisa:

        “get your granny panties out of your cracks” is SO going into my verbal arsenal! I can hardly wait for an opportunity to use it.

    • Hey! how’d you know I wear granny panties??? Are you stalking me?

      • Mo:

        Not only did she know are you wearing granny panties, she knows you are a misfit and a wannabe … a mere yes person feeding on a crumb from a moldy breadloaf made out of whole grains and hatred! Bwahahahaha!

    • Karen:

      Actually, Melissa, it’s Pioneer Woman who only wants lap dogs to comment on her blog. She routinely deletes comments that are less than glowing, and has a heavy hand when it comes to deleting, as well. Whereas, Rechelle and the other non-fan sites allow open commenting and welcome discussion. Notice that Rechelle did not delete your comment, even though it was as snarky and mean as you accuse her of being.

      Pot, meet kettle and all that.

    • Jennine:

      AWESOME! Now I can cross “Be referred to as ‘bitchy lap dog’ ” off my Bucket List!

      • Good one Jennine, I would of never thought of that. I always wondered what it felt like to be a bitchy lap dog. I mean I know I can be a bitch but to experience being a lap dog, holy yoga pants. Does this mean I can run with Walter and Charlie now?

      • Diane Tulsa:

        HAHA ! Touche

    • jalf:

      Oooh, sounds like it stings. Sucks that not everyone can get noticed for being mean, and snarky, and jealous, eh?

      Perhaps you could ask Rechelle to spread the word a bit. Because it sounds like you’re quite a bit better at it than she is.

    • wow, for calling everyone else bitchy, you take the cake. If you like PW so much stay on her site, try to be her friend and leave wonderful comments, no one here cares. When you sell something including yourself on lies, misconceptions and half-truths you’re no better than a snake oil salesman offering salvation and non existent cures. In other words you are a liar but the worst kind because you suck people into supporting your lifestyle and deceiving them into buying your product.
      How do you have time to come here anyway, doesn’t reading PW’s blog take up all your day? You know she’s got like “hundreds of hours” of past blogs.

    • Lisa:

      Suzanne McMinn of “Chickens in the Road” had an interesting post regarding negative comments, and whether they should stay or be deleted.


    • “legions of folks who fall for it”.

      That’s a very telling statement, Melissa.


    • Debbie:

      Go to the PW site and try a leave a similar comment like you did here. Wait and see what happens.

      Deleted right? Probably because PW wants bitchy lap dogs praising her. Lap dogs like you.

  • Penny:

    Wow Melissa….I sit on open-mouthed astonishment at your post. First, if you knew anything at all about posting here, you should know that unlike PW, who edits comments to reflect only love and admiration from her legions of followers, THIS SITE is not afraid to post the truth. Second, if you were really just a disinterested bystander (as you claim) then please explain to me why you would take the time and trouble to visit Pie Near Woman’s site and comment? And, not only to comment, but to launch a personal attack? These are not the actions of a person with no agenda my dear, no matter how much you would like to pretend otherwise. And third, maybe you missed the point that this whole purpose of this site is to parody PW….to make fun of her BECAUSE WE CAN.

  • Albug:

    PW in The New Yorker!?!?!? Really? Really? I can’t stand it.

    Me thinks the marketing team at Food Network is working overtime.

  • annmarie:

    The New Yorker? Really? There was an article about her in The New Yorker? I’m really happy Pie Near Woman got mentioned, but PW? This is making me sick. Why????? I don’t get it. What am I missing? Please, someone tell me how this woman is fooling so many people. Am I that dumb that I don’t see her talent? It’s so bothersome. I was just re-reading On Writing Well and all I can think is that PW does the exact opposite of everything William Zinsser says makes for good writing, yet here she is getting insane amounts of press. It depresses the hell out of me. I can’t wait to go check out the new blog though. And I really am happy you got a mention in The New Yorker.

  • Penny:

    I apologize…..in my rush to respond the the idiots (that would be you Melissa) I completely forgot to say congrats Rechelle….pretty cool being mentioned in The New Yorker!!

  • Melissa:

    Reebot? REchelle? Rechellebots? Yeah…that would be you and her other 5 snarks.
    And I saw this after reading articles on the New Yorker. Even garbage like this makes the google search…unfortunately.
    This would be 3 minutes I won’t ever get back

    • Melissa, bless your little heart, maybe you should google gREEd’s recipe for “The Bread”. Even garbage like that will come up in your google search. Talk about 3 minutes you will never get back.

      Also, I find it so funny that liars, like Melissa are so easy to figure out. Stay with me here….

      First Melissa states, “So you finally got some notice….and just for being mean, and snarky, and jealous?” BLAH, BLAH. BLAH…

      Then here is the good and classic part, the clarification by Melissa…..

      “I could not care less about what she does and can’t remember the last time I looked at her site……”

      Dim wits like Melissa always find it necessary to clarify that they actually do not look at gREEds site. HYSTERICAL.

      Then in Dip Shit Melissa’s second comment she says….

      “And I saw this after reading articles on the New Yorker. ”

      ROFLMAO. Melissa can’t keep her lies straight. I don’t believe for one second you found this site via the NY article.

      I can smell a gREEd Reebot a mile away. They reek of bull shit.

      • Lisa:

        Listen, if Sandra Lee (aka Aunt Drunky) can get her own show, then why the hell shouldn’t Ree? And if y’all think back, Rechelle posted a FABULOUS entry on that gourmet favorite, Hamburger Helper, a while back. I think it’s just a matter of time before the Food Network comes a’callin’.

    • Penny:

      Actually sweetie it’s more than 3 minutes! You took the time to come here, read the post, leave your nastiness… and then what did you do? YOU CAME BACK!! Why? To see what we’ve responded of course! And then what did you do? You had to comment again! Gee…….for someone who doesn’t care about PW you sure spend a lot of time defending her! Three minutes? My estimate is that you have spent at least 15-30 minutes in here. You’re welcome by the way….glad we could help you fill your obviously empty day! Come back any time…we love playing with Reebots!

    • Michelle, three minutes? Really? You only came to this site once after you read the New Yorker? I would think that if you read the New Yorker, your vocabulary, sentence construction and thought development would be more…, “elite”. I’ve read the New Yorker and I’m a little dismayed at their lack of fact checking and non biased writing but then Ms. Drummond seems to do that to people.
      It would certainly take you more than 3 minutes of reading to understand, or have knowledge of this site and how it works or what the readers/posters are like. Shame on you for making snap judgments but then you probably do read PW and just want us to believe that someone would have the time to read the article, look up this site, read it in it’s entirety, leave a comment and then read the responses.
      But thanks mom, for reminding me to pull my underwear out of my crack. That would be embarrassing.

  • Skattebol:

    I mistakenly thought The New Yorker was a literary magazine….

    • Rechelle:

      I know. It was a bit disappointing to see the NewYorker cover Ree. There are lots of great blogs out there written by truly snappy writers – like the Bloggess – who should be in the New Yorker. I did appreciate the tone of the New Yorker article though – which was far from gushing and at times very gimlet eyed. Then again – the writer did say that there weren’t many ‘rural blogs’ until Ree Drummond came along which is completely erroneous. And as usual – the writer failed to gather opinions or insight from anyone outside the Drummond camp (other than one quote from a blog) or to cover the Mustang story or anything that is controversial about the Drummond family. Overall – the article was a fail. I hope someone writes a thoroughly researched piece on them someday that truly shows all the ‘foibles’.

      • Skattebol:

        When looking at the tagline for The New Yorker, I fail to see why their writers would include a piece about The Pioneer Woman. I do agree that there are many more well-written blogs to write about, if The New Yorker staff wanted to address the culture of blogging. And if the emphasis was on bloggers who live in rural areas – there are many individuals who are able to visually capture through the written word their lives in a rural setting, without 1000s of photo-shopped pictures and undertones of wanting to be in an urban setting by the writer. I look forward to the day that a journalist actually does write an articulate, well-researched article about Ree Drummond, that is not based upon false information from her publicist or from perusing her sterilized blog.

        • Shay in NZ:

          Skattebol, methinks it’s the work of a savvy PR flunkie at Harper Collins.
          Re your last comment, as someone who works in the media, I wouldn’t hold your breath honey !

          Best, Shay

  • susan:

    i am aghast as to how vicious Melissa’s comment is. Jeeeezzzz.!!!

    • Lisa:

      Um…yeah. Because viciousness is UNHEARD of on this blog. But you go right ahead clutching your pearls, Susan.

  • Priss:

    PNW’s new blog is stupendous! Jeering, lampooning, and psychoanalyzing never looked so good, ha.

  • I was recently considering subscribing to the New Yorker again, maybe I’ll have to do that. Congrats on getting a mention, though, Rechelle! I can’t wait to see PNW’s blog, it’s blocked here at work for some reason. I’ll have to check it out tonight at home!

    I love how Melissa had to come back twice to tell you that she doesn’t read you or PW!

  • Penny:

    FYI…I found if you click on the link to the article that Rechelle posted, you can read the entire article (that does mention PNW). Look in the middle of the page….the newspaper-looking thing and click on it….should open up the whole article. I’m not a Post subscriber and was able to read the whole thing.

    • Diane Tulsa:

      Really? How did you do it? I clicked on it and it just took me back to the page telling me I had to subscibe.

  • Mo:

    Oh my holy shit.

    OH MY HOLY SHIT!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiara:

    Will the Pie Near Woman still make occasional appearances on this blog?

    • Rechelle:

      Only to promote herself… in a very self deprecating way of course.

    • I think PNW will ”guest post’ or maybe be a ”contributor”….

  • Kait:

    I am going to ignore the fact that a magazine I have heard wonders about but never purchased, said something about reezilla and just glow that they mentioned Pie Near Woman.
    Woo Hoool

  • LucyJoy:

    Congratulations, Rechelle! I just subscribed for the 2 week free subscription of the New Yorker on my Kindle, just so I can read the long article where you’re mentioned.

    The new Pie Near Woman blog is wonderful! You have such a great talent. Forget about what I said about going back to school; I think you could teach a class in creative writing!

  • Stella:


    This is AWESOME.

    As if I didn’t have enough reasons to pee my pants…………along comes Pie Near Woman’s own blog!!!


    You made my day.

    Evil……..sinister……….ah, I love it.


  • If you want a REAL rural farm blog, check mine out: farmwifeatmidlife.blogspot.com. We live in a doublewide and I’ve been fixing up a cottage across the road where we might live when it’s just the two of us (and where I spend a lot of my time, have my office, cook, etc.). And I wrote a real book, too.

    Love your blog, Rechelle. And I can’t wait for my NEW YORKER to arrive (it may even be in today’s mail…running to check now).

    Cheers and keep on keeping on.


  • Shay in NZ:

    Congratulations Rechelle! That’s pretty awesome news and I love the new blog. We get the New Yorker downunder (very late air freight admittedly) so I shall haunt Borders waiting to read the full article.

  • Lily:


  • poppy:

    Haiku for you (and a fist pump, too)!

    Bleak , winter despair
    turns into blazing, righteous
    sun for our Pie Near!


  • Tiffani:

    OMG the PNW Blog is hilarious!

  • Lisa:

    I think “poisonous and obsessive” are the key words here.

    Rechelle can (and frequently has) make me laugh hysterically, but Pie Near Woman stopped being funny long ago.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    BWAH!! Fantastic! Congrats, Rechelle! Damn shame you and Pie Near Woman didn’t get your own article. Oh, well. Any publicity is good publicity, right?

    I took a glance at the new blog and saw links for Me, Me, Me, Me, and Me, all with different typefaces (nice touch). I LOLed. Will go read now. And just…wow on the whole thing.

  • Amy:

    I don’t know about you guys but if a major publication like The New Yorker labeled my behavior as “poisonous and “obsessive” and accused me of “jeering” I wouldn’t be taking any of it as a compliment.

    Their choice of words describing this site and PWS speaks volumes.

  • AnnB:

    Lisa- you are exactly right in my book. The reference to PNW is NOT a positive one. I personally think a parody is only funny if you really know your subject and can appreciate the similiarites. (the reason my husband enjoys “Austin Powers” so much more than me is that he watched all the Bond movies and understands the “joke” in a more layered way.) So yes, the dolls bored me. I don’t read them now, I don’t care about them or their muse. I think Rechelle 10 years hence, older and wiser, is going to be ashamed.

  • I find all this PW bashing sad, embarrassing and misplaced on several levels. So you find the woman irritating and the blog repetitive, shallow, whatever. Why not just…not read it? Why turn your own blog into what, and there is no nice way of putting this, looks like the burn book of a vindictive and insecure teenage girl? Do the critics here really believe that the average PW reader is oblivious to her wealth, marketing savvy, domestic help? Because those things are all pretty implicit in a single glance of the website; there doesn’t need to be a disclaimer at the bottom of every post. Furthermore, has it ever occurred to the people desperately trying to dig up dirt (and finding, what, that her husband’s family’s ranch makes a lot of money, that she uses recipes she found in her church’s cookbook…damning stuff), that the reason she’s so popular is BECAUSE she glosses over life’s realities, BECAUSE she makes everything look easy-breezy and wholesome, even when it’s patently not? Because the fact is that a lot of people like that, as indicated by her success, and clearly others don’t, but expressing that dislike to the levels shown here is just…sad.

    There are plenty of women out there as privileged as Ree Drummond married to as wealthy men. They sit on their arses all day doing nothing, and escaping scrutiny as a result. Because she is making her own money, not just living off his, she’s criticised FOR her privilege and wealth. It’s paradoxical. And it’s also just really bad for women generally. You’re snarking on every aspect of a rare find – a woman with her own successful, public career. You’re snarking on her appearance, wardrobe, relationships, voice. And you’re not going to convert anyone who wouldn’t eventually tire of her blog of their own accord anyway. So what are you achieving? Nothing, except perpetuating the myth that women are silly idiots who should keep quiet, and making yourselves look very bitter and small in the process.

    (And I say this not as a ‘reebot’, but as a 21 year girl who found this site, and the pioneer woman sux, which is just as bad if not worse because it doesn’t even try to be funny about it, when reading through comments about the pioneer woman in a recent article on Jezebel. I’m looking at this objectively, and it is awful, and I really wish the woman who writes this blog would think again about tarnishing her content with it, however popular it has made her.)

    • Amy:

      Well said Sophie.

      • Martha MC (EzGrandma in OK):


    • Sophie sounds like she is on the pay role over at gREEds. Again, proving my point that I can smell the bull shit of a Reebot a mile away. They always, always, clarify they do not read or rarely read PW. Then they take it a step further and tell us how they found this blog. Who the eff cares how you found this blog?

      You sound like a smug jerk sitting up on one of gREEd’s wild mustangs that I pay for. Now that is a life reality that gREEd certainly glosses over. You are so busy on your high horse you don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground.

      21 year old girl? Laughable…..

      • I sound like a jerk? You just told a stranger that they didn’t know their arse from a hole in the ground. I’d like to see you speak that way to someone in person, which is a further point which really irritates me about this website and its companions – it is all too easy to poke fun and be rude and awful on the internet and feel backed up and vindicated by people at various computers thousands of miles apart, but I bet none of you would go up to Ree Drummond in person and say ‘great flowy blouse, love you more than my luggage, p.s. you’re a money grabbing liar’, cos you know it’s shitty and mean spirited.

        I clarified where I found this blog because I knew if I didn’t you’d accuse me of being a PW fan, which you did anyway.

        You can’t just completely undermine and dismiss any criticism of this site by calling someone a ‘reebot’, it doesn’t actually demonstrate or prove anything.

        I can tell you categorically that you cannot ‘smell the bull shit of a reebot from a mile away’, because I AM a 21 year old girl, who DID find this site through Jezebel, and who has absolutely NOTHING to do with Ree Drummond, and yes I’m on my high horse, I have every right to be because I’m not the one acting like a bully – you and the other women who contribute to these sites are. Disliking someone doesn’t give you the right to attempt to publicly vilify and destroy them and expect no criticism for it.

        • Yes Sophie you are a jerk and a moron. Yes, I agree with you. You are a stranger, a cowardly one at that. You will not leave your true identity when you comment like a jerk and a moron! Give me your e-mail address and I will speak to you in person. You hide behind your verbal vomit as “Sophie”. You are the one that is hiding on the internet darling, not me.

          Sophie…..Thou Doth protest too much about NOT being a REEBOT. In your above comment, not once but twice you deny your devotion for gREEd. I think that is total of 4 or 5 times now;) I for one am not buying your casual interest or why would you spend so much time defending gREEd’s honor? More proof you are one of her brainless legions that wait in line for hours to smell her sweat.

          Sophie, stop acting like a child/”girl”. If you are indeed 21, you are an adult. Act like one. I have every right to express my feelings about gREEd, who BTW, is a public figure now. You do know what that right is called, don’t you Dopey? Freedom of speech.

          FYI, gREEd has never heard of that right either… birds of feather flock together. Now go fly back to gREEd.

          • My true identity? My first name is Sophie, I don’t have a blog, I don’t have a website, I don’t have a twitter, and the only way I’d give you my email address is if I WAS a moron, which, I’m not.

            Yes, I am an adult, and so are you, one who is a lot older than me I assume and so should probs know better – just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you should. Similarly, I do have a sense of humour, and I do see how the barbies etc are funny…my point, is that the extent to which this site and others are taking it is completely misguided and unjustified, and does not reflect at all well on their writers. It makes them look like obsessive spurned fans who are pissed off that they weren’t invited to the party. I find it particularly weird that the writer of this blog is taking this stance when according to her archives, back in the day she visited PW and wrote some pretty gushing posts about her.

            I think you’re embarrassing your clique you know. You might want to cool down. Take a step back. Eat a stick of butter. Sniff your basset hound’s ears. It’s the right thing to do.

            Goodbye forever.


      • ekh:

        Gosh, simmer down Cat, Chaps and Emma, et al. Why do you have to go from zero to nasty so quickly? I often enjoy the back and forth in the comments, but this is seriously embarrassing. Yes, Sophie obviously has no sense of humor and something about Rechelle’s commentary rubs her the wrong way. Big Deal. She took the time to compose a straight forward post stating her opinion and concerns about parody blogs. And your response played right into her hands.

        For me, Rechelle’s blogs have stopped being about PW a long time ago so any “jealousy” arguments do not apply. The parody has taken on a life of its own, and it is hilarious. Why are we taking ourselves so seriously here? The fact of the matter is we’ve all made our choice – we’ve chosen to make fun of PW and her ilk instead of fawn over her or ignore her. Why get so worked up about it?

        I guess all I’m saying is don’t make this a hate-filled place.

        • EKH – I did not go from zero to nasty quickly at all. I don’t think I was ever at zero? I disagree with you about Sophie having straight forward postings. I also disagree I played right into her hands as I have no idea what you mean by that. I also don’t know what you mean about getting, “worked up”.

          Please don’t lecture to me.

        • Talking about playing right into someone’s hands. Busted D-Dub!

    • Lisa:

      Beautifully put, Sophie.

    • Sophie, try some of your own advice sweetheart. If you don’t like Rechelle or PWSux, then don’t read themt. Go troll PW’s site and post something negative over there. See how long it stays up…that is if it gets by her censors.

  • Amy:


    I think you raise a good point. If Rechelle is hoping for commercial success down the road with her writing she might have a hard time finding a reputable agent or publisher that would be willing to work with her considering her “Pie Near Woman” legacy.

    I think how the New Yorker referenced her and this site is an indication that legit heavy hitters in the media/publishing world would not take a chance on her.

    Maybe if Rechelle was already a player with a lot of publishing clout behind her she could possibly get away professionally unscathed with claiming that PNW is really the Hee Haw version of SNL, but unfortunately she’s not. She comes across as a hater and considering how successful Ree Drummond is, no one is going to align themselves with her or anyone else that disses the goose that lays the golden egg.

    I don’t think Rechelle is looking at “the big picture” and this all may come back to haunt her.

    • Shay in NZ:

      Aw, that’s SO nice that some Dear Readers have Rechelle’s best interests at heart. Especially the warning about Rechelle’s potential future commercial success being affected by her satire. Let’s face it, the whole parody/satire schtick ain’t working out for Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park, SNL …. oh wait…

      • Amy:

        Motive is the difference between your comparisons.

        It’s clear that Rechelle has a personal score to settle and that’s what sets it apart from satire.

        • Kate:

          How could you possibly know what the motive is for Rechelle’s writings? Did you know, Amy, that it’s rumored PW paid (personally) to have her 1st cookbook published? I can’t back this this claim with fact but, I’m almost certain PW admitted to this prior to her phenomenal success. Sort of like how she approached Flay for the Thanksgiving Throw Down rather than Flay reaching out to her. A fact that can be documented.

          • Amy:

            Rechelle has posted why she doesn’t care for Ree Drummond, so yes – motive has been established. As for Ree publishing her first cookbook, well I hate to tell you but there are a lot of authors who self-publish so I’m not sure what your point is.

            As far as “who reached out to who” with the Throwdown – well, does it really matter? Either way, Bobby Flay was on board so why does that make Ree Drummond what ever it is you are claiming her to be or not to be?

            For the record: I do not follow Ree Drummond’s blog. I think “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” is poorly written and does not merit a chance of being played out on the silver screen. And, I do not believe for one second that’s she’s simply a rancher’s wife “keepin it real”.

          • Lisa:

            Rechelle’s motive has been extensively documented on this very site. Do your research, honey.

            “Did you know, Amy, that it’s rumored PW paid (personally) to have her 1st cookbook published?”

            GASP! How shameful!

            What the hell is wrong with you? You sound like a bitchy 8th grade girl trying to start rumors about one of the popular girls. And they’re not even juicy rumors, at that!

    • Well your hero Ree comes across as an effing liar! She’s doing nothing but perpetrating an Internet hoax while the publishing world falls for her schtick hook, line and sinker.

      Rechelle is an extremely gifted and talented writer. This site and her new Pie Near Woman blog are hilarious. If William Morrow entertains the likes of a moron from Pawhuska, Rechelle will never have a problem finding commercial success. At least Rechelle comes across as educated without trying to perpetuate a fairy tale life style.

  • LucyJoy:

    I read the New Yorker article & in my opinion, I didn’t feel like the writer was all that impressed with Ms. Drummond. There was a bit of nit picking on her part as well…

  • Haven’t read the New Yorker article (New Yorker is too highfalutin’ for me, I’m an REI kind of girl; I can’t even fathom Vogue) but I am familiar with Rechelle’s site and PW’s. After reading the comments, my question is: Was the New Yorker not appreciative of Rechelle’s site because (a) parody is beneath them, (b) it’s not good parody, or (c) Ree Drummond is a goddess who should not be besmirched by anyone? If they disdain parody or think the parody is poorly written/not funny/whatever, then that is perfectly legitimate. But if it’s because this is the woman on the pedestal of the moment, IMHO that’s not. I think the backlash, if you want to call it that, about PW is because she is not much of what she purports to be. Simple country girl? No. Had to learn to cook when she got married so there’d be food on the table? No. Spends her days doing mounds of laundry, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, feeding animals, fixing fence? No. The empire she’s built for herself is impressive, but it’s not authentic despite her repeated claims to the contrary.

    • REEpetitive:

      Cilleygirl, you really need to read the article for yourself. What it is is a commentary on a hugely popular blog and in the end, it wonders why this is so. It is critical of Pioneer Woman, not supportive. The reason there’s even mention of Rechelle is that it explains that not everyone likes PW. It mentions The Pioneer Woman Sux because it points out that people are seeing through all of the smarmy bullshit.

      It explains that this is artifice–it’s not real. It comments on how Ree photoshops her children into fantasy looking children with glowing skin and eyes.

      It is critical of Ree’s writing.

      It is critical of her food posts, sharing that in one there are about 20 pictures for making a smoothie.

      It explains how PW has the same PR firm that represents eBay and PlayStation–that’s HUGE shit right there. This is not some folksy mommy blogger on the ranch–this is a well oiled juggernaut run by hugely successful professionals.

      It doesn’t point out everything that others have about where Ree is full of shit. It points out some things, and explains that there are others who are pointing out the glaring untruths.

      It is a wonderful article.

      Go read it, and then comment on it.

  • You know she just makes me want to go home and slap my daddy in law for not being a rich rancher so I can pay someone to get me all kinds of publicity.

  • Kate:

    In response to my response to Amy’s response that I can’t seem to respond to (and, that’s a joke) let me say this…it is of my opinion that you were assuming that you know what Rechelle’s motive is for creating this blog. You don’t. You can speculate ,but you DO NOT know. Just like I don’t know PW’s motive for starting her blog. I do know that she states she just wanted to connect with her mom, keeping the family updated with photos. Perhaps that was her motive, but I suspect that she could keep in touch with family and friends just like I do, through email. Good for Ree to decide to start a blog, have high aspirations and to go for the gold, but don’t lie about it. My point about paying for her cookbook is this…no one was knocking down her door for the rights to that cookbook–to go into the reasons why would be lengthy, but I will state that lack of talent tops the list, again my opinion. Regarding Bobby Flay and who reached out to whom, my point goes back to talent. She has the #’s to back up proposals.I might add that those #’s came from dedicated readers whom Ree failed to acknowledge in her 1st cookbook.. Can you honestly dispute the fact that Ree would have none of this if not for her readers.? It again goes back to Ree’s motive for starting her blog. I think Ree Drummond is all sizzle, no steak.

    I love Rechelle’s site because she is thought-provoking, witty, sarcastic ( my favorite) and oh so extremely intelligent with an open-mind that allows negative feedback.

    And to Lisa who responded to me by calling me an unpopular 8th grade girl when I did not even address you or ask for your opinion, I say to you this…SUCK IT!

    • poppy:


    • Lisa:

      Oh, Kate. Kate, Kate, Kate.

      Right back at ya, hon.

      When facts fail you, tell someone to SUCK IT! When you can’t prove the incredibly ignorant bullshit you spout, just tell them to SUCK IT! When you want to prove you’re a gigantic ass, just say SUCK IT!!

      I do believe that Sophie didn’t address YOU or ask for YOUR opinion, either, now, did she?

      You go, Kate. Love you more’n my…..um…my…well, shoot. I can’t think of ANYTHING I love you more’n than.

  • Hallie:

    Just grabbed my New Yorker from the mailbox and shore ’nuff, there’s Pie Near Woman! What a coup!

    Keep an eye on the New Yorker website, I think the complete article will be released online after the next issue is posted.

    Please add a “Pie Near Woman” link to your masthead so we can come here and scoot off to check out what she’s up to.

  • AnnB:

    Sophie- your Mom should be proud of the daugter she raised. Go have a great life full of light and joy and mercy for others. The Universe will repay your open thoughtful heart and the wisdom you’ve shown here.

    • AnnB -

      REEBOT alert……


      • Lisa:

        @ Cats, Chaps and Emma…are you on Rechelle’s payroll, or just a mindless syncophant? You sure do seem to chime in whenever someone has the AUDACITY to question Rechelle.

        Remember, honey…a REEBOT is very, very close to a REBOT.

  • Oh, Lisa! Thank you for coming over to my side!

  • Mo:

    I’m pretty sure Sophie is long gone, but if you’re still here I thought your first comment was well written and well thought out, and I appreciate why you thought you should stop by with your opinion. But this: “And it’s also just really bad for women generally. You’re snarking on every aspect of a rare find – a woman with her own successful, public career.” is kind of bullshit. (1) It’s not so rare, and (2) just because she’s a success, and also a woman, we’re supposed to blindly say “you go girl!” without questioning why or how the success was achieved? I question the success of famous men and women all the time — why did they do this, how did the get there, what makes them continue, how do the get it all done — it’s part of human nature to wonder.

    I don’t agree with some of the personal attacks on PW, and some of the posters here do get just as rabid as PW supporters can be, but one of the best things about this blog is that the opportunity for discussion and different opinions exists. I know a lot of people throw out “try leaving a critical comment at PW! It will be deleted!” — but it’s true, her blog is not the place for deep thought. And she never claimed it was. But for me, the million dollar manufactured rainbow world where it never rains is a whole lot sadder situation for women and the world than this place is, where real people say real things. And laugh too!

    PW is a whole lot of fluff and very little substance, and where there’s snark there’s fire — no matter where Rechelle’s motivation came from, it’s continuing because there is definitely plenty of PW material to be lampooned.

    “And you’re not going to convert anyone who wouldn’t eventually tire of her blog of their own accord anyway.” Neither will you.

  • It really seems all of this is a moot point. Amy, Sophie, Kate, Lisa, who ever. A couple of years ago her husband hired a big time advertising firm and agents to represent Pioneer Woman. She didn’t become “successful” through her own means, hard work, education, 60 hour weeks though she acts like she did and you obviously give her credit for achievements that many women work their asses off from the bottom up. Those women are my daughter’s heroes and yes my daughters are a little younger than Sophie. Money doesn’t make you successful. Honesty, graciousness and hard work do. As for the New Yorker, do you really believe everything you read just because it’s in a magazine? As I recall there have been authors, journalists and other writers called out on fabrications and misleading information that wrote for well renowned publications. Do your own research, you’ll make a better citizen.
    Rechelle, PWsux and Marlboro Woman keep on doing what you’re doing if people don’t like it they shouldn’t read it and they shouldn’t be throwing stones whilst living in glass houses.
    “if you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t listen to me talk.”

  • Judy M. from Catonsville:

    What the difference between a REEBOT and a RECHELLEBOT??

    Answer: Nothing!!

    • Rechelle:

      There is a slight difference in the spelling.

      • Lisa:

        OK, that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

  • km:

    Good Lord ! This post generated more vitriol than the leaving Jesus ones. I would never have guessed.
    Pioneer Woman is way too precious for me. I peek in every now and then. I did find PieNearWoman funny. That’s it, that’s all. Not worth the energy guys, getting all fired up like this !!!!

  • Rechelle:

    Whoa! I had no idea so much discussion was occurring on this post. Last time I checked there were like nine comments. Good grief!

    I’ve scanned the comments and found a few areas where I would like to defend or explain myself.

    1. I think the PNW posts are absolutely hilarious. I am embarrased to admit that I laugh at my own work, but they totally crack me up. When I am writing them my face is often covered in a wet slime from the tears of laughter, jolts of snot – not to mention the saliva and the blood… well there isn’t any blood… at least not usually. PNW entertains me. She is fun to write and occasionally there is a real message to her posts. I do not feel that I am motivated by anger or jealousy. There is some irritation sometimes when I have to read PW for research purposes (ha ha) and am confronted with her mental laziness, her lack of creativity, her vocabulary fixation issues, her awkward phrasing, her bizarre need to pimp products for huge American brands and her general detachment from reality. However, her worst posts become PNW’s best posts, so in the end there is good that comes from it.

    2. AnnB – Holy Fruit girl! You are bringing down the holy gavel on me aren’t you? I am going to be so ashamed in ten years? You know what I think? I think in ten years I will even more happy with this little PW protest. I think about my favorite writers – my favorite books – my favorite films and they are all satire. I am happy to have a subject to practice the genre on myself. It’s fun.

    3. Amy – Commercial success is extremely difficult to attain. If you don’t have connections, huge financial backing or extremely good luck (and good looks) you are forced to rely entirely on your wit and your hard work. I don’t see it working out for me, but I enjoy writing PNW. I like the creative challenge. I like the photo shoots. I like shopping on Ebay for barbie get-ups. It all makes me laugh and laughter is a wonderful thing. I see myself writing PNW for the next six months. I would like to continue to write her through the beginning of Ree’s TV show. At that point, I will re-evaluate. This is not about success to me – it is about telling a story that I find strangely compelling and hugely entertaining. That is all.

    • Bridget:

      Rechelle: I did notice that right after you started making fun of how Ree documents the step by step procedure of cutting up an onion. Wait excuse me when The Pie Near Woman parodied how Ree provides detailed instructions for how to cut up an onion whenever the recipe called for diced onion. I noticed that almost immediately she stopped explaining how to cut an onion and simply said at this point I think we all know how to chop up an onion. You may not have a flock of adoring worshippers- nor do you probably want them- but as long as The Pie Near Woman is trying to keep her Silver Stallion safe from the clutches of Tia Juana, you will always have a stalker. Mostly likely it isn’t the grand dame herself, but probably one of the many people who actually run her website and her brand. Hey it may be the same person she used to post on all those homeschooling message boards when the Pioneer Woman was a far off glint of gold and a tiny tingle in her womb.

      • Bridget:

        The tingle had yet to meet her neither regions (after she had built her fan base), but when it did she knew that she had struck gold ( she had found a group of people who felt marginalized, misunderstood, and under represented who she could now tailor her website towards making it so much easier to market her brand) Like all skilled gold diggers, charlatans, preachers and priest; she knew that she could obtain fame, power, wealth and celebrity by taking advantage of the roving packs of idiots who will blindly accept and ardently worship anyone who will sell them tales of some magical fantasy world. (She just had to make sure that she seemed like another god fearing, conservative, homeschooling mama. So she was quick to highlight that in her little slice of heaven on earth that men are men, doing work that only men can do like mending fences, riding bulls and putting out fires; and all the women do what comes natural to them like raisin’ babies, cookin’ and a cleanin’, and swooning into the big powerful arms of her daddy man. She also knew that people didn’t care that they might never get a chance to live in the magical fantasy world. Just hearing about how wonderful is for all the inhabitants that do get to live there will hold the audience captive because it gives them a break from the shitty life they are living. They will also lavish her with praise and adoration because she is getting to live the life that they can only dream about. Who cares if also causes women to feel disgusted with themselves because there is no way that they could possibly do all the things that our little hero does. (One of the first skills she learned was to photoshop out all of the illegals. ) And who knows one day they too might have the opportunity to live in their own magical land of fantasy or even win a chance to be a visitor. Where upon they will be served some crappy food, get interviewed about their political views, become an atheist, and will start telling everyone else that magical fantasy worlds are a bunch of bullshit.

  • Carol:

    Obviously you’ve never seen a child bullied. This site is so close to what my junior high students did to each other on the internet that it makes me cringe. Why would a grown person with a desire to make the world a better place go to this much trouble to call out wealth and priviledge. It reads like anger and jealousy.

    • Rechelle:

      Obviously you have no funny bone. It is close to your brain and connects your sphincter to your esophagus. Why would a grown person with a desire to be a pinch faced snorkle wad even visit this site? It reads like OT judgement and wrath.