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Cool Beans!

May 11th, 2011

Back in February, I ordered several varieties of heirloom seeds including six packages of beans.

When I saw how pretty the seeds were, I had to photograph them for my blog.

This would be why bloggers are a special brand of crazy.

But look at them!

These look like they could be seeds for killer whales!

Or Holsteins!

Or Penguins!

This one is called ‘Dragon’s Tongue’.

Yes, I know they are laying by a package labeled Cupidon, but that is because I laid them beside the wrong package.

I can’t wait to try them!

I planted them today.

I don’t know if it is right to be this excited about what really amounts to a hill of beans.

But I am.

Gardening is a special kind of crazy too.

The Country Doctor built a new garden for me.

He likes to build things.

And I like to think of things for him to build.

So it works out well for both of us.

Except it kind of works out better for me.

I did however, get the old garden planted.

Just looking at it gives me an immense feeling of well being.

But these near dead seedlings give me an immense feeling of distress.

They were so beautiful, stong, independent, smart, creative, willing to start at the bottom and work their way up, etc, etc…

Eager to transplant them to the new garden, I sat them on the deck last week to harden for a few days.

And that very night, it got down to almost freezing.

And my young seedlings did not fare very well.

You can see the seedlings in happier days behind Gwyneth Paltrow and Pie Near.

You can also see them robust and thriving on the table behind PW Sux and I.

(PW Sux is the one with the bag on her head.)

She dropped by for a visit one day.

We had a very good time.

Guess what we talked about?!?!

Of course we had to play with Pie Near and her friends.

PW Sux just HAD to be Pie Near!

So I got stuck being MM and Tia.

Who are clearly second class citizens.

Oh well!  At least my characters can speak magic animal languages!

In the meantime…

Back on the farm…

My half dead tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants are still struggling towards a come back.

Every day a few tiny new leaves unfurl and they get a bit greener and a little less sad looking.

I am determined to nurture them back to health.

It’s the least I can do after nearly freezing them to death!

I will choose a book winner from the below post tonite.

Have a good one!

I got to hear Hemant Mehta speak at Kansas State University a few weeks ago.

He addressed a room full of people.  The first thing he asked after introducing himself was how many people in the audience would call themselves ‘skeptical’ regarding religious beliefs.  About 75% of the audience raised their hands.  Subsequently, I’d guess about 20% of the audience were willing to self identify as ‘believers’.  I was unprepared for such a large number of religious types to show up to hear The Friendly Atheist speak.  Hemant said that the posters for his event had been torn down all across campus, but it didn’t matter as the room we were in was filled to standing room only.

Hemant is a great speaker, an energetic story teller and very, very funny.  He was extremely open in his approach and respectful towards the religious members of the audience.  He comes across as very likable… or possibly ‘friendly’ is the right word.  The whole time I was listening to Hemant, I just kept thinking, ‘my sister would love this guy.’  I can’t really explain why – except that he is just my sister’s type of person.  I wish she could have met him.  It would have been impossible for her not to like him and then she would like an atheist and then she would have to berate him for the rest of his life about it but it would be in a jokey manner and he would joke back and I don’t know why I am writing this – except that Hemant just reminded me of the type of person my sister tends to befriend. ANYWAY!

If you ever get a chance to hear Hemant talk – you oughtta go!

His story is very interesting – all the way from being raised as a Janeite, which is an extremely non-violent, vegetarian, East Indian religion.  Janeites don’t even believe in stepping on bugs.  It made me wonder how in the heck they garden.  Because if you can’t kill bugs and you can’t eat meat – what kind of worm riddled produce are you gagging down?  I know – I know – organic and all that – but still… even organic gardeners want to control certain insect populations.


I keep getting off track.

What I wanted to say is that Hemant is a very interesting guy with a great story that starts out entrenched in Janeism and moves on to rejecting the religion of his youth to ‘selling his soul on Ebay’ which Hemant was determined to make us understand that HE DID NOT SELL HIS SOUL ON EBAY!

Instead he sold his TIME on Ebay.  But the story got marketed as selling his soul.  And the reason he did it was to be able to go to church and have meaningful conversations about his experience afterwards which is not exactly standard fare of any church I have ever been to.


People stand around the coffee maker in the fellowship hall after church and talk weather and ball games and anything BUT what the sermon was over.

And ultimately!

Hemant’s plan worked!

He got plenty of church experience and plenty of meaningful conversation.

The winner of his ‘soul’ sent him all over Chicago going to various churches.

And then a publishing company sent Hemant all over the country to attend church and write about his impressions.

He went everywhere from Joel Osteen’s church in Houston to Ted Haggard’s church in Colorado Springs

Eventually his experience became a book…

This book.

Of which I have one autographed copy to give away.

Leave a comment telling me how pretty I am if you want a chance to win it.

Comments on my thin bird like arms, by svelte figure, my muscle bound hide, my shiny hair (but please not my shiny face) are also acceptable.

You can leave a comment about other things if you wish – but I can’t promise that the ‘random’ winner won’t be heavily weighted towards the best compliment.



P.S.- I had a reader ask me a question via e-mail the other day that I could not answer.  She wanted to know if there were any web sites or forums devoted to questioning religion from a believer’s perspective.  She didn’t want to be converted and she didn’t want a totally atheist perspective either.  Does anyone know of a site that might fit the bill?