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Lesbian Alert!

May 20th, 2011

About a year and half ago I became an atheist.

And then six months ago, I became a vegetarian.

So I suppose it should not surprise you that tonight I have finally decided to come out of the closet and announce to the world that I am actually a lesbian.

I know.

It’s almost too much to process.

But it is true.

I love women.

I always have.

And I am tired of living a lie.


No- but really.  A few days ago, my sister posted a blog about the pain and suffering she has endured ever since her sister (which unfortunately is me) became an atheist.  Trust me!  I feel her pain!  I feel it even MORE intensely than SHE FEELS IT!  I feel it so hard, it is almost like I AM THE ATHEIST!



I’ve been trying to decide how to respond to my sister’s post.

At first I thought I would ignore it.

But as you may have noticed, I am not very good at ignoring things.

So then I discussed it on a few forums and that relieved a bit of the pressure.

And I will tell you, that the longer I waited to act on this little bit of internet weirdness, the funnier the whole thing became for me.  I mean seriously!  It is kind of crazily hilarious.

1.  I become an atheist.

2.  My entire family of origin spirals into chaos.

3.  Slowly I come to terms with many members of my family and we settle into a new somewhat strange relationship, but it seems to be working okay.

4.  Except for my sister.

5.  Who I really don’t talk to much at all for eighteen months.

6.  So when she finally decides to discuss the situation.

7.  She does so.

8.  On her blog.

I guess that’s how it goes when your family has a penchant for cyberspace.  Just skip the face to face and go straight to Facebook.  Hey! Whatever works!  And I really don’t blame her.  I mean when I first became an atheist I was literally an unholy terror.  I have vague shaky memories of writing about a certain statewide basketball tournament of Christian schools wherein not a single child of color participated and wondering (unfortunately on my blog) whether or not these schools were more of a ‘fleeing from’ rather than a ‘running to’ if you know what I mean.  I kind of regret that post.  Even though it is well documented that Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week in America – I don’t think my sister’s family is racist.

So I guess if I could take that one back, I would.  On the other hand, it is true that the colors don’t mix at church very good.  And I think this is something that churchy Americans should be thinking on.

HOWEVER!  That is not my news!

My news is that the comments on my sister’s blog post about me are going like gangbusters!  And OH HOLY HELL – they are none too pleased with my behavior this past year!  (So Utterly Shocking!)  So tonite, I have been answering the comments on my sister’s blog.  Just combing through them and picking out my favorites and leaving my thoughts behind.  I am keeping it light and frothy and full o’ fun.  Don’t mean no disrespect.  If I have learned one thing this year – it is that humor is the true balm of Gilead.  I don’t even know what the actual ‘balm of Gilead’ is -but I bet it has something to do with a bruised and bloody Jesus writhing on a cross to atone for that one time I stole a piece of candy when I was nine.  But my balm of Gilead is a belly laugh.  And I have been giving myself some tonite.  If you want to follow along – here is the post.  I don’t know how much longer it will be up.  My sister is terrified of atheists and if a bunch of them descend on her blog and start chewing through the comments, she is going to go into hyper freak out mode.  But since it is the wee hours, my comments might stay up at least until morning. So that’s what I am doing tonite.  What are you doing?  Only answer this question if it is illegal.

Lesbians rule,


It’s Spinach Week!

May 19th, 2011

Make that Spinach Month.

I am trying to consume all the spinach my garden can give me…

And I am failing.

But it is a fun kind of failure!  And delicious too! Here are a few of the meals I have made that include heaping helpings of spinach (and garden fresh oregano too!).

This is wilted spinach, sun dried tomatoes, shallots, garlic powder, red wine and salt all stir fried together in olive oil….

And added to pasta for a deeliteful pasta dish.  I also added some freshly grated parmesan and Romano cheeses to add a bit of bite, but if seasoned properly, this dish could easily be vegan.

Next up, I made some manicotti.

This dish is a huge hassle to make, but does it ever pay off! Even the boys liked it!  It is also super hearty which as a new vegetarian, I sometimes miss a dish that destroys my hunger in one fell swoop the way a burger or a steak does.  But manicotti really satisfies.  I used this recipe as a guide.  I especially liked how it did not make me cook the noodles prior to stuffing them.  It turned out great.

Although I would not call her particularly photogenic.

I made these black bean and spinach quesadillas tonight.

They are my favorite spinach dish so far.

I drained two cans of black beans and added one can of rotel to them as well as garlic powder, cayenne and salt to taste.  I mashed the beans and let them simmer down to a nice thick consistency.

In a separate pan, I heated some olive oil and added the spinach (about three handfulls) some garlic powder, cayenne, salt and about a tablespoon of vinegar.  I cooked it until it was just wilted and then set it aside.

To make the quesadillas, brown both sides of the tortilla in your choice of oil ( I used butter).  Then spread a generous dollop of the mashed bean mixture onto the tortilla, add the spinach and your choice of cheese.  Fold the tortilla in half and let the cheese melt for a few minutes and then remove from pan and slice in half with a pizza cutter.

I think the vinegar really brightened up the spinach and adds a nice punch to the mix.  It was yummo!

Sorry!  I am not much of a food photographer!

My eldest son had a baseball game in Chapman, Kansas this week. It was a varsity game and although Cal suits up, he rarely makes it into the game (he’s a sophomore). But Mike and I drove out to the game anyway because we had heard that the regular second baseman was injured and that Cal might get to play. When we arrived, Calder wasn’t playing and I – having seen enough baseball over the past ten years to satisfy my curiosity for the next millenia, opted to take a walk around Chapman instead of watching a game that did not feature my own child.

A few years ago, Chapman was devastated by a tornado that cut through the town and destroyed all three schools, all but one church (Catholic – in case you were wondering which one ‘God’ saved) and cut down a huge swath of residential homes. From the looks of Chapman now – you would never know.

It was a beautiful evening. Perfect weather for a stroll. I took a lot of pics…

When I got back from my stroll, it was the 6th inning and Cal was still not in the game so Mike and I decided to head home.

And then of course…

In the seventh inning, Calder was put in to play first base.  He dove to make a catch and dislocated his shoulder.  Neither of his parents were there to see him play or to make sure he was okay after the injury.  Instead we were happily scarfing down tacos at a Mexican restaurant we had stopped at on the way home.  We are SO LAME!

Oh well…

At least I got a few nice photos!