Obama Releases Birth Video

May 1st, 2011

Way to get ‘em back Mr. President! More! More! MORE!!!!!


  • Haha! He also joked about Michelle Bachman being born in Canada. LOVE it!

    • Martha MC (EzGrandma in OK):

      Even funnier than the video, were his comments to Fox that it was a joke.

      • Spinny:

        “Call Disney if you don’t believe me. They have the original, long-form version.”

        OMG, so funny :)

  • Loved it!!! What else can he do? He had to make a joke of it, because it’s all so assanine! Well played Mr. President!

  • Judy M. from Catonsville:

    If it werent for Trump, he would have never shown it. Same with Osama bin Laden. If Trump hadnt mentioned it, Osama would still be alive. Do you really believe that Obama just now found out where OBL has been all this time.

    • LucyJoy:

      Oh for crying out loud…

    • Rechelle:

      Yes, yes. Thank goodness for Donald Trump and his forcing of the president’s hand to spend his precious time proving that he was born in the U.S. Good job Donald. Maybe next he can get Obama to prove he passed the SAT. And you are absolutely right – Trump is totally heroic for sending special troops over the Pakistan and hunting down Osama Bin Laden. In fact – I think it will eventually out that Trump is the one who shot and killed Osama. He was there! He did it! WIthout Donald Trump – America would still be living with the nightmare of OBL!

      • km:


        • km:

          Also, waitress gossip. Trump has body odor and is a lousy tipper. Actually stiffs often. Cheap stinking guy who has no sense of humor. Yes, let’s vote for him.

      • Judy M. from Catonsville:

        I know it is hard for all of you to take, but there are people that have different opinions that all of you (OH MY!!). And, if we can learn to respect those differing opinions, what a nicer place this would be. Personally, I think Obama is the worst president we have ever had and i know that most of you disagree. And, you know what, that is OK. I don’t dislike you because of your views. Differing views make the world go round. So, OK, those of you who disagree with me can go ahead and make your day by making fun of me. Have at it.

        • So, can you give specific examples of why President Obama is the worst president we have ever had? Opinions are one thing, but for discussion purposes it helps to support your argument properly.

          Don’t forget – you’ve got over 200 years worth of presidents to compare him to! I’m looking forward to your evidence.

        • JJ:

          I will have to respectfully disagree – George W. wins hands down in my book – for worst president. And the whole WMD thing was just the tip of the ice berg. While I do not agree 100% with all that Obama does ( and I don’t think ANYONE should agree 100% with any politician – if you find yourself nodding in agreement ALL the time – they are selling you a line of BS) I find it too bad that he has to be the one to clean up such an awful mess that was left to him. And he IS one of the few intelligent contenders out there that COULD possibly deal with such a mess – there are just too many bozos out there in charge of things.
          George W. liked to talk down to the “little people” and use the “well you aren’t an American if you don’t agree with me” threat all the time. No Child Left Behind, his BS swagger in dealing with foreign policy, total screw up of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, the list goes on and on…

          • Martha MC (EzGrandma in OK):

            I will respectfully agree with JJ. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks the country would be in better shape if McCain/Palin had won the election.

        • Skattebol:

          Judy, It is not hard for us all to take…. Not only do we appreciate differing perspectives, we welcome them. However, when individuals make comments such as yours, which frankly makes absolutely no sense, it is difficult to take such individuals seriously.
          And BTW, Obama should have never had to show ANYONE his birth certificate. That shit has gone on way too long. That he was able to joke about it speaks volumes about him… In a positive way.

    • jalf:

      You mean, if it weren’t for Trump, Obama would have been born outside the US?

      Or perhaps you mean that if it weren’t for Trump, we woudln’t have known that Trump’s witch-hunt was misguided, foolish and had no basis in reality? Yeah, but if it weren’t for Trump, we wouldn’t have *needed* to know that either.

      If it weren’t for Trump, we wouldn’t have gotten proof that Trump’s personal vendetta was nothing more than petty racism, spite, hatred and political mud-flinging.

      But are any of us really better off knowing that? I preferred it when I *didn’t* know that such a bitter, prejudiced, racist bigot and conspiracy theorist was considering running for president.

      If it weren’t for Trump, no one would have cared about an issue that didn’t exist. And that, you know, would have been a much healthier state of affairs.

      I wish the world could be concerned about the issues that *do* exist. Why should we waste our time worrying about things we just made up?

    • JJ:

      Judy, judy, judy ( in a Cary Grant acccent…).
      Elvis, Sasquatch, Osama Bin Laden, and a birth certificate were sitting in a bar when Donald walks in…

    • annmarie:

      Please tell me this is a joke response. PLEASE. This just can’t be serious.

      • annmarie:

        And I was referring to that ridiculous comment from Judy M.

    • Wow. That has to be one of the most asinine things I’ve ever read. And that’s no joke.

  • susan:

    No Judy…..he didnt ‘just find out’ where Osama was. Listen to his speech. It has been going on for quite some time, he just gave the go ahead to the badass seals to go for it when all ducks were line up.

    I loved Seth Myers joke about a fox sitting on Trump’s head – referring to his abominable hair. And Trump looked like an idiot just sitting there glowering instead of being able to laugh at himself. I always look forward to the White House correspondents dinner entertainment. Invariably funny.

  • I watched the video with Seth Meyers and couldn’t stop laughing. Trump wasn’t too happy though! Which, in a weird way, makes me laugh even harder.

  • Mackenzie:

    I loved, Seth’s joke about Trump being good with the “blacks”, meaning a white family called the “blacks”!!!

  • I saw this video and the show via Michael Moore’s Twitter feed. I was laughing so hard my gut still hurts. Trump’s little pursee lips couldn’t get any tighter! I still get a good laugh thinking about it. Amazing.

  • Marie:

    Terrific job, Mr. President, our Commander-in-Chief. Both at the dinner and in making the decision to take out Bin Laden when the time was right. Way to go, Mr. President, all government officials in the situation room, the Navy Seals that carried out the mission, and the intelligence community. It pains me to see people make negative comments over a great decision and a great result.