Lisa Lampanelli Lampoons the WBC

May 23rd, 2011

Lisa Lampanelli comedienne and the much loved ‘queen of mean’ visited Topeka last week and the WBC was there to greet her en masse. She donated $1,000 dollars to the Gay Mens Health Crisis organization for every WBC member who showed up to protest her show and that eventually amounted to $50,000. Yay Lisa! She donated the money in the name of the WBC, Hilarious girl! You go!


  • Rhonda in Nc:


  • km:

    Great idea. Can you imagine the brain explosion making a decision to attend took???
    What a miserable bunch !!

  • Bridget:

    But, but, but, buutttt I don’t get it. She actually donated MONEY to a charity and she didn’t get anything out of it? She didn’t make people post comments on her blog or cause them to click back a million times when she didn’t announce the winning charity at the time she claimed that she was going to. How does any of what she did benefit her pocketbook? Or her blog stats? She didn’t say that she would donate money if people showed up to her show or to counter protest and then go to her show? She just donated money! Oh wait you are saying this is true charity? True giving? I didn’t think non- Christians were capable of such generosity.

    Seriously this video made me cry. I am hormonal. Not lactating. Haven’t seen a baby. I am just a hormonal woman and I cry. But it was tears of relief. That not everyone in this world is an asshole.

    I’ll be praying for those gay folks. Praying that the christians leave them the hell alone. Speaking of which….

    I am sorry about that rather crude comment I left on your other posting. My friend who also reads you, last commented under the name Praying Mantis, left a comment after I did and she said if Rechelle hasn’t watched the Exorcist then she won’t understand where the quote came from. “Your sister sucks… hell”….that one.

    I haven’t checked to see if my comment is still there (because I am not sure I want to read it again), but I would understand if you spammed that comment. I meant no offense and was simply trying to be funny.

    Me being funny (or as I imagine it, I am not only being funny, but I am also offering up extremely witty, hilarious insights that have people laughing for days), but this often causes me to insert both feet up to the hip into my mouth. I, (probably like most people, I am just aware I am not a unique & special snowflake), believe myself to be the star of my own show and on the Bridget Show. I am a stand up comedian, so I am always doing some sort of stand up act. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it falls flat. See the first part of this comment.

    I will leave the PW satire to the pros, The Pie Near Woman, Marlboro Woman, and PW Sux. Ya’ll do the best.

    • Rechelle:

      I took out the first sentence Bridget – simply because my kids occasionally peruse their mother’s blog.

  • Skattebol:

    One word – AWESOME!!!!

  • LucyJoy:

    Yay, Lisa!

  • Shay in NZ:

    Gosh, good for Lisa. But I also felt so sad seeing the young age of most of those protesters – half were kids! Very very sad to have been raised with the hatred that must have been led by their parents

    : (

    • Shay in NZ:

      Pardon for interrupting the conversation about something random… but THIS is weird. On Penelope Trunk’s blog today – she’s a “careers advisor” v popular with Gen Y and definitely a few fries short of a Happy Meal. But still.

      …”When we are not in the garden, I obsess about how I want to redesign my blog to look like the Pioneer Woman’s blog. I want to be the Pioneer Woman on Suicide Watch. That will be the new title of my blog. I am obsessed with stealing her blog design….” Penelope Trunk

      • Rechelle:

        Ree’s blog design did not spring from Ree’s mind. A million blogs have the ‘big slideshow in the sky’. Don’t see why Penelope can’t just do the same thing.

  • I saw this over the weekend and thought it was brilliant. I hope it catches on and others start doing the same.

  • Can you imagine the looks on the WBC’s face for every.single.thank you.note they receive from LL on behalf of Gay Mens Health Crisis organization – TOTALLY AWESOME:)

    • Rechelle:

      I hope they do send them thank you notes. That would be the icing on the cake.

      • If they didn’t before, I’m sure they will now!

  • Michelle:

    What really disturbs me about that video is that most of those protesters seem to be children. How sad.

  • Alesia:

    I don’t know where to put this, I just thought you might like it (just a cartoon)