Cool Beans!

May 11th, 2011

Back in February, I ordered several varieties of heirloom seeds including six packages of beans.

When I saw how pretty the seeds were, I had to photograph them for my blog.

This would be why bloggers are a special brand of crazy.

But look at them!

These look like they could be seeds for killer whales!

Or Holsteins!

Or Penguins!

This one is called ‘Dragon’s Tongue’.

Yes, I know they are laying by a package labeled Cupidon, but that is because I laid them beside the wrong package.

I can’t wait to try them!

I planted them today.

I don’t know if it is right to be this excited about what really amounts to a hill of beans.

But I am.

Gardening is a special kind of crazy too.


  • Kait:

    Oh beans! I love beans. Gimme beans.
    I must come clean, I envy you your garden. Apartment living does not curry favour to garden lovers. Not allowed to attract wildlife, by even planting herbs in a pot.

  • Pretty pretty!

    I’m crazy for gardening – I just wish our rain would stop. Sigh.

  • Myra:

    I wanted to try the Dragon’s Tongue beans, but my limited space confined me to Purplehull blackeyed peas and Scarlet Runners. Oh, and I would trade you some bok choi, herbs, or collard greens in exchange for some of your lovely spinach!

    • Rechelle:

      Myra – My spinach is bolting. If you want some, you better bolt faster over to my house and get some.