Cookie Making Granny Scares Holy Shit out of Granddaughter

May 22nd, 2011


  • Diane Tulsa:

    Man, what terrible acting! I kept waiting for Granny to fling the unholy gingerbread men into the oven of hellfire.

  • Clay:

    All I can say is, Jesus Christ!

  • annmarie:

    Okay, I only got 1:22 into this before I turned it off. I was giggling and cringing at the same time. The hairs on my arms were standing up and I just wanted to pull a balnket over my head. For the record, I’m not an atheist, so yes, even regular believers in God find this stuff amusing and bizarre ( and sad because many people do shove this stuff on their kids). I’m still laughing over it though. I can’t wait to show it my husband. I feel I can watch the rest now that I’m prepared.

  • Jeanne:

    This is creepy beyond “belief!”

  • Nadine:


  • Megan:

    I am going to dress as Granny next Halloween. Scary!