Chapman – A Little Stroll

May 19th, 2011

My eldest son had a baseball game in Chapman, Kansas this week. It was a varsity game and although Cal suits up, he rarely makes it into the game (he’s a sophomore). But Mike and I drove out to the game anyway because we had heard that the regular second baseman was injured and that Cal might get to play. When we arrived, Calder wasn’t playing and I – having seen enough baseball over the past ten years to satisfy my curiosity for the next millenia, opted to take a walk around Chapman instead of watching a game that did not feature my own child.

A few years ago, Chapman was devastated by a tornado that cut through the town and destroyed all three schools, all but one church (Catholic – in case you were wondering which one ‘God’ saved) and cut down a huge swath of residential homes. From the looks of Chapman now – you would never know.

It was a beautiful evening. Perfect weather for a stroll. I took a lot of pics…

When I got back from my stroll, it was the 6th inning and Cal was still not in the game so Mike and I decided to head home.

And then of course…

In the seventh inning, Calder was put in to play first base.  He dove to make a catch and dislocated his shoulder.  Neither of his parents were there to see him play or to make sure he was okay after the injury.  Instead we were happily scarfing down tacos at a Mexican restaurant we had stopped at on the way home.  We are SO LAME!

Oh well…

At least I got a few nice photos!


  • km:

    Isn’t that just the way it goes:) Poor C. I hope he feels better.
    Beautiful pictures. It has been bucketing down here in New England all week long and looks like all through this weekend. Can you send some sun our way:)

  • susan:

    I just LOVE your photos Rechelle. As for playing the guitar in front of people?!? Wish I had that courage. You look great too.

  • Kiara:

    You are a wonderful photographer Rechelle!

  • Kait:

    Lovely pictures. I must say the one barn looks like it is make of bales of stacked up hay. :)
    Hope Calder is doing better.

  • LucyJoy:

    Lovely pictures, Rechelle. The irises are gorgeous – Mine haven’t started blooming yet. My favorite is one, whose name I don’t know, came from an elderly friend of my Aunt’s, about 20 years ago. It has moved 3 times & is still going strong! I’ll post pictures to FB when they bloom.

    How’s Calder?

  • Oooh, irises. My favorite. They’re so beautiful. I was in Kansas summer of -09, I think we went through Chapman….yep, just checked Google maps, we were. The silo and barn photos looked familiar (maybe because I took snaps of them, too. :D)

    I did get some awesome sparkly flip-flops at a grocery store in Salina, KS, which was ironic because at the time we were living in Salinas, CA. I still love those flip flops (white with turquoise soles and sparklys).

    Hope your boy is all right. I heard dislocated shoulders hurt like a mofo.,


  • Rechelle:

    Calder is sore, but he is probably going to make it. :) The CD said that as long as it doesn’t pop out again in the next month or so, he should heal nicely.

  • Sabazinus:

    The final picture of the irises by the back door is my favorite. There’s something about the combination of the old poorly painted door with the blue flowers that works so well.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    What is it about grain elevators? I freakin’ love grain elevators.

  • My favorite is the trailer. Looks like a wonderful walk.

  • Nancy:

    Oh my – the shot of the pump and the irises is gorgeous!

  • Rhonda in Nc:

    I <3 Grain elevators.

  • nanne:

    i don’t know how you took/edited that last pic, but it is really lovely. very painterly.

  • Amy:

    I loved the purple door with the irises too. The colors and the composition is really nice.

    LOVED your tale of woe about leaving the game right before he gets in and injured; same thing with me except swap in soccer for baseball and dislocated thumb for shoulder. Then the wonderful call from the responsible mom who accompanied my kid to the ER and I could meet her there.

  • Love the purple door, but they’re all awesome. You really are great at taking photo’s. :)