Bouquet of the Week #1

May 31st, 2011

I thought I might be fun to try and create a bouquet every week this summer using just the plants that are growing on the old homestead.  And when I say ‘fun’ I actually mean ‘something to post about that requires little to no mental jumping jacks’.  Not that the posts around here frequently require mental jumping jacks, but gathering a few flowers requires virtually none and it’s summer people!  I’m trying to relax!

Here is what I found for the first bouquet…

Name – I don’t know
Location – Up by the orchard
Genus – Wildflower
Difficulty Level – Four out of five stars (Sticker patch, snake paranoia, scratchy leg syndrome, summer sandal blisters)

Name – Queen Anne’s Lace (I think.)
Location – Out in the middle of the meadow
Genus – Wildflower
Difficulty level – Four out of five stars (see ‘I don’t know’ above).

Name – Beats me.
Location – Also in middle of meadow
Genus – Wildflower
Difficulty Level – Five out of five. (Blisters from new sandals were hurting real bad by this time.)

Name – Valerian
Location – The old garden bed
Genus – Sturdy perennial
Dificulty Level – Zero out of five – it has never given me a lick of trouble.

Name – Catmint
Location – By the deck
Genus – Fabulous Perennial (remind me to plant lots more.l
Difficulty Level – Two out of five stars. Easy to grow, but almost too easy as it requires frequent dividing to maintain it’s lovely shape.

Bring flowers in the house.  Kick off blister causing sandals and rue the day you purchased them.  Wonder if you can take them back even though you have worn them all day long including on a hike all over your homestead looking for flowers.  Take flowers to sink.  Fill up a mason jar about half way with homemade flower food following Suzanne’s recipe.  Strip the flowers of their lower leaves, cut the stems to appropriate length for your jar and stick them willy nilly into the vessel.  Rearrange until you are pleased or sick of messing with them.

Lie down and rest in soft area with an icy beverage and a snack.
Happy flowering!


  • LucyJoy:

    Lovely! I’d like to do the same but my bouquet would be made up of scotch broom (ick – and it stinks). I’m trying to iradicate it. Butter cups, very cute (maybe I will have to go pick some), blue flowers growing along side the road (hmmm…they’re not too bad either) and more scotch broom. Again. Ick.

    I just trimmed my cat mint yesterday & brought the clippings into the cats & now I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing one of the kitties to have a snotty nose…He’s allergic to something…

    I’ve bee training for a 1/2 marathon (walking) & have wonderful calluses on my feet because of it. I even had to tell the gal giving me a pedicure a couple weeks ago NOT to scrape them off ’cause I’ll need them this Sunday! Don’t give up on your sandles.

    Hubby indulges me in the few flowers that I have planted here & there. He’s really good at landscaping & says that old people plant flowers…

    Thanks for the inspiration, Rechelle.

    • Pretty bouquet! I went out in to the rain Saturday and cut some of my peonies. I wanted to enjoy them before the rain beat them all down. My bff said that she heard if you spray them with vinegar, it helps to keep the ants away, so I sprayed them with a mixture of white vinegar (it was all I had) and water. I put them in a lovely, tarnished silver teapot I had and so far, no ants. Rotting, dying peonies yes, but no ants!

      • Rechelle:

        That really sounds lovely – peonies in a silver tea pot.

        • I posted a pic on facebook Saturday evening. You can see it in my photos!

  • Rechelle, did you know this is my dream? It is. I want to have a humongous cut garden. And I want people to come cut from my garden, and I’d have different bouquets as ideas every week. And I’d serve baked goods and iced tea, because those are my favorite things. I know it sounds like an idea from the past but I’m going to try very hard to make it happen.

    • Rechelle:

      Amy – that sounds great! I will be your first customer!

    • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

      Amy F. – I’ve seen it work. That’s my plan for when the kids are gone and I still want to stay home and play in the garden, have egg-laying chickens, and bake. Just have a happy, pretty place where I can continue to play, and people can stop by, enjoy, and perhaps leave me a few bucks to support my habit.

  • Nadine:


  • susan:

    love your canning jar vase! so sweet.

  • Kait:

    Lovely bouquet. Thanks for the giggles and the pretty pics.
    My sister had a pair of summer sandals that made her feet actually bleed! She took them back. Told them they actually cut her heels up, showed them the evidence. They gave her back her money. Surprise surprise. But true.

  • eclecticdeb:

    That just looks like ‘Summer’. Here in Northern California, it’s 62 degrees and raining, with gusty winds, which is typical WINTER weather. Welcome to JUNEuary. I even had to turn on my heat. Sigh.

  • farmgirl:

    YOU HAVE SNAKE PARANOIA TOO???? Mine is full blown bad case snake PHOBIA. It keeps me from doing things I really want to do and I hate it! My tree peony is all abloom and the herbaceous peonies are about to pop so I don’t need no stinkin flowers from the meadow anyway. :)

  • Sabazinus:

    The second flower is Yarrow, a garden escapee that has naturalized itself. Flower number 3 is Fleabane, I believe.

    Flower #1 has me stumped.

  • Oh, I love all of those pictures. What a nice idea to share with us. I also went over to that other blog and printed the flower food recipe. Thanks for that. I enjoyed reading that blog.