May 9th, 2011

A dozen Allium flowers are blooming by my stoop and I have no memory of planting the bulbs last fall.

I even asked my husband if he planted them.

He said, “No, Rechelle.”

And then he sighed really deeply…

So deeply, that I thought he might deflate and I almost ran over to the barn to get the air compressor.

But he didn’t deflate.

The Country Doctor is made of very sturdy stuff.

I suppose there are some other options for how these bulbs got planted…



show cats with bulb planting expertise…

but most likely,

I planted them.

I wonder how many other flowers are going to pop up and surprise me this year.


  • Kait:

    Hee hee. They kinda look like giant purple dandelions. :) Do they have a smell or are they just pretty?

    • Kait:

      By the way, how is the planting on the dining room table going?

      • Rechelle:

        They are related to onions, garlic and shallots (this from wikipedia this morning) and have a slight oniony smell.

        The dining room table endured a chapter of tragedy. I hope to share the story soon, but first I must heal from the shock and grief.

        • GA in GA:

          Hope you get over the shock and grief of the chapter of tragedy soon!

  • I love allium but have had no luck getting them to grow here. Will you come forget to plant some for me? : )

  • LucyJoy:

    They sure are pretty, Rechelle. I’m going to go on a bulb planting frenzy this fall & plant some allium as well. They’re such a showy plant! Maybe since they’re related to onions & the like, the deer, squirrels & chipmunks won’t eat them…

  • susan:

    hmmm…you forgot. LOVELY to turn 40 isnt it.. only gets worse! :(

  • Kim:

    They showed up in my lawn a few years ago and I know I didn’t plant them. None of my neighbors have them either. Still don’t know how they came to be.

    • Kait:

      Perhaps they are a weed, just like a dandelion. What constitutes a weed from a flower anyway?

  • nanne:

    aliums are one of those amnesia plants. you stick them in, forget about them and they just pop up, perform and make you look like a great gardener. and they do it year after year.