A Ritual Burning

May 29th, 2011

School is out for the summer.  I told the boys to clean out their backpacks, put salvagable school supplies away for next year, save what they wanted to save and throw everything else away.

But instead of throwing away the piles of homework papers they brought home at the end of the year, they opted to burn them.  And then they stood around with a few neighbor kids and watched it all go up in flames.

Life with boys…

It’s never boring.


  • Melinda:

    This is a ritual that could easily be adopted by my children only additional items would be thrown on the pyre such as back packs, pencils, pens, calculators, lunch sacks and gym uniforms with tremendous shouts of “burn baby burn!”

  • Erin:

    Reminds me of the White Coat Burning ceremony — did you guys do that?

    • Rechelle:

      I don’t think so. If it ever took place, I wasn’t there and no one told me about it.

  • Mary had a particularly demanding teacher this year whom she really couldn’t stand. She is waiting for fire wood so she can burn all her work from that class. Then she told me she would yell, “Burn baby, burn!”, as the flames danced. I’ll send you some gleefull burning pics!

  • km:

    My friend’s teenager got a particularly painful college rejection letter. The good college she thought she’d make. Devastated. Mother immediately gathered every single scrap of paper that contained the name of the college, letter, prospectus, everything….. and brought the kid down from the room and had a great time pegging everything into the fire and sending it up in smoke.
    Next day she was accepted to her “reach” college.

    • Rechelle:

      Love that story. What a great mom.

    • GA in GA:

      Love this! When my DD received a rejection letter for a volunteer position, she was devastated. I took the letter and envelope from her, threw both on the floor, and then told her to jump up and down, stomp, and enjoy. By the time she finished, we were both laughing! Yep, cleansing.

      And yes, she did reapply the following year, worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And was asked back again this year.

  • susan: