Calder Goes To Prom Again

April 17th, 2011

Prom in our little town is a big deal.

The kids all find a partner or a date or a couple of friends and they walk across the bridge.

Then they spend about an hour mingling with each other while their parents take hundreds of photos.

It’s a spectacle.

And I love a good spectacle.

On the years that prom falls on the same weekend as the Tulip Festival, it is even a bigger spectacle with crowds so dense it’s hard to get good candid shots.

So most of the photos I took this year are of people stacked up in lines.


Except for this one where I shouted to Calder to look back as he and Brook were walking away.

Were it not for the guy who is in the exact center of the shot, it would be my favorite photo of the event.

Dang it!


  • Jennine:

    Rechelle! That last photo can still be your favorite!

    • FL Liz:

      Great edit-Jolly good !!!

    • Lgirl:

      Most excellent!!!!!

    • Rechelle:

      Hilarious! I love it Jennine!

    • Kay in KCMO:

      That’s perfect! Wish I could upvote you.

    • Shay in NZ:

      Brilliant Jennine! While I was waiting for flickr to load I had a horrible thought it might be Pw in the middle. So giant PHEW….

      And Firth rocks!

  • Martha MC (EzGrandma in OK):

    How fun! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love how the guys have coordinated their vests and ties with their dates’ dresses. That may be common practice these days but I haven’t seen prom pictures in ages. That last picture of Calder and Brook is definitely a favorite and good job on the edit, Jennine.

  • Oh, yeah, a little Photoshop and that guy will be pffft! (okay…a lot of Photoshop . . . but still doable!)

  • sheila z:

    Channel your inner Pie Near Woman and slap a butterfly over that horses arse.

  • Mary:

    Calder looks very Prince William to me.

  • Marie:

    Looks like great times, for both the kids and adults. What a good looking bunch of young men and women!

  • km:

    Gosh, aren’t they a good looking bunch!

  • Kait:

    Lovely pics. Lovely kids. Lovely dresses. And those suits aren’t shabby either.
    I say AIRBRUSH that man out of existence. Or turn him into a big tulip.

  • Tough enough to wear pink! Love it. Now…to the photoshop!

  • theresa:

    The small town in which my sister and the nieces and nephews live still does the promenade. I love that! It sure beats the cheesy “pose before the fireplace” and limo ride to Cheddars!

  • Alison:

    Those are great. I love all the guys vests. And the GIRLS! Holy moly….it’s like a fashion show. They’re all so beautiful.

  • I love prom pics! Calder is a very nice looking young man. No wonder you’ve got girls dripping all over your house!

  • Calder is very handsome and his date is so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed them. I love prom season……

  • kathleen:

    Calder is a man! So used to seeing your boys in tee shirts and he grew up. Very handsome and Brook is very pretty.

  • sandy:

    It’s a great picture…….just photoshop that dude in the middle out!