TOMS Shoes

March 23rd, 2011

For Spring Break we decided at the last minute to take a quick weekend trip down to Tulsa, Oklahoma to meet up with a bunch of the my husband’s siblings and watch the Kansas Jayhawks play Boston University in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The game was on Friday night, so we had all day Saturday to explore Tulsa. I managed to convince most of the cousins and a few grown-ups to tour the Philbrook museum with me.

The Philbrook is an art museum wrapped inside of an old Oklahoma oil baron’s mansion wrapped inside of extensive fabulous gardens.

After exploring the Philbrook,  we had lunch in a cool part of Tulsa which probably has a name, but I don’t know what it is. and then we wandered around this artsy district and stumbled into a store called Ida Red. Ida Red sells rock posters, funky jewelry, retro candy and something called TOMS Shoes.

Have you heard of TOMS Shoes?

Because I had not.

But every kid in our entourage was very familiar with TOMS Shoes.

They knew all about TOMS shoes and how this company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes they sell.

My niece Isabelle tried on a pair of pink glittery TOMS and following her lead, I tried on a pair of sensible gray wedge TOMS. What happened next can only be described as worm-holish  because Isabelle ended up abandoning her spunky sparkly selection for a pair of sensible brown TOMS, while I threw over the sturdy gray wedges for a pair of vibrant cranberry TOMS.

And I wore them for the next two days.

Even though they did not match anything I had on.

I was all earthy, earthy, grayish, greenish, brownish, CRANBERRY SHOES!

But I couldn’t help it!

They were so beautiful!

Plus helping!!!!

What could possibly be better?

I had Drew take a few photos of me wearing my cranberry TOMS so you could see them.

I told him to focus on the shoes, hence the headless photo.

And yes, I always sit on the deck at sundown with my body facing west and my feet facing north.


You don’t?


  • Michelle:

    What are you and your husband wearing around your necks in the 3rd photo?

    I love the shoes. I didn’t know that TOMS made such cute shoes. All I was familiar with was the original, flat ones.

    • Rechelle:

      We are wearing audio devices that explain various parts of the museum to visitors.

  • My kids knew about the shoes too. How does that happen? Are all tweens, teens and young adults connected to some intergalactic knowledge board? Those shoes are outrageous but if you’re helping someone, cranberry looks good with anything.

    • Rhonda H.:

      Yes, they are! It’s called by various names – the Internet, Skype, Twitter, Facebook……
      We are idiots in comparison.

  • Jennine:

    Woman! Are you a runner or something? You look FABULOUS!

    • Rechelle:

      I am not a runner and currently very out of shape. Somehow this photo is hiding all the potentially hazardous areas.

      • Rechelle:

        Including my head – ha ha.

    • Bridget:

      Ditto. Your legs are amazing. Not to get all creepy pn you. I did at double take because I thought the picture of just your legs was a picture of a model. You really are quite striking. Does the country doctor know how lucky he is? Personality and looks.

      • p:

        Yup, those are some fine gams, lady!

  • I hadn’t heard of TOMS either, but I’m going to look into them now. What a great idea!

  • I had heard of TOMS shoes, but I didn’t know that made such cute ones. For the record I think the cranberry totally ROCKS with the green dress. I do love the concept of TOMS, though I haven’t had the pleasure of owning any. But I will have to check them out since I see they’ve become more stylish.

  • REEflux:

    Rechelle -
    You are such a cutie…and you didn’t Photoshop yourself’(the lack of pink alien hands is the giveaway)!

    Ethereal. :-)

    Merely a *burp* away,

  • Lori:

    There you are in sassy shoes, showing skin, in a land where there is green. I am so jealous here in the frozen north lands where it is still below freezing, with way too much white stuff on the ground. Sigh…..

  • GA_in_GA:

    The kids personalize their “plain” Tom’s shoes here. A couple of the artistic girls paint them to reflect the owners.

  • Tracy:

    Did you eat lunch in Brookside? Lots of restaurants and shops there and it’s right near the Philbrook.

    Love the Tom’s; I’ve had two sensible pairs of the flats (grey, white) and they were the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Might need to get myself some wedges now!

  • Kathy from NJ:

    Cranberry & red shoes go with ANYTHING. Normally I would not wear clothes or shoes with a label showing – those I would wear proudly.

  • You had lunch in Tulsa’s Brookside area. Wish I could have joined you all Sat. afternoon, but I was on baby duty back at the house. Enjoyed having all of you over for dinner Sat. night. Come back anytime!

    • Rechelle:

      I loved Tulsa JJ. I will be back next weekend and the weekend after that and also the weekend after that etc, etc…

  • JJ:

    I looked up TOMS shoes – I have not seen them in any stores around here – they are really cute – my daughter likes them too. They have some twill ones out for spring that I would love to get . Are you going to go barefoot for one day Rechelle?

    • Rechelle:

      I don’t think I will be able to go barefoot. I have a serious attachment to shoes. I can hardly stand to have them off unless I am in bed.

      • JJ:

        I used to LOVE to go barefoot when I was a kid, but my feet are older now – much more touchy. They like to be in shoes – unless I am on the beach. Yesterday, I went shopping for shoes and lo and behold Skechers now has a similar brand and they give TWO pairs of shoes away for every one sold – they call them BOBS! What copy cats! TOMS looks like they are made better though – I would rather get the TOMS.

  • theresa:

    I have pretty black sparkly TOM’s. I wear them when I want to feel pretty, which doesn’t happen very often any more. Why? Hmmmm… My daughter (13 yrs) draws (comic style) on her friends white canvas TOM’s. ANYWAY… sounds like you were in Brookside. We were at the Philbrook on Sunday. They have a cool art program. You sign your children up for it and they give each child an art kit (FREE) and once a month, you return to the museum for new art supplies. This month it was oil pastels. Very cool! My husband (a very disappointed ILLINI alum…dag gone Jayhawks) loves to go ogle the Bouguereau every time we visit. The kids love the gift shop. I’m rambling….

  • What a great idea! I hadn’t heard about them but I’ll be on the lookout now. Thanks for the heads up.

    And may I add, sexy legs you got there! RAWR

    P.S. You don’t photoshop your children to look like pure Aryans? LA-ME. ;P

  • PamR:

    PW aka Ree had a blog post or two about Toms a long time ago. All about how her girls love ‘em and she loves ‘em and they wear them and how Toms give away free shoes and all that. I guess you missed it. You two have similar tastes apparently.

    • Rechelle:

      Really? Somehow I bet that hers rambled on so long people were pronounced brain dead before they reached the end of it.

      • Bridget:

        Also I seriously doubt that PW picked out the Toms brand. I am sure it was her blog staff that suggested bringing up TOMS so that PW could look charitable.

        She has to be wary about putting up information about the charities she supports because information like that is too polarizing and she could lose some of her readers. I am sure that her marketing plan clearly outlines that Ree is NOT ALLOWED to write about anything slightly controversial or write any posts that talk about her opinions, beliefs, or perspective towards the society, the world at large or current affairs. There is a big NO on any post that makes her seem human or strays too far from her perfectly crafted image of an isolated, homeschooling, occasional praying Christian rancher’s wife with a “wacky”, “offbeat” personality because she’s a middle child. Don’t you know.

        I have no problem with Ree and Rechelle both posting about TOMS shoes. The shoes are popular for a reason because more than one person likes them. The difference between the postings is that Rechelle- the individual- posted about them, but I seriously doubt Ree- the individual- decided to post about TOMS, more likely it was Ree’s Marketing Team that put the shoes on “her” website.

        Anyway. I don’t understand why people commented that both Rechelle and Ree posted about TOMS.

        Was it an attempt at humor? Such as, isn’t funny that Rechelle and PW both posted about TOMS even though they are polar opposites. (Well except when Rechelle wants to hone her method acting skills and becomes the Pie-Near Woman.)

        Or were people thinking that she stole the idea from PW? Or that PW already beat you to the punch and posted about these shoes.

        Or were the comments intended as in your face Rechelle. Rechelle thinks that she is so different from PW, but you both like the same shoes. hahahahah.

        I think the comments were intended to point out the humorous irony of the situation. Can you believe it Rechelle and PW like the same shoes? I mean that is just ca-caaa-crazy. How crazy because as bloggers they have nothing else in common and one wouldn’t expect for them to like the same shoes.

        Rechelle if you start wearing flowy tops. I think it will be time to fess up that you really are deeply jealous of PW, and that you want to be just like her. It all starts with gateway clothing or shoes and then before you know it your life is no longer your own. One day you will wake up dressed in a ridiculously expensive, albeit ugly, flowy top, swathed in spanx. Your blog will be filled with pictures of your kids scrubbed clean of any imperfection (read: personality), you will start giving up AMENS for the inventors of photoshop. You will also post 8,000 extremely similar photos of your show cat.

        Instead of producing your characteristic writing pieces, pieces that are thought provoking, entertaining, humorous, informative. Your writing will be filled vapid and inane observations, sad attempts to sound funny or cool, and/or thinly veiled advertisements of overpriced crap.

        Any pioneer woman worth her salt knows that it is her god fearing, American, freedom for the fries duty, to encourage over consumption and/or consumption of poorly made, extremely expensive goods from bland, generic stores. Screw buying a homemade quilt when you can get a more expensive, made in a sweat shop quilt from the Pottery Barn. You can’t make money if your readers go out and buy from local merchants, so fuck that noise. Shilling for Amazon is the only way to go.

        You will be compelled to write up these advertisements not because you actually believe in said item, but because they make you money and you know your readers are dying to be just like you.

        Pictures of males exposing their forearms with their asses encased in chaps will have you dry humping the saddles decorating your living room. You can kiss your financial security good bye because your dry cleaning bills are going to be through the roof. You didn’t think those flowy tops are machine washable, did you?

        It is easy to be fooled into that way of thinking. The flowy top is full of tricks because of it’s EPHEMERAL quality. But the flowy top ain’t machine washable and they haven’t met a stain that don’t love more than their luggage.

        (And why would her tops be machine washable? Since it is so much more practical for a hard working pioneer lady living on an isolated ranch far from town to wear dry clean only clothes. Maybe they added a dry cleaners to the rock bar, so that Tia Juanita would have something to do on her days off?)

        You may think that you will be able to keep your flowy tops clean and pristine, but not so quick because dry humping pictures of chap clad cowboys will cause your boobies to lactate without ceasing.(it says so in the bible- “And lo did ye Moses descend from the mountain and ye did he speaketh. Whoever shall gaze upon the brazen idolatry of men in chaps shall lactate without ceasing.” Roman 2:1).

        There is also some other passage that mentions that lactation fluid also leaves behind horrible stains to serve as a reminder of how that bitch Eve brought original sin into the garden of Eden. If only the homeschooling nazi had been around to reminded her that it is a women’s duty, nah right to remain uneducated, to be afraid of education and public schools, and that if Eve really cared about the emotional and intellectual well being of her children then she would homeschool them.

        Mother’s who don’t homeschool their children are horrible monsters that don’t love their children, don’t care about their children’s future because they are just going to turn out as huge life failures if they attend public school that is if they don’t get seriously assaulted, constantly harassed and bullied, taught a 5th grade curriculum when they are in 8th grade, are neglected by the teachers, and/or have their spirit and passion for learning squashed by the awful teachers and public school system. It couldn’t be that your child didn’t really have an passion or spirit for learning, so there really wasn’t anything to squash.

        But I digress. Maybe the homeschooling nazi was around with Eve. As it sure would explain a lot about why women believe it is there role to take on the all burden of a family. But anyway the homeschool nazi talking with Eve is just a myth, but women being punished for Eve’s sin by having staining lactation fluid that is a fact, its in the bible.

        Shit, now I wish I could be like PW. She has so many amazing and attractive qualities. I sure am glad that the only remote similarity between you and PW is that you both posted information about TOMS shoes. TOMS shoes may be the gateway drug that starts you on the path of becoming just like PW, but that only happens to lesser bloggers. Not to bloggers of strong stock such as yourself. Oh wait you did fall for the whole atheist thing, so you might be at risk but I think you are going to pull through.

        Just as long as you are smart enough not to fall for the banana being evidence of intelligent design since it fits so perfectly in man’s hands it shows that God designed it for us and not that we evolved from Chimps. You know the banana also fits perfectly in a chimp hand too because of opposable thumbs. But if you aren’t falling for the banana argument then you are one smart cookie and I have faith that help me Rhonda you aren’t going to transform into PW anytime soon.

        Well unless you get a hankering to practice your method acting then by all means have fun being the Pie Near Woman. I wished that I lived near you because I would love to come over and get involved in the Pie-Near-Woman troop. I have a few skit ideas floating around. I actually want to send you a barbie I found. I will let you know what it is, but I don’t want your readers to see as not to ruin the surprise.

        Sorry: I have no idea what spawned this little writing exercise. I was really just stopping by to thank you for some books that you recommended to me and I was going to recommend a really good documentary to you. Really good and very shocking. I couldn’t stop. Just like PW can’t stop lactating at the thought of babies at book signing.

  • I too did not know Toms had such cute shoes. Going there now….

  • Kait:

    Wow you should enter that sundown photo in a PW contest. Sexy. She will never know it is you – ’cause – No head!

    • Rechelle:


  • I am 25 and know about Tom’s – but I’m probably right on the cusp of not knowing about things like that anymore.

  • The Marlboro Woman:

    Did you have a chance to run in Miss Jacksons and pick up some Joie blouses?

  • I was just at the Philbrook on Tuesday! I loved it!

  • Seriously, what a cute family! I remember school field trips to the Philbrook. And Brookside has really become a trendy, happening place. I so miss Tulsa!

  • M.R.:

    TOMS should totally use you as a model in a shoe commerical.

  • FL Liz:

    I just went to the Toms site. I started thinking they are ugly, ended up thinking they’re funky/cute ugly. Then the pricing put me off, but considering you get 2 for the price (one for you and one donated) it’s all good. Yes, I’m waffling on these but might just see how comfy they are, then decide. Thanks for the idea!

  • Marilene:

    Wow, your shoes are almost as pretty as PW’s uggs!

    • Samantha:

      Now, now Marilene, don’t say things you don’t mean.

  • “Ida Red” is a Bob Wills song, and I’m plumb crazy about Mr. Wills. I once took my wife to Turkey, Texas, so I could visit his hometown. She didn’t care for Turkey, but the trip made for a memorable story. Tulsa was 2nd home for Mr. Wills, so I need to visit.

    I wouldn’t admit this to many people, but I’m crazy about shoes. It’s the only bit of fashion that I’m concerned about. Comfortable shoes are essential.

  • Hey, have you seen this documentary:

    I’d like to see it. With your artistic use of Barbies, you might be interested.

  • Marwencol will be on PBS on April 26th.

  • K Raye:

    You are wayyyyy more hick and country than I realized!!! No wonder you have those wild posts with the barbies! I get it now!

  • LucyJoy:

    I adore my TOMS! I have a black sparkly pair & wear them with everything. I even wore them with my flannel jammies when the shoes first came in the mail. I do love the wedges. I’ll have to see if they come sparkly, too…. :o)