The Country Doctor is Building a Bar

February 4th, 2011

The Country Doctor has been building a bar in the basement.

The lower cabinets in the above photo are stock cabinets from the Home Depot which he painted black.

After weeks of excruciating debate, he chose an intensely red stain for the oak counter-top of the back bar.

He then set about building the upper shelves.

And then he put it all together and added a small bar sink.

(The plumbing for the sink was put in place when the house was built.)

He is currently working on the ‘front bar’.

I think it’s going to be very nice when it is finished.


  • Kait:

    Cool! A place for all those wine glasses!

  • Party at Rechelle’s! Soonish!

  • where’s the pic of his beautiful bum?

  • GA in GA:

    Glad to see you posting. I was worried you might have gone through the rocks, or more likely have been lost in all of the snow. :-)

    No bum or kilt photos. So disappointing!

  • LucyJoy:

    Wonderful! I agree! Where’s the close-up of CD’s glutes and forearms!

    My husband always wanted a bar area, so when we built our new house 6 years ago, we put one in. Seldom use it. But it is nice not to have a case of beer crowding up my kitchen ‘fridge & it’s always great to have an extra ice maker!

  • Jessie S.:

    You should have him smear manure all over his face, get him all sweaty and then take a close up with him glaring at you. That would be hot! = )

  • Kait:

    Just curious, does that chicken follow him everywhere or does he bring it in for the winter?

  • Pics of a husband who doesn’t wear chaps? Well I never!!

    That bar looks like it’s going to be really nice!

  • Michelle:

    Awwww… no chaps :( As was said earlier, he’s building you a place for the wine glasses! You can make a light with the gold silverware!

  • Erin:

    Beautiful – love the colors!!

  • Love the color combo. Go Doc go!

  • Kathy from NJ:

    Wonderful! But isn’t that bar stool (last pic) a little short?

  • Patricia:

    I find this extremely impressive because I am also married to a doctor. However, he tells me that doctors do not know how to hold hammers, nails, etc. and all the years I believed him. Now I have proof of his “whilte lies”……HA !

  • Lgirl:

    Love it! That bar stool is so the drinkers don’t hurt themselves when they fall off!

  • GA im GA:

    Patricia, better not tempt fate. Mine thinks anything can be repaired with a hammer and duct tape.

  • Bridget:

    You have a pinball machine and now a bar in your house. You know what that means, right? It means you are going to hell. Romans 2:1 says that the way to hell is paved with pinball balls and delicious, adult beverages. People have tried to tell me that there weren’t pinball machines back in Jesus’ day, but I tell them that if dinosaurs and man were alive at the same time then Jesus could have had a pinball machine in his basement that was powered by a tiny, little dinosaur on a treadmill.

    I really like that red stain Do you know what it is called? I need to stain my coffee table and that color looks like it might work. Thanks.

    • Rechelle:

      I have been headed to hell for a long time Bridget. I’ll try to figure out what that stain is.

      My dad was in the vending business and he kept one pinball machine when he sold his company. There new house in Topeka doesn’t have room for it, so we are storing it for them.

  • I wouldn’t want to play pinball against Jesus. I bet he’d always win and be all show-y about it!

  • Cheyenne:

    I got it, and didn’t think it was rude at all. Picturing Jesus hanging out with Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty. Cool bunch.

  • GA in GA:

    The dinosaur on the treadmill was a BIG hint at your levity and humor! ;-)

  • km:

    Tell CD he can get the coolest bar stuff on ebay, And make sure he puts a bit of a sink/dishwasher down there too. Who needs to be shlepping to the kitchen with old glasses of dried out pina coladas?
    pinball machine- awesome
    do you have a karaoke machine

    Also, when am I coming over?

  • km:

    I see the sink, I see the sink. CD is meticulous

  • Very nice job. I bet the boys will love it as well. Looks like it will be a cool place to hang.

  • kathleen:

    I would say the C D is a Rennesiance(?) man, if I could spell it.

  • sheila:

    Ah, hem. Because you are taking a break, I have been forced to stalk your old posts and photographs. All of which caused me to notice a freezer in the C.D.’s basement workspace. Why? In all of the planing and organizing of your amazing home why oh why did you continue the western Kansas tradition of an upright freezer in the basement or garage. Why not just plan a space for it in the kitchen and save yourself a million steps?

    • Rechelle:

      I wish I had a good answer for that Sheila. I guess it is because deep deep down in my heart, I don’t live in Kansas. I live in a small European village where I walk to the market every day and buy fresh fruits and veggies, bread and pasta and cheese and therefore have very little need for food storage. Somehow my reality and my heart don’t really match up do they?

      • Bridget:

        Me too, Rechelle. Me too. You could not have said it any better and you just made me realize what that feeling of longing is all about. When are we moving to the small European village? I also believe I was born in the wrong time. I should be living in a small European village in the 1920′s. I