Photographing Pie Near Woman… Or Growing Up in the House of Crazy

February 24th, 2011

Sometimes when I am taking photos of Pie Near Woman, I need a little help.

And so I will grab the nearest child and either get him to help me pose the dolls or take the photo.

Ethan took this shot and the rest of the photos on this page that feature both of my hands.

He also took several that don’t show my hands.

I wonder how this will figure into his future therapy sessions…

Therapist – Talk about your mother…

Son – She used to make me photograph her barbie dolls while she pretended they were wrestling with each other on a plate of marshmallow jello…

Therapist – Yes… go on…

Son – One of the dolls was Lucille Ball dressed in a ballerina costume, but to my mother she was actually a famous blogger named Ree Drummond…

Therapist – Uhuh… what else….

Son – The other doll was a Ken doll, but my mother had used a red magic marker to make his hair red so he could play the role of Bobby Flay…

Therapist – And then what happened…?

Son – Trisha Yearwood showed up with a goatee and judged the wrestling match, but she was actually an action hero with big beefy muscles…

Therapist – And how does this make you feel…?

Son – Uh… Hungry for marshmallow Jello?


  • Spinny:

    Ooooh, the comment to the therapist. *snicker* Awesome.

  • susan:

    it must have been really cold that day in Kansas since your arms are covered with a wool sweater – indoors.

    alas…….if only therapy could work wonders.

    so glad you have returned Rechelle..however long until you need another break. most of us (excluding Ann) look forward to what pleasant surprise awaits us when visiting.

  • LucyJoy:

    I’ll bet your boys have an amazing sense of humor…. Well, I suppose they do. We’ve seen evidence of it in Drew’s films! I’d wager your a very good Momma!

  • Judy:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha. I love your honesty, your pie-near woman posts, your tweets, and that you came back from your break/blogging hiatus.
    We need you and your sense of humor to keep us from crying with outrage and disgust.

    Imagine – a post on gloves. Gloves.( Rolls eyes and barfs.)
    And that anyone bothered leaving a comment that said more than WTF???

    Yep, she SOME Pioneer Woman allright. Shallow, thy name is Ree.

    Smart, they name is Rechelle ’cause you are all over her b.s.!

  • anonymous:

    I really wish I could keep my kids home with me and do activities like photographing barbies and jello instead of damaging public school. My problem is that I have to work. Do you or your readers have any suggestions????

    • Maybe these photos were taken on a weekend or a holiday, so Rechelle’s son would have still been able to go to the evil public school.

      Do these photos mean we might be seeing a new PNW post soon? *fingers crossed*

    • Bea:

      Go to Oklahoma. Find a guy that looks good in chaps and has a multi mega million ranch. Marry him. Start popping out kids. Photograph them and your dogs and your husband’s ass. Post them on a blog. See the $$$ rolling in.

    • Rechelle:

      anonymous – You can! Just do it on the weekends like I do when I am not at work and my kids aren’t at their public school! Solved that one for you!

    • You really need to work harder on your snark/troll skills. That was pretty lame even by troll standards, and those standards -are not altogether very high in the first place.

  • poppy:

    Wow! Ethan really did a great job capturing the pink alien claw. However, I see a problem. You did not go get your shellac when you were instructed. That is it! You’re out! Inner circle exclusion!

    Seriously, can I come over and play Barbies with you? I promise to bring all of my Power Rangers Samurai and Evel Knievel. I just bought some butter at the WalMarts. Please! Please! Ooooh, pick me! I’ll pre-order your book from Amazon and covet your $400,000 blender. Pretty please?

  • i understand the long sleeves; its been extremely cold (some say bitter) and snowy in Kansas. and its still February. FYI: PW is mentioned here in this article yesterday.

  • Who knew Pie Near Woman could wrangle Bobby? I bet MM wishes she was that flexible!

    I bet Bobby was so pissed the Food Network let gREEd win. I bet he voted NO if they were looking into a show for her!

    It cracks me up when he says, “Maybe I will even lose!” He looked like a Dbag losing to gREEd. Iron Chief my ass. PATHETIC….