Peanut Butter and Crackers

February 10th, 2011


  • Jessie S.:

    Are you going to put this recipe in your cook book? It sounds so good. I would have never thought to put peanut butter on a cracker. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • Kait:

      Oh Jessie, I am sure someone in the Internet world will steal her recipe and claim it as their own.

      Personally I only eat Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. :)

      It looks like they could use something to wash that down with. When your mouth is full of peanut butter it is hard to say “no pictures!”

    • Anon.:

      Yay! Am I first? I can’t wait to try this!

  • LucyJoy:

    Ahh…. that brings back memories! Peanut butter on saltines was one of my favorites when I was a kid… I’d have both a top & a bottom & then squish the peanut butter through the holes of the cracker!

    • JustPeachy:

      LucyJoy, I did the same thing when I was a kid. Pair those with a glass of chocolate milk it was the best snack EVER!

  • Jan:

    My dad taught us to put the PB on the salty or “right sides” of the crackers, put them together, and you have an almost crumble free snack. As kids, we thought this was great because mom would let us eat our snack & watch The Howdy Doody Show in the living room as long as we didn’t get a bunch of crumbs all over the rug.

    Now, if you put this in your long awaited cookbook, you could call it “Doc’s Crumb-less PB & Crackers.” You will need pictures of:
    1. PB, crackers of choice, knife
    2. hand removing crackers from box
    3. crackers arranged right side up
    4. hand opening jar
    5. hand picking up knife
    6. knife dipping into jar
    7. spreading PB on first cracker
    8. spreading PB on 2nd cracker
    9. putting the 2 crackers together
    (I may have left out a step or 2 or 3)
    Make sure you present the finished product on a $250 saucer.

    • susan:

      Jan, you forgot to add “Cast of Characters” at the onset of said complex recipe.

      • Jan:

        You are so right, Susan. Thanks for helping me “keep it real.” Love ya better than my brand new frig. from the scratch and dent room at Sears.

        • lynn:

          HAHA – you two forgot the give away…a KNIFE to spread the peanut butter. And it can’t be normal peanut butter you would find in the middle of nowhere, it must be gormet peanut butter!

          • Jan:

            My goodness, so much to remember when one aspires to be a food goddess. My back up staff really dropped the ball on this one. And now that you mention gourmet PB, I must correct the recipe to make it clear that Wal-mart’s brand of crackers just won’t do for this new classic.

  • Shelly:

    I’m sorry, but where are the photos explaining how to make these pb and crackers? Step by step photos are necessary…

  • Mo:

    It’s been vewy vewy qwiet awound these parts …. I predict Rechelle is getting ready to post a new PNW!

    • LucyJoy:

      I was thinking the same thing, Mo!

  • Carol:

    Wait ’til they discover the orgasmic delight of peanut butter atop oreos. yummmm-

    • LucyJoy:

      How, in my 51 years, have I never heard or thought of doing this?! Dang the diet!

    • Try making s’mores with Reese’s PB cups. That’s crazy good!

      • LucyJoy:

        Oh god….On my list for camping this summer!

  • Heidi:

    Aren’t these supposed to be served on a saucer from William Sonoma or Pottery Barn? If so, I can’t make them.

    My dishes are from Target.

    And please make a platter of them on ASSORTED crackers and photgraph them with a description of each cracker and why it’s tasty. Otherwise we won’t know what to do…..

  • Shay in NZ:

    Ok, I could be overthinking this…
    on PWs post today entitled The Plea, shes got a photo of a gorgeous wee Asian baby. But…. it’s been photoshopped so the kid is almost completely yellow. Seriously. Somebody tell me this is just my monitor …

    • It’s not just you, Shay. I noticed it, too.