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Please forgive the bitch in parentheses up there in the title.  She is only there to keep me from breaking the one and only grammatical rule that I hold dear which is – don’t end a sentence with a preposition.  All other grammar rules don’t even exist for me, a fact that the regular readers of this blog are painfully aware.

Moving on!

Hey guess what!

I am still a vegetarian!

I know!

So weird!

How is it that I haven’t failed at being a vegetarian yet?

Because I fail at everything!

And yet LOOK!

Still a vegetarian!

It’s almost like I have super vegetarian powers!

And it’s even kind of hard to be a vegetarian!

Actually, the only really hard part is that I still cook meat meals for my family while simultaneously cooking no-meat meals for myself and this results in more pots and pans to wash.  But other than that, it is really not that difficult.

Except for when I go out to eat.

There are no vegetarian restaurants where I live.  There aren’t even any vegetarian entrees.  There is only meat, meat, meat, with a side of meat and would you like some more meat with that?

Following are a list of the ‘meals’ I have eaten in Kansas restaurants since I became a vegetarian…

1.  Chips and queso

2.  Chips and salsa

3.  Chips and trio of salsa, queso, and guacamole

4.  A really horrible pepper stuffed with really bad cheese at a local Mexican restaurant that I attempted to eat while an elderly woman in a cowboy shirt puked up her guts for at least ten minutes a mere ten feet from me.  I know, I know, I should have left, but her puking left me paralyzed.  I couldn’t move.  It was like I had contracted her puking illness but instead of making me throw up, it turned me into a a paraplegic.  Plus the people that were with me were not bothered by the elderly cowgirl’s vomiting episode.  They just kept poking down their chips and salsa as if they ate to the music of people barfing their guts up every day.  You can say a lot of bad things about Kansans, but nothing keeps us from eating.  In fact, I think my fine state’s motto of ‘ad astra per aspera’ should actually translated as “To The Pie Hole Through Difficulty” instead of “To The Stars Through Difficulty”.

Now back to the rest of my vegetarian restaurant list. 

Is she really going to list off everything she has eaten in a restaurant since she became a vegetarian?


She is.

5.  Tortilla stuffed with cheese, two tiny slices of mushroom, three pepper slivers and an abundance of onions. (C’mon Coco Bolo’s!  You can do better than that!)

6.  Hummus and pita.

7.  Bean tostada with rice and beans (I tried to pretend that the beans were vegetarian, but they probably weren’t).

8.  One fabulous falafel gyro with rice pilaf and a Greek salad at a hole in the wall Turkish restaurant in Ogden, Kansas.

9.  Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and Roma tomatoes on fabulous New York style pizza crust at a new pizza place in Manhattan called A.J.’s.

10.  Freshly baked oatmeal cookies with a real fruit smoothie at Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville.

All of these mostly dismal dining experiences have made me question the sanity of living in this state I call home.  Why is it that there are no vegetarian options on the menu?

Oh yeah…

Maybe because I live in the fourth most unhealthy state in the US?

“Kansas has has one of the worst diets in the country. Residents consume the twelfth most sweet snacks per person as well as the twelfth most solid fats – more than twenty pounds per person. The state ranks 28th in adult diabetes and 31st in obesity – 28% of the state’s adults are considered overweight.”

Did your state make the top ten too?  Click here to find out.

In other news!!!
I’ve been having a war on Facebook!
I know!
So exciting!
It all started when I posted a link to a ‘Food Democracy Now’ article on my facebook page about Monsanto and genetically modified alfalfa.  In short order a local rancher made a comment on my article link informing me that genetically modified alfalfa was perfectly fine and that I needn’t worry about it and that I needed to ‘trust our professional opinions in agriculture’.
To which a friend posted this…
‘No offense _____ but that sounds a little paternalistic…”
Can I just say that I love THAT paternalistic comment! OMG! I have never heard anyone ever accuse a man of being paternalistic. To me, it’s like calling a man a male or a ‘beard face’ or a ‘penis haver’ or ‘testicle owner’.  All men in Kansas are paternalistic. If a man in Kansas is not paternalistic, HE IS A WOMAN.
Okay, okay – that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but lots and lots and LOTS of men in Kansas are paternalistic.
And this paternalistic rancher and I are still debating each other about GMOs and our debate has moved into corn fed beef versus grass fed beef and whether or not the meat industry is subsidized and whether or not the production of meat disrupts the amount of food available to the world and whether or not meat consumption causes obesity and type 2 diabetes in kids and harms the environment.  In the midst of this, the rancher posted an article on his Facebook page about something called ‘Meatingful Mondays‘ which is designed to counter ‘Meatless Mondays‘ and I guess promote even more meat eating in the US?  Because according to the below chart, what America needs to do  is eat even more meat.  Even though we are eating 78 more pounds of meat per person than we did in 1950, and twice as much as the rest of the world, there is still room for growth.  C’mon Americans!  Eat MORE Meat!
U.S. Per Capita Meat Consumption
1950 – 2007*
Year Chicken Turkey Veal Lamb Beef^ Pork Total
(retail cut equiv./ lb. per person)
1950 21 3 7 4 44 65 144
1955 21 4 9 4 56 62 156
1960 28 5 5 4 59 59 161
1965 33 6 4 3 70 52 169
1970 40 6 2 3 82 55 189
1975 39 7 3 2 85 43 178
1980 47 8 2 1 75 57 190
1985 52 9 2 1 77 51 194
1990 61 14 1 1 66 49 193
1995 69 14 1 1 65 51 202
2000 77 14 1 1 67 51 211
2001 77 14 1 1 65 50 208
2002 81 14 1 1 67 51 215
2003 82 14 1 1 64 52 213
2004 85 13 0 1 65 51 216
2005* 86 17 1 1 65 50 219
2006* 87 17 1 1 65 49 220
2007* 87 17 1 1 66 51 222
Graph: Meat consumption [PDF]
*Data for 2005 are estimates; data for 2006-2007 are projections.
^Excluding veal.
Source: USDA, Economic Research Service.

See USDA Agricultural Projections to 2016 for projections of future consumption.

Enjoy the rest of your Meatingful Monday!

The world is just so simple when you are a creationist. Even the most complex of situations, only need a bit of prayer and then POOF everything makes sense. Check it out!

Is your mom dying of pancreatic cancer in a coma in the hospital while her loving parents (your grandparents) want to turn off her life support so that she can die in peace?

Add a little prayer and POOF!

All better!

Does your bible insist that the world was created in six literal days approximately 6000 years ago in spite of the clear scientific evidence that the world is actually billions of years old and has evolved through natural selection to it’s present state?

Add a little prayer and POOF!

All better!

Is there a really hot hockey jock at your college who you totally want to marry and have seven babies with after a completely chaste dating period whereby you only touch by accident and only under parental supervision?

Add a little prayer and POOF!

Married, preggers and going to a totally awesome mega church with hockey jock husband three times a week!

All it takes is just a little faith, a little prayer and very little use of your brain…

Moss (My Moss) Directs A Film

February 11th, 2011

I’m taking a mental health week here at Rechelle Unplugged which may lead to two mental health weeks, which may lead to three.  I guess you could say that Rechelle Unplugged is unplugging for a while.  In the mean time, here is a film preview directed by none other than the actor who plays Moss (my Moss) on the brilliantly hysterical English Comedy “The IT Crowd”.  Evidently Richard Ayoade (my Moss) is not only a brilliantly hysterical actor, but also a brilliantly hysterical director.  The film entitled Submarine is based on a book by Joe Dunthorne by the same title.  From the preview it looks hilarious and quirky (and also brilliantly hysterical).

Dunthorne’s book (which he began to write during a creative writing course at college) has been favorably compared to J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.  I think I will try to get myself a copy of the book this weekend as I imagine it will be a long wait before Ayoade’s film will be available in Kansas.

Thanks to Nikki for sending the link.