Moss (My Moss) Directs A Film

February 11th, 2011

I’m taking a mental health week here at Rechelle Unplugged which may lead to two mental health weeks, which may lead to three.  I guess you could say that Rechelle Unplugged is unplugging for a while.  In the mean time, here is a film preview directed by none other than the actor who plays Moss (my Moss) on the brilliantly hysterical English Comedy “The IT Crowd”.  Evidently Richard Ayoade (my Moss) is not only a brilliantly hysterical actor, but also a brilliantly hysterical director.  The film entitled Submarine is based on a book by Joe Dunthorne by the same title.  From the preview it looks hilarious and quirky (and also brilliantly hysterical).

Dunthorne’s book (which he began to write during a creative writing course at college) has been favorably compared to J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.  I think I will try to get myself a copy of the book this weekend as I imagine it will be a long wait before Ayoade’s film will be available in Kansas.

Thanks to Nikki for sending the link.


  • I love Moss and I love you.
    You can have one week, maybe two.
    But please come back or else,
    I don’t know what I’ll do!

  • Awww. Take your mental health break. Come back stronger. Faster. With a bionic limb or two. We will be here.

  • This crazy Kansas weather is enough to give anyone a reason for a mental health week or two! I hope it’s starting to thaw out your way, maybe you’ll have a chance to get outside and look for signs of spring.

  • LucyJoy:

    See you when you return! Smooches!

  • km:

    Mental health my arse. I think you are sitting in the new bar getting blitzed.
    More power to you:)

    • Mo:

      Pass the dutchie on the left hand side, would you please?

      Have a good break! Come back we-fweshed!

  • Cheyenne:

    Enjoy your mental health break, you’ve earned it. Just make sure it’s a temporary break as we’re all a little co-dependant around here. We need our Rechelle fixes from time to time, and there’s only so much in the archives. Anyway, happy early Valentine’s Day, and we’ll see you when you come back!

    • Sharon:

      Enjoy your break. I will suffer from Rechelle withdraw until you return:)

  • Bridget:

    If you are looking for something to watch during your mental health break. May I throw my support towards the HBO series, Big Love, which is now in its 5th and final season. The heart of this show lies within in the individual characters as we intimately watch them question themselves, the idenities, the choices that they have made in their lives and often time trying to find ways to get out of those choices, to pick a new path, a new idenitity, they often struggle and desire to get out of famililar and familie trappings, but some how they can only do or change so much.

    I also love getting lttle glimpses into Mormon beliefs and Mormon ceremonies. Many of the characters struggle with their spirituality and it doesn’t come as an actress pretending to believe in the Mormon faith, but do to the writing the characters seem to have deeply held convictions when it comes to their faith and they speak intelligently about various Mormon principles. The writers have done their research.

    The first two seasons focused on the interpersonal relationships of the three wives with each other and with their husband. We got to see each characters intra dynamics play out, but then the next season or two strayed away from the family,personal dynamics and the show started to take on the feel of a soap opera, all be it, a soap opera with a talented writing staff, dynamic directors, realistic actors. Some critics didn’t like this departure. I didn’t mind so much because it was very entertaining.

    Now with the return of Season 5 that has returned focus back on the family and on the growth, empowerment, development, or lack thereof of the various main characters. I understand the critics lament and it is great to see the show return back it its roots. I especially like this one character’s story arc because she is wants to change many of the Mormon principles to make females more equal and has been pressuring different leaders to see that a woman’s connection to god is just as important and valuable as a man. It is great.

    There is this one actor on the show. I don’t know his real name, but he is so good that he able to scare me even when he isn’t doing or saying anything scary. He has this amazing presence. Astounding.


    The Annunciation, by: Ellen Gilchrist
    easy, breezy read, but so moving, reeking of hope, change, transformation, but also morose, humorous, self indulgent, funny

    really anything by Ellen Gilchrist is tits in my book

    I am currently reading a book about Shakespeare’s Wife by Gerimane Greer. The jury is still out on. I can’t decide if the entertaining, the insightful, the interesting, and the knowledge gained can over come the dry writing style, but it is worth looking in to.

    I had another book that I want to tell you about, but I forgot it now. I am sure I will find it around the next corner in my brain.

    • Mo:

      Bridget, did you watch the (very short) first season of Sister Wives? I couldn’t look away.

      • Sara:

        Mo, I’m with you on Sister Wives. Every Sunday I would vow not to watch it, but I just couldn’t help myself! I don’t understand how Kody managed to attract *four* women. He’s a moronic blockhead. And yet, strangely fascinating…

  • jalf:

    Mental health is the BEST!

  • Kait:

    Okay I will accept you need a break. But don’t stare at the ceiling fan too long. We need you here. And NOT for PW stuff. Just for YOU stuff. We love your insights, you make us think and the comments that get going are great.

    • Bridget:

      Yes thank you creating a space that gets me and others thinking. You site is an example of what the internet has the potential to be. I am don’t know if you interest in this article I read in the Atlantic Monthly about the Internet and readers believing almost everything they read it on. I don’t have the title right now, but when I get it. I will post it here. I think it has valuable informtion in especially for parents raising kids in the digital age. Peaceful time away from this barrel of monkeys.

  • Kathy:

    We’ll allow the unplugging for as long as you need–just don’t come unglued like I’m about to do if the temperatures don’t soon climb above 9 degrees!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    It’s supposed to be in the toasty 50s next week. Go frolic and enjoy.

  • Kathy:


    • Bridget:

      Sorry. I realized that I was saying too much. I am sorry again and wish there was a delete button. If you knew me in person. You would have come to realize that am not a very enthusiastic person, so I don’t know how to control it or use to express my genuine admiration and respect for a person. I just wanted to say that I hope you throughly enjoy your break and to let you know that you will be missed. We will be keeping the fires of inspiration burning.

  • Enjoy your break. :)

  • See ya later….

  • jalf:

    You know, since, unlike a certain someone else, you’re not trying to make a living off of your blog, you don’t have any obligation to write on it. Go on a hiatus, stop writing about certain subjects, or generally do what makes you feel good. It’s your blog. You can even delete the whole thing without asking anyone’s permission ;)

    We’re just reading it because we enjoy what you have to say, but write for your sake, not ours, and don’t feel guilty about doing it. Or about not doing it.

    So unplug away. We’ll see you if and when you want to blog again!

    In the meantime, I hope you have a great time.

  • theresa:

    Enjoy your mental health break. I am taking one from volunteering at my kids’ school. Sometimes it just has to be done. I hope you don’t think I’m creepy/stalker, but I have been reading your archives. (I don’t watch tv and I have read my last new book…I was snowed in in Tulsa) You have a great talent and I enjoy your writing. :-) Be well!!

  • Skattebol:

    You are one of the most prolific and engaging writers I have read. You educate me and challenge me often and I surmise many others with your blog postings. I imagine this takes much time, thought, and energy and we really, really appreciate it. So take some time off from this crazy place called the internet and enjoy yourself. But, please do come back soon. The first thing I do in the morning after making breakfast is to sit at the computer with my cup of coffee and check in at this blog to see what you have posted. It is all about me, of course….. jk, kind of. I love to read about your perspective on politics, religion, and social issues. You keep it real and that speaks to your integrity and passion.
    With warm regards, Jill

  • susan:

    I just can’t imagine the onus of living with 4 boys, a self-flagellating husband who congures (g or j?) up chores, and living through these last weeks of cold in Kansas. Take a needed break.

  • Alison:

    I LOVE MOSS!!!

    Moss: “What operating system does it use?”
    Police officer: “Vista!”
    Moss: “We’re going to die!”