Missionary Walks Into a Bar…. Two De-Conversion Stories

February 24th, 2011

Today I have read two really good de-conversion stories.  One at Friendly Atheist involving a young man on a mission trip who suddenly realizes he no longer believes. And one by Michael Mock where he attempts to explain once and for all why he can’t accept the premises presented in Christianity. Both are thoughtful and well written.  Thought I would pass them along.  Unbelievers need encouragement too!


  • I, um, wow. I thought you’d probably appreciate that, but I didn’t really expect you to plug it on your own site. Thanks!

  • Christine from Canada:

    Michael Mock’s white on black background is very hard on my eyes. No, I’m being serious. I’ll probably have to copy and paste it somehow…

  • Sorry. I actually find it easier to read than black on white, but I know that not everyone feels the same way.

  • Changed the template: it now has black text on white background. Hope that makes it easier on you.

  • Always amazed:

    I enjoy reading stories of those who were brought up in the church and “woke up.” It gives me hope for the rest of the masses. I was able to make my own decision about religion growing up, and I am allowing my children the same choice. I did attend church all through high school, mainly for the social aspect of it. I certainly never felt “moved by the spirit.” The church I attended had a very active youth group. We did a lot of community service projects that were about helping more than preaching. I don’t hear about those types of things much any more. I have a friend who attends a mega-church and takes her kids with her every Sunday. I was at her house recently and saw her 7 year old daughter’s Sunday School lesson. I picked it up, read it, and was horrified. I actually took a picture of it on my phone to show my husband. The lesson was talking about how to worship God. Here is a direct quote. Remember this is written for kids aged 7 and 8.

    “God is awesome and is worthy of our worship and the very best of what we have. Think of something you can give to God. You might give more than normal from your allowance”

    Are they f-ing kidding me!!!! They are starting to brainwash these kids at that early an age to give MORE MONEY to the church! These are well educated parents attending this church. How are they falling victim to this????

    • Marie:

      Fyi, there are still some service oriented churches out there…I’m guessing mostly smaller churches. A big example…our church, average attendance 120, and a couple of other churches came together and in one day, re-roofed a home for an elderly couple. They were in danger of having their home condemned. This involved stripping completely down to the rafters, repairing some of them, re-decking, and shingling. Smaller jobs have periodically been done on the inside of their home since then. These people are not members of our church, or the other churches involved–just people who had a true need and were in danger of being homeless in their 80′s. Some churches out there are focused on need and service.