I Have Yet to Attend An Atheist Meet-Up And Now I Understand Why

February 1st, 2011

I seem to be completely unable to think of anything to say to you people in spite of the fact that I am stranded in the house with all four of my sons for the second day in a row because of an ice-storm that is pummeling the shit out of our part of the world. But dammit! I am sick of Ladd Drummond and his pretty little million dollar ponies dominating my main page. So to move him down the page a bit, I am posting a funny video of an young atheist woman giving advice on how to attract other women to atheist meet-ups.

Ponies, ponies, ponies. Women just love the shit out of ponies.


  • nanne:

    i can’t get past the eye shadow that matches the sofa long enough to listen to her….

  • Carol:

    You could dissect PNW’s appearance on the TODAY show this morning. She must have a hell of a publicist b/c she is flat out BORING. Until finding you, I had no idea who she was (and now that I know, I can’t NOT know- arghhh!!). I’m sure you’d be much more interesting to watch.
    In the meantime, hopefully you’re stocked on the necessities and have plenty of wine to sample in your various lovely glasses. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

    • Bridget:

      Wow. Did you watch the behind the scenes interview with Ree? She looked terrible and it seemed like she could barely open her eyes, and she is sounding more and more like a fundie Christian or at least toting the right wing Chrisitian party line. Saying it is not natural for a mother to be away for their children and brining up homeschooling and hard work is good for kids. I agree, but in the context she used it in. It was different than that.

      • Kait:

        Somebody over on the Pioneer Woman Suxs was saying they think she is pregnant. Wouldn’t surprise me all that lactating and crappola. Health wise I don’t know how smart is is for her. She did mention that she has heart issues and that the last baby almost killed her.

        • Shay in NZ:

          What I can’t figure out exactly is the appeal PW has. I mean the photos are pretty but there are far more inspiring and entertaining blogs out there. Guess she’s a marketing genius, because on very little substance she’s built an empire. It’s very much the “lite” and sugar filled type reality that obviously appeals to an awful lot of people.

          Haven’t found the Today show bit on youtube yet (anyone got a link so I can see?) but this comment on her latest “taken-on-the-hotel-room-carpet-just-out-of-my-closet” giveaway is eye opening:

          “…Just saw you on the Today Show…..refreshing!! Wanted to see your blog….and immediately I saw the pic of the blouce and I just had to see why it was posted….a huge surprise….someone with a generous heart….someone who actually gives rather than takes….I love it! You have inspired me so much in just a short few minutes here on your blog. Keep it up. Thanks for the website…..I will be a regular visitor. …”

          I know, I know. I gagged at the Generous Heart bit too.

          • Kait:

            I don’t know how the voice alone doesn’t just turn people off.

          • Rechelle:

            I rarely believe any of the comments on her site anymore. Especially the ones without a link. I am positive that someone spends large parts of their days writing comments for her. They are just too stupid to be believed and they all say the same thing.

          • Bridget:

            I just read a comment on her site were the girl called her out for using an About.com recipe and passing it off as her own. I am surprised that the comment has not been deleted. I appericate Rechelle’s disclaimer about comments and think that it is upfront and honest about her blog’s policy. At least tell people that their comments are moderated. Keep it real.

            Rechelle. I am not sure if someone writes all those comments or if people are really that stupidly in awe of their hero Ree. I think that some of those women see her as their best friend- one that they have never met and are never going to meet, not even at a book signing-and think that their comments are going to catch her attention and be picked to be her best friend. Or at least invited to the Lodge. I can’t imagine Ree ever spending time with the great unwashed.

          • Samantha:

            Her voice is grating but maybe that is part of her real fake appeal. And I don’t wonder if she doesn’t have her staff leave comments…too many that are so repetitive.

          • Shay in NZ:

            Not sure about the pseudo commenters. Sadly, I think there are plenty out there who buy the whole schtick. PW certainly got plenty showing up at those book signings and I don’t think they were all ring-ins.

            I’m amazed my comment stayed re the hotel carpet behind the blouse and more especially the About.com recipe!

  • joy:

    First of all: seriously? Best laugh I’ve had all day!

    “If we see enough pink, we WILL stop the car.” And apparently we all need scrapbooking supplies or we won’t know how to take notes, but “that shit is not cheap!”

    Oh man, there were so many gems in that short space of time.

  • Rhonda H.:

    “Athiests for Adorable Things”. This might need to be the name of my (as yet begun) blog.

  • Why is there an alarm clock on her couch?

  • the editor:

    Note to self: I take notes like a man.

  • Bridget:

    This so reminds me of a video I was shown as a Young Life leader. The video taught us, leaders, what we could do to attract the attention of teenagers, the things they liked, and we were told what we could do at our meetings the were fun for teenagers to do. Of course, we learning all this, so that we could preach the word of God to these kids and get them to accept Christ as your savor.

    So I laughed and laughed at this video because it seemed like a satire of those videos especially we she talks about having a pony rides because we were told to play the guitar because teenagers love to sit around and hear guitar music.

    Anyway. I just loved this video. I also didn’t know that us, women, would stop if we saw a lot of pink. It is a wonder that more women aren’t crashing into things with their cars. The potential to see a lot of pink is everywhere and it is good to know that pink attracts women and atheist because you never know when you might need a non atheist woman and an atheist, but pink will bring them all in. Or do you think that she was saying pink only makes atheist women stop? That would be a good way to suss out all the non believers. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing this. It brought much joy and laughter into my cold, dark, non happy, cynical world.

  • JazzynJapan:

    This chick is too cute. Obviously meant as satire…….
    I tend to keep away from all things pink, and women that scrapbook (as I have noticed that majority of them are super duper xtian.
    However, I do break for ponies….especially those half man/half pony types.

    • Xtians have given scrapbookers such a bad name! The group I scrap with are the least fundie people you would ever want to meet.

      • Kait:

        What is a a xtian?

        • It’s shorthand for Christian, like Xmas is short for Christmas. Some people take exception to this for some bizarre reason when there is an historical reference for its use. The X is a symbol for Christ, from the Greek letter chi, which is shaped like the letter x, as in Christos (Christ, in English):


          The more you know…

    • Rechelle:

      I like the men who ride the ponies and I am a sucker for pink. Comes from living with five men.

      • JazzynJapan:

        I love your blog not only b/c of your views of religion but also because I can totally relate to your living situation…..
        I have 5 sons!

        However, I still can’t bring myself to wear pink.

        I want to join your srapbook group!

        • Jazzy we mostly use scrapbooking as an excuse to get together to eat and let our hair down. It’s a huge bitch session that also includes paper, glue and stickers!

  • km:

    I hope she’s the future Sarah Haskins, who is hands down my favorite …


  • OMFG! My church used to have pony rides in its fairs! No wonder the scheming bastards sucked me right in for a number of years.
    I do, after all, love me the shit out of ponies.

  • km:

    How’s your storm. We’re getting the ice from it. We’ve been buried here since January 12th. 31 inches, 18 inches, 6 inches, ice rain, then snow again, then this storm.
    here’s our area wthn.com . It’s all about roof collapses here

    • Kait:

      Oh my goodness! Get under a table quick! Although a roof falling on most tables wouldn’t do them much good. Not making fun, really! We are always preparing for the “big one” earthquake-wise and they always tout getting under the dang table.

      • km:

        Isn’t it nuts? My husband stood in line for hours for a roof rake . There was a thousand rake delivery from somewhere and a bajillion people descended on the little New England town. Our roof seems to be OK as a result of getting the snow off.
        I’d never heard of a roof rake till this year:) Now it’s my best friend EVAH!

  • scd:

    If you need material, surely you can find something to say about PW getting 7 Bloggie nominations.

    • Rechelle:

      I think it’s hilarious she got a ‘parenting’ nomination.

      • Lgirl:

        I voted just to vote against her! ;-)

  • action squirrel:

    Did Uncle Chuck like scrapbooking and ponies?

  • I am so posting this to the Reno Freethinkers and Reno Skeptics meetup sites. Too funny!

  • Bridget:

    Colin Firth for you. In a desperate attempt to stop spending my internet time reading, watching, or commenting about the Pioneer Woman. I have attempted to move away from my normally viewed websites and lo my wanderings have born some fruits. Okay well one fruit in the form of the best Colin Firth gif that I have seen. I can’t link directly to the post, but this link will take you to the page with the gif on it. Just scroll about 3/4th of the way down and lo you will see it too! This is also my lame attempt at expressing how much I adore your fabulous, fantastically, funny blog.

    Here is the link:


    • susan:

      thanks Bridget for that link. adorable isnt he?

      • Bridget:

        I think that I need to look at that picture on a regular basis. It could totally turn around any bad mood that I might be in.

        • Barb:

          Oh, I wish I could use that as my FB icon! :-)

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Yes! Yes! I DO love the shit out of ponies! Pink…eh…not so much. I love me some pink tulips, but that’s where it ends.

    Anyway, very funny video.

  • Lisa:

    Are you effin’ kidding me? If I WAS teetering on the edge of aetheism, this chick would push me back from the ledge for sure.