The Postcard Wall

January 6th, 2011

During our recent visit to see Mike and Liz in Kansas City, I noticed that they had started a postcard wall in their kitchen.  You might remember that Liz’s folks back in England also had a postcard wall in their kitchen.  With five daughters who all love to travel, you can see that Liz’s mum’s kitchen wall is very full.

I think that a postcard wall is a fabulous decorating idea!  It’s not only an interesting, colorful, conversation piece, it is also very cheap!  Heck!  The people sending you the cards are paying for it!

Of course there are a few problems with getting a postcard wall started…

1.  You have to know people who travel.

2.  Those traveling people must like you well enough to go to the considerable trouble to send you a postcard in the midst of their trip.

3.  I guess you could send postcards to yourself when you travel which in some ways is even more interesting.

4.  You could also pay people to send you a card or at least send the postage stamp along with them alleviating some of the trouble involved.  This also gives you the advantage of hurt feelings when they fail to send you the card followed by a subsequent guilt trip from which no postcard will ever be sent – but it does improve the odds of receiving a postcard from their next trip. 

5.  You could also rely on your considerable charm to manipulate people into sending you a postcard from their trip. 

Whichever!  As long as you get a postcard wall, who cares how it is done?

I think I am going to have to start one myself.

Speaking of great movies…

Remember the scene in On Golden Pond, when Ethel Thayer is making strawberry shortcake in the kitchen and behind her is a wall full of postcards… or were they photos?… for the sake of this story I am going to go with postcards. I couldn’t find the strawberry scene, but I did find the scene where Norman tests the phone in the cabin.  There is a wall of small photos behind him similar to what I remember in Ethel’s kitchen.  It’s very casual and random and careless which is exactly my favorite kind of decorating.  Besides!  If it’s good enough for Ethel and Norman, it’s good enough for me.


  • I’m normally just a lurker here but wanted to contribute to your wall. Well, kind of. Check out You sign up to send and receive postcards from all over the world. I signed up there a long time ago but never remember to participate. It could get your postcard wall filled pretty quickly. Good luck!

  • km:

    i’ll get someone to send you a postcard from Ireland. I don’t think I’m going home myself this year.

  • That is a great idea!!!

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    I have the Tacky Postcard Wall. When friends and family travel they strive the tackiest postcard possible (but no nudity–some things I don’t need to see at breakfast!). I return the favor when I travel. It’s all kinds of fun.

  • Amanda:

    If you send me your address I can send one from nearly outback Australia – or several to make you look more popular!

  • action squirrel:

    email me an address and I’ll send you a card from Germany. I’m usually travelling somewhere or other.

  • Great idea!

    A number of us teen services librarians around the US are going to have our teen groups exchange postcards this spring leading up to the summer reading theme of “You Are Here.”

    Should be fun!

    I’ve looked into Postcrossing as well.

    I’ll send you a postcard to help you get started! Just email your address.

  • I LOVE the idea of a post card wall… but my husband would just call it crap and take it down :( Maybe a postcard bathroom?

    • What I meant was… I could hang/stick/tape the postcards up in MY bathroom… that way I wouldn’t have to listen to him complain…

  • Jo:

    my family and i started sending postcards to ourselves when we lived in europe for a year – i keep them in a big glass bowl so we can re-read them when the mood takes us. we’ve kept it going now we’re back in australia and when we travel we pop a postcard from wherever we are to ourselves in the mail. the kids think it’s hilarious to write a postcard to themselves!!!!

    if you want – email me your address & i’ll send you one from sunny melbourne!


  • km:

    Set up a PO Box if you don’t want all us weirdos knowing exactly where you live:) Atheist weirdos at that:)

  • Kait:

    I’d be happy to send you a postcard from my neck of the woods (Vancouver, BC) do you have a nice safe post office box?
    But the place I live is so specatular that a post card just won’t show it off enough. Not enough surface space you understand?

    • susan:

      My daughter just returned from visiting her inlaws with her husband in a small town outside Vancouver called Chemainus (spelling is phonetic) and the photos are so bucolic. Lucky you since they (and me) live in Houston Texas.

  • Get a P.O. Box Rechelle and then get ready for a flood of post-cards and very probably other good stuff from your readers. I’m surprised you haven’t done this already. Or is it too Pie Near Woman-y for your taste?

  • Brenda:

    I’ll send you one from Maine. Do you want a tacky one with a lobster or one with a beautiful lighthouse?

    • Rechelle:

      Tacky lobster please!

  • Ann:

    I’ll send you one from Amish Country, USA with a leftover non-christian type Christmas stamp.

  • A seriously fun idea, especially the idea of filling a wall from unknown well wishers!!

  • Monica:

    I would be happy to send you one from my fair city. We have the honor of having the Most Phallic Building in the U.S. and it features prominently in all homegrown media.