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Over Christmas, I crept away from the the crowds of my husband’s family gathered in western Kansas and drove to downtown Hays for a little shopping.  There are a few fabulous stores in Hays that I always love to explore whenever I am in the area.  I was also a little extra panicky because I was thinking about giving up shopping for my New Year’s resolution which meant that I had just a few days left before I would be rendered useless in most shopping scenarios.

Ultimately, I decided not to give up shopping for a year, and instead I gave up meat, but I didn’t know I was going to give up meat at the time.  Giving up meat had yet to cross my mind!  It’s very complicated to be Rechelle.

But the shopping manifesto that I was considering adopting for 2011 would have allowed me to purchase second hand goods.  And get this… everything I purchased in Hays was a second hand good.  So I managed to adhere to the shopping manifesto which I decided not to adhere to anyways.  All of my panicking was for naught.  Which is usually what all my panicking is for.  (See entire rest of blog).

Aside from the two fabulous trusty plaid thermoses pictured above (a tall one for family outings and a short one for singular outings), I also bought a few other things.

I bought a butter dish that looks like an alien space craft.

The orb opens to insert the butter. Much too clever to resist.

A cute little creamer because I loved the bright colors and that little green bird.

And then I bought this English village plate.

I am a little fixated on English villages.

Do you think that it looks more ‘Early American village?”

Well, you are wrong.

The back of the plate says…

English Village.

And then under that it says


And nobody knows the English village better than the Japanese!

Except for me!

Me and the Japanese!

We know our English villages!

So here is the loot from my unnecessary panic no shopping manifesto buying binge.

I regret not a single purchase.

Sledding at Cico Park

January 12th, 2011

Second snow day in a row.

It could only mean one thing…

Sledding at Cico Park.

Don’t know who these kids are, but they were experts at hitting the bump for maximum loft.

Drew and Jack hit it a few times too.

Defrosting in the truck with some hot cocoa from a trusty thermos.

And then it was right back to the slopes to tumble down the hill a hundred more times.

And get back up a hundred more times.





Last trip down.

And then we drug our frozen carcasses home.

Tutu Shopping on Ebay

January 11th, 2011

Him – What are you doing?

Me – You don’t want to know.

Him – Yes I do.  What are you doing?

Me – Trust me.  You really don’t want to know what I am doing right now.

Him – Yes.  Yes I do.  Tell me what you are doing.

Me – *sigh*    Okay.  I am shopping for barbie sized toy horses on Ebay for a new Pie Near Woman post about the wild mustangs and the Bureau of Land Management which I think is going to be called the Circle of Life and will hopefully depict the absurd nature of moving horses from public land to private land in order to enrich cattle ranchers on both ends and I am also looking for a new barbie sized tutu because Pie Near Woman’s got burnt and melted when I was photographing her making Jello for the Throwdown with Bobby Flay and I think she looks a bit too disheveled these days to represent the millionaire ranch wife that she is supposed to be.

Him – Oh….  Well… why don’t you just shop at a local toy store?

Me – You mean the local toy store that doesn’t exist?

Him – Yes.  That one.