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January 3rd, 2011

I was going to give up shopping for 2011.

I was mentally creating an elaborate list of rules determining what kind of shopping was okay and what kind of shopping was off limits and what kind of items I could buy second hand and what kinds of items I had to patch or recombine or make myself from old dish cloths or invent by mixing wood ash with bread yeast and earth worm castings or go all country doctor and develop a improper itch for self deprivation and suffering.

And then I remembered how much I hate rules…

And how much I hate suffering…

And then I remembered that I live in a house with five males  – two of them teenagers – one of them a self flagellating lover of abject misery and how sometimes a short stroll among the shops purchasing something utterly absurd and completely unnecessary keeps me from throwing myself headlong into the swirling Kansas river.

So then I decided to give up meat instead.

Because a hunk of meat never kept me from a single nervous break down.

While many an emergency ice cream cone has and since there isn’t any meat in ice cream I should be okay.  I am still going to cook meat for my family, but the things we typically eat are the types of foods that can blah blah blah blah… so I think I can handle this.

Plus, I think I will enjoy telling people that I don’t eat meat and also derive much pleasure from actively disdaining people who do eat meat.

I will still wear leather shoes and belts.

You may call me a hypocrite if you wish.

Are you going to try and make any radical changes?

How about not so radical?

Viva la 2011!