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Tea Things

January 5th, 2011

Haven’t taken many good photos lately.

I think the holidays are too hectic for the proper amount of focus necessary for a good shot.

At least for me and the way my brittle mind works…

Some people seem to thrive on frenzy.

But I did kind of like these.

Then again, they do represent a quiet moment in the middle of all the holiday hubub.

The CD and I went to see True Grit last night.  Oh so good!  Oh so loved this movie! So love, so love, so love.  Everything about it was pitch perfect.  The words – the words!  A movie that is all about the words – the dialogue – the way the actors spoke the dialogue – like an Elizabethan drama, but not stodgy or uptight.  Every last word carefully turned and counted and tucked in perfectly.  And Matt Damon plays an idiot.  I loved seeing Matt Damon play an idiot.  It did my heart good to see Matt Damon play an idiot.  And he played the idiot so well! Almost like he must actually be an idiot – except that I’m pretty sure he’s not an idiot, At least I don’t think he’s really an idiot, but he must be awfully acquainted with his inner idiot to have produced such a stellar idiot for this movie, and anyone who can shake hands with their inner idiot and do a little do-si-do with their inner idiot is a good friend of mine – even though Matt and I are not really friends, we are now sort of cerebral friends because of the whole familiarity with inner idiot thing.  And yes, I was a bit perturbed by the crashing hymns up front, in the middle and again at the end, but at the end it was okay because Iris Dement was singing the hymn and Iris Dement can sing about babies burning inside of ovens and I will love it, so when Iris sings Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, I am totally okay with it.  Did you know that if my last son had been a girl I was going to name him Iris?  Yes – Iris Kate.  I was going to name him after Iris Dement because that is how much I love Iris Dement and also, I think Iris is a right pretty name.  But then I was going to add Kate just in case Iris turned out to be too strange for my Iris and I like giving people an out.  So that if my daughter grew up and suddenly hated the somewhat unusual name of Iris, she could always choose to go by Kate because that is a perfectly acceptable name and see how accommodating I am!  I like to give people choices!  It’s one of my strengths.  Of course, I named my eldest son Calder Harrison and neither of those names is perfectly acceptable.  Calder is just plain odd and Harrison is cumbersome and uppity and so my eldest son is going to have to legally change his name should he ever decide that it is just too hard to be a Calder with no out Harrison because it wasn’t until later in life that I realized odd names should be paired with not quite so odd names so that the kid has an out, because I later came to understand that being an ‘outgiver’ was one of the best things you could be.  Children especially tend to be drawn to ‘outgivers’ because they know they will have choices.  But then my Iris turned out to be my Jack and that was kind of hard because I already had three sons and did I really need a fourth?  But then newborn Jack flashed his dimples at me and I was okay with it.

Go see True Grit.  And take the kids!  I wish we had taken ours.  It’s too wonderful not to see with kids.

Over and Outgiver,


Iris Dement – Let The Mystery Be (Live Glasgow for BBC Scotl
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Iris Dement Tune “Let the Mystery Be” – From the words of this song, Iris is clearly an outgiver too.

I Was His First…

January 3rd, 2011


Remember Absentee Daddy and his response to the letter he allegedly received from PW?  (And I only say allegedly because we discussed whether or not it was a hoax in the comments on this blog and not because I don’t trust you with my whole heart AB Daddy!)  Well, that dude has done it again except this time, I am the subject of his post.

I… I… I don’t know what to say ABDaddy!  Except that what you wrote about me is like maybe the best blog post I have ever read in my life.  And yes, your drawings are not exactly flattering, but then again, you did choose to depict me in a rockin’ pink mini dress and so for that ABDaddy – you have my undying devotion.

So love you too AB Daddy!  Even if you weren’t my first!

I will always be yours!