Outgiver Goes and Sees True Grit

January 4th, 2011

The CD and I went to see True Grit last night.  Oh so good!  Oh so loved this movie! So love, so love, so love.  Everything about it was pitch perfect.  The words – the words!  A movie that is all about the words – the dialogue – the way the actors spoke the dialogue – like an Elizabethan drama, but not stodgy or uptight.  Every last word carefully turned and counted and tucked in perfectly.  And Matt Damon plays an idiot.  I loved seeing Matt Damon play an idiot.  It did my heart good to see Matt Damon play an idiot.  And he played the idiot so well! Almost like he must actually be an idiot – except that I’m pretty sure he’s not an idiot, At least I don’t think he’s really an idiot, but he must be awfully acquainted with his inner idiot to have produced such a stellar idiot for this movie, and anyone who can shake hands with their inner idiot and do a little do-si-do with their inner idiot is a good friend of mine – even though Matt and I are not really friends, we are now sort of cerebral friends because of the whole familiarity with inner idiot thing.  And yes, I was a bit perturbed by the crashing hymns up front, in the middle and again at the end, but at the end it was okay because Iris Dement was singing the hymn and Iris Dement can sing about babies burning inside of ovens and I will love it, so when Iris sings Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, I am totally okay with it.  Did you know that if my last son had been a girl I was going to name him Iris?  Yes – Iris Kate.  I was going to name him after Iris Dement because that is how much I love Iris Dement and also, I think Iris is a right pretty name.  But then I was going to add Kate just in case Iris turned out to be too strange for my Iris and I like giving people an out.  So that if my daughter grew up and suddenly hated the somewhat unusual name of Iris, she could always choose to go by Kate because that is a perfectly acceptable name and see how accommodating I am!  I like to give people choices!  It’s one of my strengths.  Of course, I named my eldest son Calder Harrison and neither of those names is perfectly acceptable.  Calder is just plain odd and Harrison is cumbersome and uppity and so my eldest son is going to have to legally change his name should he ever decide that it is just too hard to be a Calder with no out Harrison because it wasn’t until later in life that I realized odd names should be paired with not quite so odd names so that the kid has an out, because I later came to understand that being an ‘outgiver’ was one of the best things you could be.  Children especially tend to be drawn to ‘outgivers’ because they know they will have choices.  But then my Iris turned out to be my Jack and that was kind of hard because I already had three sons and did I really need a fourth?  But then newborn Jack flashed his dimples at me and I was okay with it.

Go see True Grit.  And take the kids!  I wish we had taken ours.  It’s too wonderful not to see with kids.

Over and Outgiver,


Iris Dement – Let The Mystery Be (Live Glasgow for BBC Scotl
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Iris Dement Tune “Let the Mystery Be” – From the words of this song, Iris is clearly an outgiver too.


  • Nancy:

    We also went to see True Grit and then gathered our adult sons and went BACK to see it again. Loved it! The first time I was unprepared for the ending and when a particular character ( I don’t want to spoil it!) walks away with a sleeve pinned up over the stump of an arm and the hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” started, I laughed out loud. Oops.

  • Rechelle:

    Ha! My mind would never have worked that out without you.

  • Carol:

    We took our kids and went Christmas eve- loved it! (much better than some service somewhere)
    I knew I was going to love it as soon as I saw “Coen Brothers” and Jeff Bridges- and it did not disappoint- not one little bit.

  • susan:

    I love the Coen Brothers – the quirkiness as in Fargo, my favorite film of all time. Even though I have an aversion to westerns I plan to see this because of the Coens.

  • Nancy:

    My husband is still walking around muttering, “I do not know that man.”

  • JudyB:

    Finally, two things I agree 100 percent with you! True Grit is outstanding, and you’re absolutely right, the dialogue is perfect. My husband and I went with two other couples, and we all loved the movie. Iris Dement is a favorite! That makes three things to agree on! :) I used to watch the tv show “Northern Exposure”, and on the last episode they played her song “Our Town”. I searched to see who sang that song and have been a fan ever since. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see her perform live at a small venue, trust me, it is a great experience.

    • Rechelle:

      Make that four things JudyB – Northern Exposure = great television. I used to work with a eighty year old woman who pronounced Northern Exposure as the best way to determine a person’s character. If they liked the show, they were okay. If they didn’t like the show, they were to be regarded with extreme suspicion.

      • JudyB:

        Smart woman!

        • Nancy:

          I’m actually from a small town in Alaska (living in Nashville now) and when Northern Exposure came out we were all ready to poo-poo it. Then we started wondering who was spying on us. Back in the day (not so much anymore) our towns were filled with quirky, interesting, do-your-own-thing types. There was no “normal” that anyone aspired to, and weirdness was accepted and even embraced. That’s what I loved so much about my home state. Sadly, after the pipeline folks came and stayed, things changed. Now idiots like Palin represent the “new Alaska”. Barf. Now I’m just a weirdo living in an area where people strive to live cookie cutter lives. I long for the days of Cicely.

          • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

            Growing up in WA., I have a few seasons of Northern Exposure on DVD…plus the soundtrack on CD…plus I’ve had a beer in the real Brick and my picture taken in front of the moose mural in the tiny town of Roslyn. Now living in KS, I watch it also to remind me of what trees look like. Yeah, I’ve been a freak for that show for years. It IS a good test for people’s character and sense of humor. :)

  • Leslie:

    I haven’t seen True Grit but I think I will go see it now…

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Northern Exposure. One of my favorite TV shows ever.

    My daughter is named Kendall. Her middle name is Lauren. I did that in case Kendall ended up being too “gender neutral” for her when she got older and she wanted a more girly name. So, I guess I gave her an out.

    On the other hand, my nieces name is Iris. Her middle name is Montagne. My sister did not give her an out, I guess. Pretty name anyway.

  • I'm Rhonda, and I'm here to help:

    If you go back to see it, stick around for the closing credits! Amid the key grips, best boys and gaffers was someone named Buster Coen, who was credited as “Mr. Damon’s abs double”, even though Matt Damon’s character never actually takes his shirt off during the movie. Buster is the 15-year-old son of Ethan Coen and served as an assistant to the script supervisor during production. When time came to get credit, Buster wanted a more important sounding title and created the “abs double” description himself. With Matt Damon’s blessing, daddy Coen made it happen! Awesome!

    • Rechelle:

      I saw that on the credits and thought it was hilarious.

  • priscilla:

    That song is on my funeral soundtrack.

  • Rechelle:

    Yes – that would be a great one. I always pictured ‘When My Morning Comes Around’ playing at mine.

    • Very pretty…I’d never heard of Iris Dement before I heard of her through your blog.

      I want the Blind Boys of Alabama’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” played at my funeral. It’s done to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun.” Of course, you know, I’m not religious, but I think the BBofA are wonderful!

      • JJ:

        Love the Blind Boys of Alabama! That version of Amazing Grace is wonderful!

    • Nancy:

      I’d like Eva Cassidy’s cover of “Imagine” – or they could just go with a disco theme. Yeah, a glitter ball and “Disco Inferno” playing…burn, baby burn…just in case the Christians were right. Heh heh.

  • annmarie:

    My 14 year old daughter just ordered this book online and is really excited about it coming in. I’ve never read it and I think we may be arguing about who gets to read it first. We haven’t seen the movie yet..

  • eclecticdeb:

    We saw True Grit on Christmas Day…FABULOUS movie! I then ordered the orginal on Netflix and we watched it on Sunday — really interesting to compare the two movies.

  • Bridget:

    Okay so this has nothing to do with True Grit, but did you see that gREEd announced her Charlie the dog children’s book like it was a big surprise. Barbie theatre has to be calling your name.

    • EzGrandma in OK:

      and last night she posted on Facebook that she’s been taping the audio version of BHTTW … and that’s all I’m saying about that!

      • Jan:

        PW said she was doing the taping? Surely not. Have you ever heard her speak? I just went over and checked her site. Her ego is way out of control. I can’t believe anyone would buy BHTW…….it really boggles my mind, really, it does.

        • EzGrandma in OK:

          Yes, she said she was doing the taping … and yes, I’ve heard her speak … and I cannot imagine listening to 300+ pages being read by that voice. That also boggles my mind.

          • Bridget:

            Yikes that just sounds horrible. Pun intended. Wow that was a bad joke. But it just pisses me off the prople who are given book deals. Why? I wonder how much of that story is true and how much of it is made up. And then I wonder how Ree faces her family everyday because mine would be making fun of me, if I fabricated as much of my life as she does. Even if I made as much money as she does. I wonder if MM is ever embarrassed for himself? I sure do like wondering a lot.

  • Clay:

    Hey, Rechelle, speaking of movies you need to look at the “Pointless and Depressing” review of “The Road”.
    If you didn’t write it you have a clone out there.