My New Favorite Celeb Photo plus Helping!

January 18th, 2011

Remember when this photo was my favorite photo of all time?
Remember when I used to stick it in posts for no other reason than just… because?
Remember how I used to go on and on and on and on about how this was the best picture ever taken in the history of picture taking because not only Colin Firth – but also because Colin Firth in coffee shower?
You don’t remember?

But then things changed.

And now this is my favorite celebrity photo of all time…

It’s not even a particularly good photo…

And it gets even worse when you try to embiggen it.

But it’s still my favorite celeb photo.

Because of the message behind the photo.

Which appears to be located just behind Stephen’s hand.

And that is supposed to be the end of this post.

But then while doing some investigative journalism (like I always do) I discovered something velly intellesting.

Remember when this was my favorite photo of all time?

Because I just told you that it was about nineteen seconds ago.

Well, this photo is not just about Colin and coffee.  It is also about helping.

Colin Firth is part of a campaign to raise awareness about the plight of coffee farmers and the options for consumers to participate in Fair Trade when purchasing their coffee!

I knew it!

I knew he could not be so beautiful for nothing!

Here he is talking about his work with Fair Trade.

And he’s so dang deferential!  Gaw!  Can’t you just be a tiny bit of an irritating bastard Colin?  For Christ’s sake!  You are making me bite my hands off!

He even won an award for his work on behalf of Ethiopian Coffee farmers!

If you don’t have time to watch the interview, Colin talks about visiting coffee plantations and how he felt kind of dumb and useless while there, but then he realized that the one thing he could do was be a beacon of light to the rest of the world on behalf of developing world coffee farmers.  Except Colin doesn’t use the phrase ‘beacon of light’ instead he says something like ‘less of a dumbass’ except not really that either, but he basically comes across as very humble and all self deprecating and so deliciously tolerable that long thick chains of drool are currently pouring out of my mouth.

You probably won’t believe this, but first world countries have a tendency to take advantage of third world farmers.  I know – shocking.  But if you buy coffee that is labeled with the Fair Trade symbol, you are not participating in taking advantage of those third world coffee farmers.  Instead, you are guaranteeing that the coffee farmer gets a fair share of the profits from the coffee he works so very hard to grow.   ‘Tis a very beautiful thing and it only costs you a dollar or two more per package of coffee, while it radically changes the life of a third world farmer.

Many different companies sell Fair Trade Coffee.

And also tea.

And also many other products!

This is the symbol for which you want to look.

So you can give this symbol (cleverly disguised because this is a family blog) to evil corporate coffee companies that care not for the people who grow their coffee.

Colin Firth having coffee dumped on him

And then you can take a coffee shower with Colin.


  • Jennine:

    Maybe I’m a bad person. Maybe I should give a crap about Fair Trade and vegetarianism and environmentalism.

    I have five teenage boys and all I care about IN THE WHOLE WORLD is teaching them to turn their socks the right way before throwing them in the hamper.

    If I can get them to change their nasty inside-out ways, then I feel I will have done my part in this world.

    (I don’t even know who Colin Firth is)

    Laundry Peace, Out.

    • Rechelle:

      Jennine! Jennine! I have four sons. I have socks running out of my arse in disgusting unfolded clumps. My entire bedroom is a masterpiece of sock sculpture covering every surface. I call it this work – “Sock it To Me”. But you must sit down and watch every Colin Firth film ever made starting with Pride and Prejudice and ending with The King’s Speech – which I have yet to see, but am positive it will be brilliant. And then after that we will begin our work on turning you into some form of radical something or other. Colin is like the ground work.

      • Martha in Kansas:

        Oooooo! Ain’t he purdy!

      • Ah, Mr. Darcy…..Maybe you could have different categories of celebrity poses which are favorites. Like best coffee pose, or best hand gesture pose. This way you can have many favorites! I’d pick Colin’s picture any day!

      • Spinny:

        Another reason to love you, Rechelle, is your deep and abiding love of Colin Firth.

        He is my one, true celebrity crush. I will watch any movie with him in it. Even “The Girl With the Pearl Earring,” which was not my favorite.

        Knowing that he’s a decent human being concerned about the welfare of people less fortunate than himself just makes him that much more appealing.

        And the lake scene is perhaps one of my favorite in that movie along with the scene of Elizabeth helping Georgiana with her music at the piano. The look on Darcy’s face when he looks over at Elizabeth. . .*sigh*

        • Anon.:

          I totally agree. That scene in “P&P” was definitely sigh-worthy. The King’s Speech is also excellent. I highly recommend it.

      • Carol the Long winded:

        Oh he was dreamy LONG before his P&P…in Another Country he plays the beautiful Tommy Judson…then there was another movie in which he tries a pig for witchcraft.

      • barb:

        I have 3 teen/tween girls, which I swear are filthier than boys ANY day . . . it took me years to figure this out but get this . . . I don’t turn laundry right side out . . .they get it back just as they turned it in, i even hang up their shirts wrong side out . . . i have better things to do with my time, like look at dreamy men and drink tea (sorry, i don’t like coffee, but I’ll still buy fair trade, i just won’t waste my time turning people’s clothes right side out)

        • Barb:

          *Sputter, sputter* Don’t know who Colin Firth is? Uh, oh, eh… *sputter, sputter.* Mind if I borrow that picture for my FB profile?

  • Jennine:

    Ooooh… I see what you mean, Rechelle. He’s so virile and I bet he looks amazing in chaps while de-nutting baby cows.

    Oh. My. Darwin.

    I just channeled P-Dub.

  • What isn’t Colin Firth a gateway drug for? It’s his damn fault I became hooked on Mamma Mia!

    • Spinny:

      YES! I almost deleted that movie from my DVR without watching it. Then I realized Colin Firth was in it. Such a fun movie!

    • Rechelle:

      I have yet to see Mamma Mia. Must remedy this soon. It’s scary to think what Colin could be a ‘gateway drug’ for. Love that.

      • Samantha:

        ‘The King’s Speech’ is a must! He gets better with age, even if you don’t care for the movies he’s cast in, HE is always worth watching.

        Also Colin’s wife runs a store in London called Eco Age I think that’s the name (just google Livia Firth and I’m sure you will get to it) It sells a lot of recycled things and products under the Fair Trade label. She also is trying to work with the fashion industry to produce more ethical and sustainable clothes.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    It’s important to note that there are coffee companies that go above and beyond Fair Trade policies. In Kansas City, The Roasterie pays more than Fair Trade prices, for example.

  • Samantha:


    Here’s website that might interest you, I thought of it after your post about the evil empire of Monsanto but am linking it here because I had to come back and stare at the Colin coffee picture again!

    • km:

      Love the Mr. Darcy mug to go along with Colin’s coffee

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Sadly, Rechelle and I have only one local movie theater, and it hasn’t played “The King’s Speech.” It breaks my heart.

  • Don’t forget to look for the Fair Trade symbol on your chocolate too.

    70% of the chocolate/cocoa that is imported into the United States originated (in the form of cacao) in the Ivory Coast, which primarily uses CHILD SLAVE labor on the cacao plantations.

    And no, “Belgium Chocolate” is NOT from cacao grown in Belgium, it refers to a technique!

    Here’s some more info:

    (Rechelle, my apologies for linking to my own blog – I will not take offense if you want to delete my comment or the link. To everyone else, you will NOT be entertained in the same delicious way you are here!!)

    • Rechelle:

      Oh holy hell! Link away girlfriend.

  • theresa:

    I love Colin Firth. That is all.

    Oh, wait. I also love Jeff Bridges, and he does good stuff, too.

  • JJ:

    Colin Firth – yum – hopefully going to see King’s Speech this weekend.
    He was interviewed by Jon Stewart last week I believe – sounds like a great movie. And Colbert – ahhh that sarcastic GOP scamp – I would just love to mess up his hair! I fall for him a little more each time I watch him – and me a liberal!!!! ( gasp!!!!!) He has had some great guests lately…

  • Priss:

    I’ve bought Fair Trade coffee for years and years, since my sometimes reactionary, frequently conspiracy theorizing husband read something that wasn’t crazy and asked me to always buy Fair Trade. Sometime he’s pretty great. Then a couple of years ago I learned about the need for Fair Trade chocolate. Here’s a good site for coffee that also sponsors some nice lefty podcasts like The Majority Report:
    For coffee, tea, chocolate, and snacks:

  • JudyB:

    nice..but I like his dive in a pond, and the conversation after, in “Love Actually” a bit more….
    And thumbs up on fair trade coffee and chocolate.

    • JudyB:

      Forgot to mention his proposal scene in the same movie..I’d accept in a heartbeat.

  • Spinny:

    Oscar nomination for Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”!!!!!!!!!

    Yaaaaay :-)

    • Rechelle:

      I heard that. I can’t wait to see that movie. Also heard King’s Speech might edge out Social Network for the win.