I sent Ree an e-mail yesterday… and a little on ‘Mo Saton’ and their gmo’s

January 18th, 2011

I can’t remember exactly how it went, but yesterday after reading that stupid post about Pottery Barn quilts on Pioneer Woman I sat down and wrote Ree an e-mail.  I had a few questions for her.  First of all I wanted to know why?


Dear Ree,



And then I asked her what she was doing.


Dear Ree,


What are you doing?


After that, I think I may have used the words ‘pimp’, ‘Amazon’ and Pottery Barn’ in the same sentence.


Dear Ree,


What are you doing?

Does Amazon and Pottery Barn really need you to pimp products for them?


And then I told her to ‘grow a soul’.


Dear Ree,


What are you doing?

Does Amazon and Pottery Barn really need you to pimp products for them?

Why don’t you grow a soul.

Your best blogging pal,



I am eagerly awaiting her response.

I have also started to regularly leave comments on her site.  Since I must read her blog in order to find new material for Pie Near Woman, I might as well leave behind my thoughts and feelings about what she has written.  Strangely, my comments never seem to last long.


In other news!

I found a new parody blog!  They seem to be reproducing faster than a Mormon mommy blogger in a polygamous compound (and can someone please write that parody blog?).  If anyone knows of any more parody blogs, please let me know.  Here is my current collection…

Absentee Daddy – A dead beat dad advises the internet.

The Mommy Project – Kholera Jones blogs about raising her seven kids (Febreeze, Kenya, Hypnotiq, Benjamin Franklin, Godiva, Tsunami, Indonesia, and Exxon Valdeez) in the Ickes Projects in Chicago.  A hilarious, two fisted punch at the absurdity of wealthy white mommy bloggers.

Seriously, So Blessed! – Mormon mommy blogger Tiffany Amber Megan Nicole writes about her wonderful life, her perky yet oh so perfectly ‘preggo’ body, her awesome provider of a husband and her gorgeous baby twins, Alivyiah TreCole and Tridger Kaegrin.


In other other news…

Are you aware of the fact that Monsanto is an evil bastard?

I know it is a weird jump to go from perfectly preggo, Mormon mommy blogger to Monsanto, but I think there might be a tie between these two things.

1.  Monsanto is an evil seed producing bastard.

2.  Salvation for Mormon mommy bloggers is dependent on pleasing man/god/husband by producing quiverful of spirit children through his man/god/husband seed.  I think it is safe to say that anything involving the words ‘man/god/husband/seed’ equates ‘evil bastard’.

3,  Plus both evil entities are about seed and behaving as if one were a God!

I know!


But Monsanto is worse than just plain evil bastard/man/god/husband/seed.  In fact, I think Monsanto, might be the anti-Christ/man/god/husband/seed.  I will even prove it!  Look at the name- Monsanto!  If you rearrange those letters just a little bit you get

Mo – Saton.

Which clearly stands for…

More Satan!

Monsanto = More Satan.

Here’s the deal.

Monsanto makes genetically modified seeds.

Not to feed the world.

Not to end world hunger.

Not to make the world a better place with liberty and justice for all.


Because Monsanto sells Round-up!  And what better way to sell more Round-up than to sell Round-Up Ready Seeds!

So Brilliant!

So Monsanto has manipulated the genes of corn, soybeans, canola, and a few other crops to survive a Round-Up holocaust and they sell these seeds to farmers and then they sell millions of tons of Round-up to go with their seeds so that farmers can blast their fields with enormous amounts of Round-Up and their Round-Up Ready crops won’t die!  Because who doesn’t want to eat food that has been blasted with enormous amounts of Round-Up!






This story gets even BETTER!

Monsanto got a patent on their genetically modified seeds.  Unfortunately, seeds don’t understand patent law and they just go right on blowing into neighboring fields and getting deposited via bird poop on other folks’ land and getting moved about via farm machinery and work boots and you know… this is how mother nature works!

So Monsanto sued mother nature!

But mother nature refused to cooperate, SO MONSANTO SUED THE NEIGHBORING FARMERS INSTEAD!

For having their genetically modified seeds grow in their fields.



Because the judges decided 4/5 in a supreme court case in Canada that intellectual property rights trumps actual property rights!

Doesn’t that make so much sense!

But it gets even worser.

Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds are rapidly polluting the major grain crops of North America.  As stated before, seeds don’t understand the whole ‘patent’ thing and they behave like seeds always have.  They cross and hybridize and interbreed with the next door neighbor seeds which is usually beneficial to plants.  But genetically modified plants are not desirable to everyone.  For instance, Mexico doesn’t want genetically modified corn crossing with their ancient corn. Because get this – it is the diversity of life that keeps life going!  So if some horrid corn blight comes around and wipes out all the genetically modified corn, there will still be ancient Mexican corn!  But if ancient Mexican corn has crossed with genetically modified corn – it might all die.  And then what?  No more corn!

At this point - 86% of corn, 93% of canola, 93% of soybeans 93% of cotton and 80% of papaya grown in the US is genetically modified. Some countries have prohibited genetically modified crops from entering their borders.  Most of Europe wants nothing to do with genetically modified seeds, food crops and the animals that eat the genetically modified food crops.  It’s only Americans, the developing world and a few other countries that are willing to plant seeds and eat foods that come from genetically modified seeds.  Because in America – nothing is more powerful than big business and Monsanto = big, big, BIG business.

The ramifications of genetically modified seeds are still unfolding and by and large, the results are not good.  Not only do these genetically modified seeds have the potential to destroy the healthy diversity of plant life which keeps world wide starvation at bay, they are also designed to promote a type of agriculture that is entirely chemically dependent to succeed.


Let me pour a little more Round-Up on your cereal!


At this point, you cannot tell by reading the labeling on most American food products if they contain genetically modified food stuffs.  Because the government has decided that Americans should not be able to make informed decisions about what they eat.  This is after all a democracy and everyone knows that the essence of democracy is to keep the public uninformed and then call this lack of information – de-regulation.  But you can find a list of foods to avoid here.  You mostly want to avoid anything with corn, canola or soy listed on the label (this includes many preservatives and the ever ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup).  You also want to avoid meat, as much livestock is fed genetically modified feed and the offspring of animals raised on genetically modified feed aren’t faring very well.  They have problems raging from sterility to giving birth to bags of water to weird hair bundles growing on the insides of their mouths.  If you insist on regularly consuming meat that is corn fed from a feed lot (which is most meat)  as opposed to grass finished beef, you might want to check your mouth and your children’s mouths for any unwanted hair bundles.  Do you someday want grandchildren that do not in any way resemble a bag of water?  Then you might consider cutting off all non-organic forms of meat to your kids. Do you hope to have children yourself someday?  Oh boy!  You better start thinking hard about what you eat. If the animals that eat genetically modified foods are sterile in three generations, how many generations before meat eating humans also become sterile?

If you must eat corn, soy, canola and meat, you should buy from a producer who you know does not use genetically modified products.  Or you can buy organic food which prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds and feed.  If you don’t want to change your eating habits, but do want to avoid being part of a world wide seed holocaust, than you need to demand that Americans be informed via food labeling about whether or not they are eating genetically modified foodstuffs in their bag of Doritos/pork chops/ and carton of half and half.

If you want more information on this subject – I highly recommend this film…

It is extremely well done, interesting, understandable, and terribly, terribly worrisome.

You can watch it online here.


Thanks to the work of caring and dedicated consumer activists, environmentalists and generally good people, there have been some recent halts to the work of evil bastard Monsanto (a.k.a. More Satan). Recent court cases have called into question the idea of suing a farmer for ‘gene flow’ meaning that reproductive life can’t really be controlled among plants. Also, the production of genetically modified alfalfa has come to an abrupt stop in the US. Many European countries and Asian countries continue to resist allowing genetically modified products to come into their countries even under pressure from the US as revealed in a recent wikileak. Genetically modified food may very well contribute something positive to the world’s food supply someday, but much more testing, thought and careful evaluation needs to occur before it should be unleashed on an unsuspecting, uninformed public.


  • susan:

    oy vey…I went to pw site to view the quilt crap and she is hawking Sonic today.

    Your post today was very disturbing regarding all the engineered natural resources. I tend to stick my head in the sand and this was a butt kicker. Great food for thought not to be dismissed.

  • Shelley:

    Ack! I’m pregnant! Am I going to give birth to a bag of water? I hope not! I saw the evil Monsanto business in another movie too (Food Inc?) Ok, I guess it’s back to the Farmer’s Market & their $14 chickens (seriously).

    Btw, you made me go look at the quilt post, & now I want to go to those sites & buy a danged quilt! What is wrong w/me? Am I that suggestible? It’s 80 degrees in Santa Barbara today!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    ‘Food, Inc.’ also had a segment about Monsanto and their bullying, as well as the role of government and corn. It’s insane.

    Since you’re on a food kick, you might enjoy Joel Salatin. And of course, Michael Pollan.

    But be careful, it can get overwhelming and make you feel shaky and afraid to eat anything at all. But at least it all gets people THINKING about how their food is produced and what the government and food corporations are doing, and perhaps helps people make smarter choices.

    P.S. Good luck on getting a reply from PW. I find myself checking her site more often so I can be up to date and enjoy PNW Theatre more. I was expecting old, maybe even antique store quilts, because I doubt she and her MIL go to flea markets and garage sales. Couldn’t believe (OK, I can) they we new mass-produced quilts.

    • Yes, the segment about Monsanto in ‘Food Inc’ pissed me off royally. Farmers going bankrupt trying to fight off the evil mega-company. Someday, Monsanto will reap what they sow.

      I can’t bring myself to read PW anymore. I can only see so many pictures of a basset hound, calf testicles, etc.

      • km:

        I remember this in Food Inc. , and I remember the fear everyone had of taking on the big food companies. I also remember that there were monopoly issues too, in that 2 or 3 behemoths produced almost all of our food.

  • You got it girl. I’ve been preaching against Monsanto every chance I’ve had for the last 10 years. The whole factory food situation makes me want (even more) to move to Europe. *sigh*

  • Years ago when I was living in Maine, I worked as a delivery driver for a relatively small, local dairy. On the sides of their trucks and on their milk products they had a pledge that you see in one form or another on lots of dairy products these days- “Our Farmers´ Pledge: No Artificial Growth Hormones.” Seems fairly benign, right? Well, Mo Satan didn’t like it and sued them over it. Thing is, there were several other dairies in the area that had their own version of the ‘No Artificial Growth Hormones’ pledge, and yet we were the ones that got sued. I asked a coworker about it, and he said it was because we were the smallest of the dairies (true), so less resources ($) with which to fight back. I hated working for that dairy, it was one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had. But I hated Monsanto worse for being such assholes about it. (The layout of the page is kind of annoying, at least in my browser, but there’s a little more info about it all here: http://www.reclaimdemocracy.org/corporate_speech/monsanto_oakhurst_wired.html )

    Also, I think it was right after the Haiti earthquake last year, Monsanto tried donating them some grain (475 tons!), but they refused it. (More info here- http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/haiti-refuses-monsanto-donation/ ) Go Haiti!

    • Rechelle:

      Whoa! Devastated Haiti refuses Mo Satan grain. That is truly fascinating. Thanks for the links.

  • MissTeach:

    Trivial question, but I had to wonder. Round-Up costs a bundle. Were you really pouring it in the photo or did you substitute a stand-in liquid?

    • Rechelle:

      I poured it over that cereal and then carefully poured it right back in to the container. I don’t think a few bits of cereal will hurt it. We can after all, eat that stuff right?

      • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

        Haha, MissTeach, I also thought “Oh my gosh, she just wasted about 5 bucks worth of RoundUp!”
        Glad you’re not wasting that stuff, Rechelle. :)

      • Clayvessel:

        While you are raging about Monsanto (with good reason, but a little slow) why don’t you rage about the effects of Round-up too? Monsanto invented the stuff! It’s poison and no one should poison their soil and water by using it on their lawns or gardens. Monsanto is simply wanting to use both the Round-up and GMO seed at the same time on the same field! Good old fashioned hybrid seed and RU grows health-destroying food-like substances too, donchaknow!

        • carole:

          Never occurred to me to send you a link to the movie. I saw it several years ago, and boy did it piss me off. Being the American that I am, I soon let the moment pass, only coming up when I see people buying round up-when I preach about the evil satan company.
          My friend was sitting next to me reading your blog over my shoulder, and she would like to use your pictures. She said you should put your name on them so you get credit for the pic and message it sends. That was a great pic R! Gets right to the heart of the matter.
          Thanks for bringing the issue to the front of my brain again! great article!

          • Rechelle:

            She can use the photo Carole. I don’t need any credit for it.

  • taylor5622:

    You mean “Everywoman” deletes your comments? Well, Rechelle honey, you gotta get with the program. Unless you fawn complete, unbridled adoration of Ree Drummond and her bullshit, your comments won’t stand a prayer’s chance in Hell being posted.

    If you post them on Twitter however, then your followers, moi, can retweet them. Maybe then we can save a few poor tweeps the fate of PW’s brainwashing.

    • annmarie:

      I like this retweet idea.

    • I feel so *honored*! Ms. Drummond deleted my comment about how not all of us can afford Uggs or to shop at Anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s, Sundance, Pottery Barn….. Wee-hee! I have arrived!

      • Mo:

        Really for real deleted, not just delayed in showing up? Did you use vulgar words or snotty tone? I totally believe you guys when you say your comments are gone, I’m just having such a hard time believing it’s done at all over something as simple as an opinion.

        It makes me wonder does an actual person have to actually sit there and actually read all those comments and delete any that stray out of the “gushing” zone? And does that person have to get PW’s clearance on the ones marked for deletion, or does full deletion authority come with that job? And what about the give-away posts that can have 40,000+ comments, they read all those too? Maybe not, just at least make sure the winning comment doesn’t say “I don’t know what I’m cooking for dinner tonight, I just want a mixer, beyotch.”

  • Jennifer:

    Thanks for the info regarding corn crops. It’s got my mind spinning–but I appreciate the education.

    Back to the lighter side of things, I do know of a parody site that is quite funny: http://www.lets-panic.com/

  • annmarie:

    I feel like I spends hours in the grocery store reading labels and I feel rotten when I give my kids certain foods. We never eat meat, so I am good there and we only use olive oil and I don’t think we eat soy. Have you read anything about hydoponics? People call it “beyond organic.” It really is. There are these huge towers that you grow the food in. Many things can be grown at once, in your backyard and there is no use for soil. The taste is unbelieveable. We have a place near us that sells the stuff and I know many families who are actually buying the towers and doing it themselves. It is pricey, but worth it. Here is a link – it’s pretty cool – http://livingtowers.com – I hope that link works. Also, I haven’t read the nonsense yet on PW’s site about Pottery Barn. I will have to go look now – but I don’t know, it’s so close to dinner and I don’t want to lose my appetite.

  • annmarie:

    I just read the post on PW. The good news is that quilt people are like cat people. I mean they are just obsessed and so many people wrote in and commented about how awful it was for Ree to write about imported quilts. One woman named Debi noted that she brought a handmade quilt to Ree at a book signing and Ree ignored her, and never showed the quilt on her site and her feelings are still hurt. Her words, not mine. It was kind of funny and I felt sort of bad for Debi. Poor woman, thinking Ree was genuine good people and all.

    • Shay in NZ:

      Yes Annmarie, I saw Debi’s comment too and felt really bad for her. Imagine all those hundreds of hours of work going into this lovely gift and …. Nada…. what a let down. I’m surprised her comment has been left on PWs site. Whenever I try and post anything *vaguely* disagreeing, it disappears.

      Today’s Sonic post made me nauseous given the US’s obesity problem (and it’s not just the US – it’s a growing (pardon the pun) problem Downunder too).

      And as for monsanto. Yikes, that makes me glad to live here at the butt end of the globe. The crazy “greenies” may be loopy in our politics, but we’re a pure food zone with no gm imports allowed.

    • Anon.:

      I thought the quilt post was pathetic. Ree tried to make it sound like she’s a quilt lover, but didn’t show any she actually owned. It was just a catalog hop. Glad so many quilters called her out on imported “quilts”. Too bad Debi wasted a perfectly good quilt on somebody who could care less.

      • Barb:

        I truly felt horrible for that Debi woman. Even if she only spent 1 day working on that quilt, Ree should have, AT THE VERY LEAST, acknowledged her at the book signing and then also sent her a thank you note. My guess is, if the quilt hasn’t been tossed on the ground for the dogs to sleep on, then it’s just been put in a donate pile. Such a shame.

        • Bridget:

          What is equally as sad is that some of her readers were telling that lady that Ree was probably too busy at the book signing to acknowledge the gift, but that the quilt is probably now hanging in one of her daughter’s room. Wow talk about delusional. I doubt that Ree even took the quilt home with her. The whole thing is just sad.

          Also I can’t believe that she got almost 900 comments on her Sonic post. All in praise of Sonic. Gross. She really knows how to play to her middle America audience.

          And Rechelle thanks for the links to those other blogs. Those are damn funny.

          Also has anyone seen Ree’s latest post about “book” and I use that term loosely. She is giving away a whopping five copies of the book. You think that she would be able to afford to give away a few more, but my favorite part of that post is how she tries to sound humble and self effacying even when she is in the midst of promoting herself. No don’t go out and buy the Ladies Home Journal because I am in it and I look terrible. Really look away I am hedious, but please, please pay attention to me and sing my praises. It must be hard to go through life being such a neurotic mess.

  • Jenny:

    I stumbled across your site from thepioneerwomansux.com, so obviously you know how I feel on that topic. Please, continue to mock her, because I feel the same as you and it’s nice to feel representated on the Internets.

    On the topic of Monsanto, the thing you cannot argue with is that Round-Up is the safest chemical available for weed management. You actually can drink the stuff straight and be totally fine. So if I’m going to have crops sprayed with something (and we need weed management in order to grow food to feed the world), that’s what I pick. For that, I thank Monsanto. Also – Round-up ready crops actually have lots of benefits – one is that farmers who use them only have to spray one thing on their crops, which saves fuel and reduces soil erosion from driving tractors over fields. I’m not as well-versed when discussing this recent lawsuit of which you speak, but let’s not paint all farmers as evil for using Round-Up Ready crops. There are a huge amount of benefits to them that you should also present if you’re going to discuss it fairly. And crops have been genetically modified for centuries. We just used to call it cross breeding. And no, I don’t work for Monsanto. I am simply a farmer’s daughter.

    • Shay in NZ:

      Jenny, you’re kidding right? Drink roundup?

      “Deliberate ingestion of Roundup herbicide in quantities ranging from 85-200 ml has resulted in death within hours of ingestion” (Source: Acute Poisoning with a Glyphosate-Surfactant Herbicide (‘Roundup’): A Review of 93 Cases”, ”Human & Experimental Toxicology”, Vol. 10, No. 1, 1-8 (1991)

      I live in a farming community too and roundup is used by operators in full protective gear and humans and animals are kept out of the sprayed area for at least four hours. All our foods are tested for pesticide residue here and there’s a strong consumer trend towards organics which is great, because the costs are coming down all the time : ) No crops, fresh produce or meat sold in New Zealand is genetically modified.

      Roundup certainly hasn’t been the “magic bullet” that monsanto would have us believe. And I do believe there’s a vast difference between GM and natural selection.

    • Rechelle:

      I don’t know much about plant evolution, but I think infecting plant genes with animal genes and bacterial genes such as Monsanto is doing is brand new to agriculture. Plants can’t breed with animals under anything considered normal circumstances and I don’t think that there genes typically combine with bacteria such as E Coli which is also being done. I did not paint any farmers as evil. I did not editorialize on the actions of farmers at all. I am disappointed that they are so willingly bullied by companies such as Monsanto to not use their own seed, etc… It seems to me it would only take the slightest bit ot organization among farmers to form a very strong voice in opposition to what Monsanto is doing. Farmers organize all the time for various reasons. Why not this one? Why are they so afraid? Why are they being so pathetic?

      • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

        Farmers are struggling and/or broke already. Even when organized as a group, it takes a LOT of money to go against the big guys like the Monsanto thugs, who have the government in their pocket by claiming that their ways will produce cheaper, more abundant food for the American people. And government likes the sound of that, safety be damned.
        The 3 brothers/ 3rd generation farmers next door to me, who still work my 15 acres of crops, finally had to give up 4 parcels to the bank this Fall – over 250 acres, including the 100 acres adjoining my place. These are simple-living people, and all 3 brothers work full-time jobs off the farm just to feed their families, their cattle, and keep their farmland. They are very active in the community, local politics and the farm bureau, etc. Definitely not patheitc. But I don’t know if there are any farmers’ organizations big enough to fight Monsanto. Heck, the dairy people have been fighting for years and still can’t get a sustainable price for milk. Our own dairy farmers need a “Fair Trade” price and can’t get it. In fact, the government works against them to keep prices low for the consumers (the people who say they’ll starve if they have to pay more than $2.97 for a gallon of milk at Wal-Mart.) I think a change will have to come from consumers.

        • Samantha:

          I haven’t stepped foot in a Walmart in over 25 years…..the prices may be low but they come in to an area and put all the mom and pop shops out of business. It is killing America….it is coming to us having one dept store, one grocery store, one gas station etc…all connected to a few huge corporations that are only about profits and pleasing investors.

          Now that organic is getting popular the corp food undustry is trying to push in to that and kill the little guy. Walmart is also trying to go from big bad box store to small friendly local organic….don’t believe it!

          • Bridget:

            Organic standards have already become more lax because big companies are trying to cash in on the organic trend. Organic farmers have been trying to fight back against the changes because they want to have more stringent standards, but companies like Dole have been lobbying for less strict rules. Organic standards have changed so much and more and more pesticides are being approved for use, ones that would have never been approved ten years ago. It is a shame.

            And I have heard people say that if we changed all of our farm land to organic farming that we wouldn’t be able to grow enough food to feed everyone that is simply a false claim. I have read many articles that support the opposite claim. I live in the middle of farm country and when I talk to the farmers around here they say that it would actually be better to change over to organic means because it would improve both the soil and the water quality. It would actually increase crop yields, and it would increase crop and seed diversity that would protect crops from being wiped out by a disease.

            What would be difficult in turning more farm land into organic farms is that for a farm to be declared organic the soil has to not have been treated with pesticides for eight years, so it takes time. But many companies are lobbying the time period to be reduced.

      • Bridget:

        Speaking of plant evolution. We just studied this in my biology class, due to crops that have been genetically altered to be resistant to roundup over 90% of the poison ivy growing in Maryland and parts of Virginia and Penn. have now become resistant to round as well. The pollen from the genetically altered corn is easily spread by the wind and it cross pollenated with poison ivy plants and changed the genes of the poison ivy plants. That is just one example of how easy it is for genetically altered crops to change the environment. It is scary.

  • Bridget:

    Rechelle you have entered into my wheelhouse. I cant get started on this subject or dinner won’t get cooked, the dog won’t get taken for a walk and my calculus wong get studied. So I would be hungry with dog shit covering every flat surface in my house and an I would fail my final. But I will be back to preach long and hard from atop my soap box on this very issue. What is even more scary is the mono culture that is the back bone of our agricultural system along with genetically modified food that is completely wiping out almost all native plant species. It would be so easy for one disease to come through and wipe out all of america’s corn or wheat crops because there is no genetic diversity left. It is because companies like the one you were talking about tend to like to ignore the theory of evolution or more likely they just dont care because they are going to make money. Alright i am getting started and my stomach is saying come back Carol Ann. A good rabbit hole is hard to resist I tell ya.

    • JudyB:

      Right on it.

  • Jennine:

    One of my kids ate leaves from a poinsettia plant. Unfortunately I was out of Ipecac so I gave them a teaspoon of Syrup of Ree instead.

    Totally worked.

  • Lee (sometimes known as Another Lee):

    I went through a phase where I ranted on Monsanto so often my husband would start humming the Darth Vader theme to let me know I was doing it again. They simultaneously make my blood boil and run cold. Must be related to all that gene splicing…

    • Sara:

      In my house, everyone’s eyes glaze over and one by one they slowly creep out of the room, but that doesn’t stop me, I just talk louder and louder so they can still hear me! I can tell I have crazy eyes right now just typing this :)

      Lee you can rant and rave all you want and I will listen!

  • Lisa:

    I went to the PW site to read her post…and it’s like you were never even there! Not even any outraged replies to your comment!
    It cracked me up to see how many of her devotees have suggested that PW try quilting for herself–try it, you’ll like it! Don’t they understand, the woman is far too busy turning herself into a brand name!
    I apologize…I’m using far too many exclamation points…
    PS — There’s something I’ve wondered about her writing style. I haven’t gone back to the beginning to see if it has changed over time. It’s occurred to me that her penchant for the simple declarative sentence is one which would lend itself quite easily to emulation. In other words, it seems like it would be fairly simple to hire someone to write her posts for her. I know she has other by-lines in her Homeschool section; but I wonder if she has a staff that writes under her name.

    • Rechelle:

      Yes ma’am. It sure wouldn’t be hard to hire some little old lady in India who barely speaks English to write that blog for her. I have long suspected that a computer program writes her posts for her. Whatever it is, it ain’t right.

    • I haven’t been back to see if she deleted my comment about the quilts….Homemade ones are sooooo much better.

      On another note…..I guess I’ve been party to Monsanto’s sucess. I use a lot of Round-Up….

      • Barb:

        If it’s the one I think it was, the comment is now gone. :-)

  • Remember she was going to take an RV on her next book tour with her family? Turns out she is too afraid of the “toilet situation” to go on an RV tour with her family. I would suggest that the “toilet situation” is her blog.

    Now gREEd gets to leave the family at home to deal with their toilet issues.

    I call gREEds next tour the ultimate TOILET TOUR!


  • Irma:

    1. I stopped reading PW a year or so ago because meh. You made me curious enough to go look tonight.

    I also love quilts. I have many. I made them.

    If you or your nana or that lady at the quilt fair actually sewed it, it’s a quilt. If it came out of a catalogue with free delivery on orders over $100, it’s a fancy blanket.

    2. Have been terrified of Monsanto for years.

    3. BOO on Hulu links, we can’t access that site in Canada. I’ll find the movie elsewhere, though, so thanks for the recommendation.

    • Nadine:

      This actually makes me feel less guilty about owning a fancy blanket. I plan to call it that rather than a quilt from now on.

  • Good g-d woman, please tell me you didn’t reuse that bowl after dumping Roundup in it. My intestinal tract just cringed at the thought.

    • Rechelle:

      I threw the bowl away. I didn’t want to accidentally poison my family.

  • Grow a soul? Not a chance. gREEd sold that to the devil years ago.

  • mw:

    So you think PW is a cheap, flaky, overrated snob. SO WHAT? There is plenty wrong with all kinds of people in this world. If her style’s not for you, move on. Who cares?

    • Style? gREEd does not have one. mw you could have not stated it better than myself! gREED is a cheap, flaky and an overrated snob! My suggestion to you….Move on from this blog!

  • Iona:

    I saw that quilt post and also a comment by some poor woman who apparently made a cowgirl quilt that she gave to PW at one of her book signings. She was hurt that PW didn’t bother to look at it or even to post about it. Kinda sad that someone actually hand-made a quilt for her, or also that she thought with her legions of fans, that she would somehow be acknowledged.

  • Oh my, this issue is close to my heart. I have Old Order Mennonite friends who quilt for a living and I have been the recipient of some of their incredible handiwork. The Pioneer Woman has clearly jumped the shark if she is promoting machine-made quilts from China.

    Meanwhile, I can relate to that woman who brought a quilt to the PW. When I sent a few copies of her book to her PO address before Christmas 2009, I also enclosed a copy of my book, THE PANTRY, with a sprig of Kentucky mistletoe for her Marlboro Man. I know she was on her book tour at the time but never even a wee thank you email. I did notice, however, that her books were returned promptly (and signed).

    The luster has gone. Your parodies, Rechelle, are simply brilliant!

    • Barb:

      I’m a big stickler for thank you notes and have drilled that in my kids’ heads since before they could even write (they would sit on my lap and I’d help them hold the pen while they writing the thank you note in their own words. Some really cute ones that people still have). I realize she probably gets gifts out the wahzoo but there’s no excuse for not sending a thank you. Especially if she was sending you the signed books back in return. I think she’s grown up being accustomed to receiving things (before marriage and after) and it doesn’t occur to her that she needs to thank the little people.

  • jalf:

    I think it’ a bit unrealistic to expect someone to grow a soul. I mean, how would you even approach a task like that, even if you wanted to?

    I think you’re being a wee bit demanding here. Maybe she could buy a soul instead, would that be ok? Refurbished, perhaps?

    How about a soul transplant. Is that an option?

    • Inga:

      Soul transplant! teehee

    • Rechelle:

      Ha ha ha! I bet she could buy a soul! Those Drummonds have got some cashola. I wonder whose soul she would buy?

  • Jenny:

    I’m not going to keep going on about Round-up. I just want you all to think of the farmers who are out working their tails off and not making millions like the Drummonds. They can use Round-up Ready crops more efficiently and effectively, so they do. If every acre of farmland was planted to organic crops, the country could not produce enough crops to feed itself, let alone export at all. We can’t have it both ways – we can’t supply affordable food on the amount of farmland we have left and not use any technology. It’s just not possible. Hate big business if you want, hate Monsanto if you want, but don’t hate the farmers who are just trying to make a living.

    I hate the people who say, “if you don’t like PW, move on!” Well yeah, duh. We have. I kind of liken her to Kate Gosselin. She puts on a picture of a life that is not real and unfortunately there are consequences (Look at the Gosselin children – two of them have already left their private school because of issues and they are bound to grow up to write tell-all books about their messed up lives). I worry about PW’s children and the education, or lack thereof, that they must be receiving. I also think it’s only fair to expect people in the public light to be somewhat honest. If she called her site and her stupid romance book fiction, I could probably let it go. But no, she sells herself as “Keepin it Real.” She’s a liar.

    • Rechelle:

      I love farmers! I also know that they are trapped by a very broken system. I just watched the movie ‘Food Inc’ yesterday and the quote at the end by the farmer when he says to the effect… Farmers will give the people what they want. You demand it, we will supply it. We have the ingenuity to bring you the food you want….” He put the ball in the people’s court. And he’s right. If we don’t want gmo seeds and Round-up coated food, we have to stop buying it and raise a fuss about it. The farmers will respond. Wal-mart stopped carrying milk with bovine growth hormone because their customers demanded it. It’s just a matter of people insisting on something better.

      • km:

        That really resonated with me when I watched it. Walmart will respond.
        Be the change:)

    • mh:

      Well, no, duh, you have not moved on. You are stuck in “Ree hate” mode. Go back and read all the replies to this post and then decide if all these people have moved on. Don’t think so.

      I’m not a Ree lover or defender, I just don’t get what pleasure there is to be derived from wallowing in and feeding on the hate you feel toward someone else.

  • Yay!:

    Please pleeeeze tell us where you got that beautiful bowl you’re using for the cereal and roundup in the photos!!! You are always so stylish. I’m hoping it’s something I can afford!!!! (Maybe a give away contest, hint hint?!!)

    • Rechelle:

      The bowl is a hand me down from my mom. I stole about six of them during my parent’s recent move. I was making her life easier! Less stuff to move!

      • Jenny:

        Whatever Rechelle. I’m sure it was actually a $28 MacKenzie-Childs bowl that you just threw away, because what’s a $28 bowl to normal people?

        I am for shame that I searched PW’s site to see what kind of dishes she uses. I knew they were outrageously expensive.

      • Yay!:

        Oooooh! Having a precious family story behind it must make that bowl even more super special and full of memories to you .You’re so amazing to be able to pass things like that down to your own children.

        • Rechelle:

          You are right Yay, How is it that I have not posted twelve photos of these bowls with accompanying heartwarming story about a mother’s legacy to her children? Stupid! So Stupid!

  • JJ:

    Food Inc was a great film. It also let us in on why ecoli has been so prevalent in our meat in the last few decades – we changed what cows eat – our corn industry produces feed that isn’t really the best for cows – cows naturally do not eat corn – and it causes the bacteria to grow rapidly. Our mass meat industry is also a pure dung heap – with far more dangerous dung now – that get passed on through the meat, into the water system which waters nearby crops etc. It also showed us what the big poultry business ( TYSON for example) is doing to our poultry – so sad to see a chicken that can’t walk! It really is an eye opener. The organic chicken farmer is great on that show – love that guy! Sun , the great outdoors, and butcherin’ chickens – such a happy chicken farmer!
    I will have to watch that other film too.
    My Mom – whose family were farmers – was shocked to hear about what Monsanto has done to the small family farms.
    Here is the thing too though – watch out for WalMart. WalMart understands that organic is the future – it is the next “big thing” that consumers are going to want. Labeling for organic, no hormones, etc. for big business product is not very well enforced or regulated. There was a company that talked about how excited they were that WalMart was interested, but WalMart will try to change the organic business to best suit their bottom line – and that is not always in the best interest of their consumers. If big business gets their hands on organic business they will need much closer watching so they don’t ruin it!

  • farmgirl:

    The world is never as black and white as our beliefs –remember all cultivation of crops is an affront to the” pure hand of nature”.

  • RL:

    In response to your email to Ree, I have a feeling she will take the high road. She is good at that while you (apparently) are not. I can say this because I know her personally. I don’t know you personally, but you don’t leave much to the imagination on your blog.

    • Mo:

      You know, if Ree were to take the low road once in a while she would get to Scotland afore ye, and probably damn near everyone else.

      And I don’t know her personally, but I’m thinking “Low Road: Not An Option” for the PW, regardless of getting to Scotland first or not.

      Hey, did you all see? Marlboro Man is called “Marlboro Man” in the real live actual hard cover book. Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever?! Talk about leaving things to the imagination, you are right RL, PW is good at that!

      • Kait:

        OMG! Are you serious? They released her “love” story in hard cover??? No freakin’ way!

    • taylor5622:


      Ahem, another one of Everywoman’s sockpuppets runs to her defense. Sweet cheeks, if you know Ree as well as you claim get her some professional help. Her delusions of replacing Martha Stewart are unhealthy. If Pottery Barn needs the likes of Ree Drummond to endorse their products, I’ll find alternative sources.

      Keepin’ it real.

  • Shells:

    The whole book thing is kinda baffling to me because I thought the story, as written on her blog, was terribly boring. I read a few chapters of it and when it was the same thing over and over I quit reading.

    Its interesting to see her “imported” quilt post followed by a “made in America” post when so many go onto her about it.

    I do go to her recipe section …. not for her recipes, I find those boring and many times just to bizarre for words (The BREAD, the egg in a hole etc. who actually would post those to a recipe site) anyway, but I do get some ideas from real life people.

    I think its like watching a bad accident …. you want to be there for the epic fall that you know is going to happen.

    She does too much product placement for it to be co-incidence as far as I am concerned. I would bet dollar to donuts that even if specific companies are not sponsoring her give-aways she is getting pay back in some way or other. She is too much a marketing item to do so out of the goodness of her heart.

    • sara:

      I should go after her ass, I am pretty sure that she stole that egg in a hole recipe from me.

      She must of got her hands on the copy of my daughters 2nd grade class cookbook that was printed about 10 years ago and given out to all the Mom’s for Mother Day presents.

      Sara :)

      • Kait:

        I am pretty certain that all her recipes are rehashings of old cookbook recipes from ladies groups. I am sure a few of them showed up in a cookbook I bought to support a woman’s shelter a few years ago.

        • A couple of years ago, she talked about how she got her mom to bring her big cookbook to the ranch and Ree ‘forgot’ to make sure her mom took it with her when she left. So maybe all of her recipes come from her mom’s cookbook. Ree’s cookbook is just bizarre with photos of a horse beauty contest, that dog, and her husband’s dirty, sweaty face. Just what I want to see in a cookbook, some guys sweaty face or his flat ass. How appetizing.

  • Kait:

    Today she was pushing hand painted (I think) ceramic travel mugs. Everyone was freaking at the price so she added another of those stupid ass explanations saying that they are pricey but she “sometimes” (how about ALL THE TIME) likes to show nice but “special (read: expensive)” things. What a vapid idiot. At least she didn’t kill all the comments. My guess is because they weren’t specifically aimed at her. But one lady made me laugh by saying the price was very steep and perhaps PW should “give” a few away. LOL.

    • Shells:

      I wonder if she is starting to feel the heat. Two really negative posts ….. I thnk she thought she could appease the anti-imported quilters by offering a made in america item …. but she missed the mark again.

      After reading so many insipidly sweet comments on her site it is refreshing to hear women speaking up honestly about things. Maybe they always have, to a degree, but been deleted. If she deletes all the negative comments on these two she wouldn’t have any comments at all.

    • Karen:

      She must have a strong Mormon following. Half the comments from people who liked them said, “I love the mugs, but I hate coffee and tea….and I don’t drink hot chocolate….oooh I would put hot tomato soup in mine!”


    • Great Comment:

      This is my favorite comment from the ceramic mug post:

      “I think I’m going to have to wrangle some wild mustangs to take care of in my backyard and get some lucrative govenment subsidies to be able to afford them. It would be sad if the prices of these mugs were jacked-up knowing that PW would be blogging about them to her readers with thought that we’d flock to buy at the suggestion…”

  • I just read on the Barnes & Noble site that Ree will be doing a book signing next month which means she’ll be in NYC on probably on television. If I had the balls I’d go and heckle her but, with my luck, it would make the headlines of The Daily News and bring her 30,000 more readers.

    • Kait:

      Oh go anyway! Ask her some totally off the wall questions and make her show herself for the phony that she is. If she doesn’t stick to the script she flounders worse than a goldfish out of the bowl.

  • another Jill:

    omg. $45 coffee mugs. help me Rhoda, Rhonda’s out of cash.

    • Karen:

      Seriously. When I went shopping for a thermal coffee mug I had hard time justifying the 25 bucks it cost me, but it was either that or spill hot coffee on my baby’s head while I was stumbling around in the morning in a sleepless fog.

  • Shells:

    I wanna place a bet ……. because of so many negative comments of late I am willing to bet that within the next 48 hours we see an expensive give-away …. to appease the sheeple.

    • Rechelle:

      I want to take bets on how long until Marlboro man chops ice.

  • Bridget:

    I started a fun game and I am not sure if anyone will be as interested in it as I am. I wrote a review of how I honestly felt about PW’s book and you can not believe the mean and nasty responses I have a gotten about my negative review. I love how they are so upset that I voiced an honest opinion and I am being negative and rude in my review, but some how they aren’t when they tell me that they wish that all negative people like myself should leave the planet. I do wish that I had taken the time to proofread my post because they are also making fun of my word choice. I wrote rapid went I meant to write rabid. They are having a field day with that one. I love it when people behave in the exact same way that they find so upsetting. I guess no one can say bad things about PW, about anyone that doesn’t like PW is far game.

    Should i say anything back to the? If so what should i say to them? They totally don’t upset, but they make me laugh. Maybe that is what i should say.

    If anyone is interested i can post the highlights of each comment. If that would be okay with you Rechelle they make for humorous reading.

    • Shells:

      where is your review??

      • Bridget:

        Let me find the link and I will post it tomorrow. I am heading to bed right now. I have a big test tomorrow or I would do it right now.

    • Rechelle:

      Feel free to post the highlights Bridget. Makes my life simpler.

      • Bridget:

        Yes, I have a little too much time on my hands. School can’t start soon enough, but I did want to write a review of her book because no one else is going to be honest and say that the book is a big pile of crap. It totally pisses me off that many times it is the talented writers that are struggling to make a living while mediocre, talentless writers with a good marketing plan are the ones that get all the attention and money. Ree’s writing is boring, inane fluff and I have nothing against books that have a lighthearted, fluffy tone, but there are books that do it much better than Ree. Anyway. Here are the highlights of the responses to my review.

        My review (in part): Don’t waste your time or money this “book” is not worth it. I seriously doubt the truth behind this love story as it reads like your typical Hollywood romance. . I have yet to grasp how the pioneer woman has established such a large following of rabid fans as her writing is little more than inane fluff and drivel.. I don’t know if this book is labelled fiction or non fiction, but it such be placed under fabricated fantasy. Could the story be anymore trite and generic.

        What a completely humorless person this review writer seems to be… As someone who has read The Pioneer Woman’s blog for many months now, to me she is such a dose of sunshine in the world! What a kind, hilarious, authentic and inspirational person she is through her stories and even recipes. I can’t wait for this wonderful book.

        Sounds like a little bit of jealousy to me..Bridget must be miserable and want us to join her. Just lighten up honey, your day will come. And, turn off the CNN, it’s mostly propaganda anyway.

        I love P-dub! She is an excellent writer!.. She is an amazing writer, even on her blog. You have no idea what you are talking about! Your review is garbage, rubish, trash, crap! What a party pooper you are!

        I wish the negative people would just get off the planet. Men should be respected, appreciated, praised, bragged about, loved and…yes…fed. In a world where male bashing is the norm, Ree Drumond shows us how to find joy in the men in our lives. Her love story is totally believable. And the fact that her husband is a real man…totally priceless…much like my own. She makes me burst out-loud into spontaneous laughter everyday.

        Wow Bridget. You poor soul. How can you have so much venom inside for someone you don’t even know? I love the pioneer women!!! I love her way of writing, it keeps you laughing and her recipes are to die for. You need to lighten up! What in your life has caused you to be such a negative person? Well here’s a little encouragement. When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!!! LOL.

        My response to this:

        I guess I need to take my poor venomous soul and get off the planet. I wonder if jesus will help me out with that. I can have my very own rapture, but first I better throw my review in the trash. I guess it is okay for people to make a personal attack towards me, but not okay to write a negative review of a boring book. These comments made me laugh out loud.

        And if you have gotten this far and would like to read the entire discussion here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2SIPQP4G0DO1O/ref=cm_cr_pr_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B004I43MN6&nodeID=&tag=&linkCode=#wasThisHelpful

        • You ROCK, Bridget!

        • Rechelle:

          It is kind of weird how they all attack you personally for writing a review of a book. But the same people insist that she is an ‘excellent writer’ so it seems clear that they are not firing on all cylinders.

  • WVKay:

    The best thing about Rechelle’s blog discussions of the Pie Near Woman, is that I thought I was only one bored with pictures of Charlie, horses, cows, sunsets, Marlboro Man’s ass, and the children of the corn. It’s the same ole thing rehashed over and over. I’m so glad it’s not just me.

  • Jaime:

    So glad you are spreading the word about the evil Monsanto! Food, Inc is an excellent film and should be seen by anyone who eats. GM foods are downright scary and the only recourse we have is to speak with our wallets. The government is in the pocket of big business and the only change will come when the Obama girls have hairy masses growing out of their mouths.

    • Kait:

      Is Food Inc the one where they were killing those chickens by pulling them headfirst into a cone shaped device and cutting their heads off? That was some of the worst screaming of an animal I have ever heard.

      • Rechelle:

        I don’t remember that scene, but I was making dinner and watching it at the same time. There were a lot of dead chickens.

  • GA in GA:

    Glad to see you have joined this bandwagon. Another suggestion for a book to read: “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,” by Barbara Kingsolver. Well written and inspiring.

    Back to lurkdom.

  • M.R.:

    I dunno. The pienear woman may come after you for stalking.

    • Sue from UK:

      How can reading someone’s blog, that they want you to read be stalking? If you put it out there you have to expect some negative as well as some positive.

    • OK, so that means that Rechelle can come after you for stalking, since you read her blog and all?

  • linda:

    Have you read…..Botany of Desire by Pollan. Very very good book. The last chapter is about GMO potatoes and Monsanto. The first chapter is about apples…the second is about tulips…the third is about marijuana. Linda in Colorado

  • Lori:

    I love the ‘old’ roundup.,
    That stuff really worked.
    A weed would die, right in front of your eyes.
    By morning any undesirables in my yard was nothing but brown, and papery has been weeds.
    We get our horse, pig and calf grain from a mill in Idaho and often there is weeds in that grain when passes through the animals, lands on the ground then we have in our fields and pastures then try to kill the weeds with substandard Roundup. Only this outfit has nothing to do with Monsanto.
    Re: Mormons.
    I am a Mormon. I live my faith but try not to live over the top like the tiffanys’ megans’, nicoles’ (I SWEAR I know who you are talking about!) et. al.

    Read this blog.
    She is an LDS woman who very humbly used her faith to recovered from a near death accident. She loves her kids, her husband, her life and her religion…without the saccharine and corn syrup.


    Of course, we all know Dooce who I rarely read because I’m tired of looking at her dog’s missing sex parts. She is as bad as PW…maybe worse because she is selling a 2011 calender of her dogs. BUT proceeds from the calender will benefit a charity, something I do no believe PW does. If she does, it’d be all over her blogs; the woman is not capable of doing anything quietly and with dignity.

    • Shay in NZ:

      Dear Lori, thank you SO much for posting that link to Stephanie Nielson’s blog. I’ve just spent two hours with tears running down my face reading her blog. Her beauty and spirit are humbling.
      HER story is what should be turned into a movie and celebration.

      Absolutely amazing.


  • Flo:

    Wow. I’ve never read your blog before and doubt that I will again. Do I detect a rather large amount of jealousy of PW? I rather enjoy reading about a woman who makes her kids work their butts off and speaking of butts, how much she enjoys her husbands. I find your comments about her boring. If you dislike her so much why do you bother to read her? Your comments are immature and churlish.

    • Kait:

      Egad! Another PW fan. What are you doing here? This is a place for recovering PW fans. Shoo you are not ready for us yet. If Rechelle can’t open your eyes no one can.

      • Shells:

        Egad!! Another sheeple

    • JennyME:

      Hey Flo, how many of those sweatshop quilts did she convince you to buy?

      Just curious.

      • Kait:

        I sure was shocked when I saw the quilts she was hawking. I see those in places like Walmart and say “that is no quilt, that is a cheap crappy blanket”.

    • I’d find it rather refreshing if the white knights riding to PW’s defense could come up with something other than the seventh grade “you’re just jealous” nonsense. Then again, if they were slightly more intellectually curious, or a lot less like girls who want to be in some high school level clique, they likely would not knee-jerk their way over to someone else’s blog to defend the trite homilies over there.

      By the way, she enjoys her “husbands”? That’s an interesting twist on polygamy, given that it’s generally the men who get multiple wives and not the other way around, unless you actually meant “husband’s”, in which case, hey, to each their own – a lesson you’d do well to learn (in addition to some grammar, punctuation, and/or proofreading, of course).

      • Flo:

        Sorry about the punctuation error. I did notice that before I hit submit but decided that it wasn’t worth fixing. And now I am done with this blog.

      • Mary:

        Hey FLFarmer…read Rechelle much? You might want to check her writing out before you criticize a missing apostrophe. I read for the substance of the blogs (or comments as the case may be) rather than to stress over minor errors that we all make on occasion.

        • Yes, as it happens, I do, as otherwise I’d be posting a la those saviors who just have to tell Rechelle that they’re never coming back because she is such a big meanie-head, then coming back to see if anyone replied to my haughtier-than-thou comment, then commenting on that and promising once again that I was leaving, for real this time, truly. That’s always a bit of a curiosity to me, since for myself, if I don’t like a blog, I just don’t go back to it. I don’t make it a point to do a little attention-whoring while I stomp away back to sites that make me all warm and fuzzy – golly, like I’d just been photoshopped! A lot!

          What’s even more amusing is that I would bet my last nickel, and probably even my dogs, that these very same people have zero qualms about telling person b that they don’t like person a for whatever reason, or talking smack about someone in general or even very specific terms. Know why? Because that is human nature. We are, by nature, social creatures, and one of the best things we do is communicate, in various fashions. Whether everyone agrees or not is not the point: the point is that it is highly hypocritical to call someone like Rechelle out for her critique of PW and her very public activities and persona while doing exactly the same thing in other arenas about other people, places, or things – and there isn’t a single person here or anywhere who can honestly say they’ve never done that. Then again, that hypocrisy is something I pretty much expect because people can and do simply ignore their own behavior in favor of trying to show someone else they’re better. In the end, they just wind up sounding like Polly McPrissypants to me. Good thing we’re all entitled to our own opinions, isn’t it?

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  • Lori:

    Hi Shay,
    You are welcome. Neinie has the same affect on me.
    I read her daily so’s I don’t fall into a pit of self pity.
    What a brave soul she is!

  • Lori:

    Who says PW works her kid’s but off?
    Certainly not Ree.
    They follow along behind cows and drive a feed truck but trust, these kids are NOT overworked in any sense of the word.
    For one things, the little Drummonds are never dressed properly for work. Egads. I have yet to see but one of them wear winter footwear. No one, no matter the age, could withstand the Oklahoma winter wind in their roper cowboy books……nor do they wear heavy gloves, a mainstay in the winter weather or felt/wool winter caps. Neither does Ladd, now that I think of it. Tim et al do dress properly as does Tim and MIssy’s kids (who, horrors!, attend public school which explains the proper apparel ) who tells me who does the work and who shows up for the photo shoot.

    Forgive me. I am freezing today.
    I must leave you now and go bring in some more fire wood. I hope husband or kids have split some wood. AND I will wear gloves, boots and a hat cause afterall, it is winter, 2 degrees and the wind is blowing like a mad god after chinaman out there!

  • Jody:

    I am thrilled to have found your blog. Finally, finally, finally someone who thinks Pioneer Woman is a fake and calls her on it! What an incredible relief – I was beginning to think the world was full of yes-women who thought that totally me-me-me-me rich woman ( who loves to take pictures of her husband’s flat butt) walked on water.

    I think her marketing is brilliant and her blog desing is fabulous. I just get utterly sick of how self-absorbed she is. Frankly, I too would like to write a blog simply about me and my life and get 13 million visitors a month — and never have to take the time to visit anyone else’s blog to write them a comment in return.

    So call me jealous.

    Fact is, she’s uber-wealthy and pretends she’s not, she MUST have a half-dozen full time help, there is NO WAY she has 4 kids, does the grocery shopping, the cleaning around her house, the laundry, the buying school clothes and supplies, all the errands that make up daily life, then homeschools them, spends any kind of quality time with her husband, takes 100 pictures a day and photoshops them, writes her blog posts, cooks, travels, does her cookbook, her media interviews, the movie, etc — all on her own.

    And of course in addition, she never has a fight with Marlboro man, her kids never throw tantrums or have attittudes, her family life growing up was just so sunny and perfect, well, I call total bull***t. and ask ‘how phony can this woman really get?”

    She’s passive aggressive mean if you really catch her little put downs, she’s shallow as can be, and totally uninterested in anyone else’s life beyond her own narrow universe. She doesn’t even BOTHER to pretend. All while making mega-bucks. Go Gordon Gekko in an apron!

    Nonetheless, like a lemming, I read her blog with appalled fascination as to how she has managed to make being self-centered into an olympic gold medal blog.

    I’m gonna add you to my links as soon as I have a blog. Thank GOD someone finally calls it like it is over PW, and by all the comments from your Feb 2010 post, quite a few others feel the same way about her, and aren’t charmed or fooled.

    • Anon.:

      I wonder how much those numbers have changed since she switched from advertising with Federated Media to BlogHer.

  • joy:


    Bahhahaha – “Gordon Gekko in an apron” — love it!

  • Melski:

    Bad news…TAMN is calling it quits over at Seriously So Blessed.

    • Rechelle:

      I refuse to believe it. I only just discovered her. We must bring her back. I wonder if getting linked to two atheist blogs in one day did her in? I linked to her and so did Unreasonable Faith. I hope it didn’t freak TAMN out! We are good people TAMN! We just don’t believe in God! It’s okay. We won’t eat the twins!