I finally got to see The King’s Speech!

January 30th, 2011

Which stars Dumbledore as one King George.

And Colin Firth as a different King George.

And Helena Bonham Carter is also in this film.

Because isn’t Helena Bonham Carter in every film?

And then this lady shows up.

And I spent the rest of the film wondering who she was.

Who is she?  How do I know her?  What film was she in?  What role did she play?  Must think harder!  Must push self!  Must keep going!  Must figure this out!  Mustn’t give up!  Mustn’t ever stop!  Think!  Think!  THINK!!!!!

But it is hard to think when one is constantly being assaulted by long shots of Colin Firth strolling through a foggy garden.

But then it hit me!

Like an errant little sister on an unholy journey through the streets of London with a dashing soldier intent on using her for his own ill gain and is saved at last by the man our heroine despises because he is a wretched snob who says bad (though sadly true) things about her beloved family, but she also secretly loves him and even more so after she tours his lavish estate!….




Elizabeth Bennet!

Fitzwilliam Darcy!

The most important film ever made.

And then I settled back and was able to watch the rest of The King’s Speech without further agitation.

And it was good…

But it twarn’t no Pride and Prejudice!


  • Spinny:

    I’m so jealous. I will likely have to wait for the blu-ray.

  • Barb:

    Just got to see it last night myself. Loved it. I was reading the message boards on imdb and was surprised at how many people didn’t notice the P & P connection with Jennifer Ehle. And Rechelle, did you notice that Mr. Collins had a bit part also? He is the theater director when the doctor is trying out for a part – probably in the first 20 mins. of the film.

    Now, I’m going to do a little shameless self-promotion. Your one picture above jumped out at me. I have that very shot in my etsy shop as a cross-stitch pattern:


    I also did this one:


    And I’ve got this decoupaged bracelet available:


    And off topic. I’ve got a question for you, Rechelle. I took your recommendation and rented “William and Mary” from Netflix. Thoroughly enjoying it and just finished Disc 2. Apparently, Season 1 was only 6 episodes so I’ve already seen 2 episodes of Season 2 and didn’t realize it. Looking at imdb, it says there were something like 18 episodes, but there is just one more disc coming from Netflix. I can’t find anymore discs available. Did you run into that problem? Thanks!

    • Rechelle:

      Yes – I ran into that very problem. I have not been able to figure out how to get the rest of the shows without purchasing them. I hope Netflix or Amazon will get them eventually.

      • Barb:

        Ohh, that stinks. So I’m going to be left high and dry after this next disc comes in. If you figure it out, let me know! (I think I’ll drop Netflix an e-mail and ask “what gives?” I should think they would all be available now – the show has been off the air for some time.

        • Barb:

          Well, for some reason, all 3 seasons are available in the UK but not here in the States. So unless you want to make the mistake I did a couple months ago and purchase a DVD from the UK that then can’t be played in our DVD players, we’ll just have to make do with 2 seasons and hope they finally release the 3rd here.

          Of course, you could always take a trip to London and rent it while you’re there. :-)

  • Samantha:

    Yeah I already knew “Miss Bennet” was in the film. Colin Firth said in an interview that the both of them got a quick visit on the set to catch up…I guess she didn’t hang around long not having many scenes. What I didn’t know was that they dated in real life for about a year after P & P was finished.

  • JudyB:

    Looking forward to seeing it…maybe this week. Would take a lot to be better than P & P.

  • JennyME:

    Rechelle, have you seen North & South with Richard Armitage? (Not to be confused with that weird TV movie from the 80s.)

    If you haven’t, you must do so, er, posthaste. Within the fortnight, as it were. Tea. Cravats.

    • Barb:

      Jenny, I had never heard of that until an acquaintance told me about it. I watched it a few months ago and am now reading the book.

    • Rechelle:

      I’ve seen it and I loved it.

  • Anon.:

    P&P on A&E is my favorite movie or television series of all time. Love it!! Love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.

    I also loved The King’s Speech. There aren’t many movies that I think are worth the price of admission, but this one was. I’ll probably buy it on DVD, too. You’re right, however, not quite as good as P&P. Still good, though.

  • Oh….I loved the movie! A glass of Chardonnay at Brio Tuscan Grill then a large bag of popcorn. Delicious!

    A bit OT but I have 8 hours of Downtown Abby recorded On Demand! I can’t wait!



    • Barb:

      Is that the one I’ve been seeing on PBS the last several weeks? I wanted to record it but they never had a set schedule or what order they were in. Maybe another one for Netflix (IF THEY HAVE THE WHOLE SERIES!!)

      • km:

        Downton Abbey can be watched in its entirety online – Epis. 1 through 4. on PBS. I know, because I love it, and tipped off my sister to it. She stayed up till 1.30 two nights in a row:)
        I love it !!! I adore the zingers from the Dowager Countess

    • JJ:

      Just finished up Downton Abby last night – it was wonderful! They are in production now for a second series. Can’t wait!

      • Barb:

        Our station is only repeating Ep. 4 right now. My friend works for PBS and said it’s been getting great reviews and will probably be repeated quite a bit over the next couple months. I hope to catch it then.

  • NCme:

    I love and own both P&P and Lost in Austen.

    Every time I see Jennifer Ehle I can’t get over how much she looks like Meryl Streep, no more so than in TKS. But then again, it may just be me.

    • Barb:

      I never noticed that, but I think you’re right. They have the same eyes and the same smile.

  • susan:

    ‘Make haste, make haste’ (per Mr. Collins in P&P) to see this wonderful film! I recognized Mr. Collins but kept wondering where I had seen the wife of Logue before. Eventually it hit and I was able to relax and watch the rest of this magnificent film. Check youtube the various vintage King’s speeches. AGONY! One in particular had him very subtlely knocking the dais with his left hand while stammering as he deflected his angst. Someone seated next to him look up to him in concern. Poor man.

  • AnnB:

    A friend turned me on to “Slings and Arrows” a old Canadian show that I loved……….only a couple of seasons but a really well done series with likable characters— Streaming Netflix!

    • Kay in KCMO:

      I loved “Slings and Arrows”! Mark McKinney drew me in (because of KITH) and I stayed for most of the eps because it was so damn good.

  • Nancy:

    Holy shiz-nit. I had the same “where do I know her from?” feeling when I saw her, but was so enthralled with “The King’s Speech ” that I attributed it to my poor memory. I thought I knew the cashier at Kroger too, but it turns out that she just looked like a young Ann Margaret. I can’t believe that I failed to recognize the fine eyes of Lizzie Bennett. P&P has been my go-to DVD set for rainy days, flu bugs, and any time that I need to be transported by Jane Austen. Persuasion works in a pinch, but Pride & Prejudice is divine. “The King’s Speech” stayed with me long after I left the theater and I’m thrilled to see the awards being heaped upon the movie.

  • Irma:

    I saw The King’s Speech, and I loved everything about it, especially Colin Firth’s performance.

    But he was no Mr. Darcy. Purrrrrrr

  • Hope to see it soon.

    Is HBC POURING OUT with GLOVES ON??? Who is advising on Royal Etiquette on this movie? Or any etiquette at all—a lady does not keep her gloves on at table, not even fashionable mitts-with-no-fingers which set off her gown to perfection.

    Never mind. I’m still trying to get through to all the crime show arrangers who leave dead bodies sitting bolt upright in straight chairs.

  • Chris:

    Jennifer Ehle – if you like her, I’d suggest the movie “Possession”.
    Loved it!

    • Love that movie!