Dear Governor of Alabama…

January 20th, 2011

Dear Governor of Alabama,

This is my son Jack.  He is nine years old.  He is in the third grade.  He wants to show you something…

This is Ethiopia.  It is a country in Africa.  It is where all people came from.  All of them.

It’s kind of a long complicated story, but basically all people on the face of the earth came from this spot and then eventually some of those people began to move away.

Some people moved to Europe

Some people moved to Asia and to Australia…

And some people even eventually made it to the Americas!

None of the first Americans were Christians.

Neither were the first Europeans, the first Asians or the first Australians…

Because there wasn’t even a Christ yet…

But all of those people were from the same place in Africa.

So we are all brothers and sisters Governor.

All of us.

We all come from the same place, share the same DNA and at some point in the human family tree, we were a very close family living in Africa.

Now that family has gotten very big, but we are still all related to each other.

In spite of our different religions, skin colors, languages, cultures and socio-economic levels…

We are all still brothers and sisters.

Jack wanted you to know that Governor.

And he’s a little sad that you didn’t already.

But he has great hope that you are a fast learner!

Good luck Governor!


  • I will use all my restraint and keep my comment limited to this…
    Good job Jack!

  • Dear Jack,

    Thank you for pointing that out for the Governor. As to him being a fast learner, I would not hold out hope for that. But you are young and ever hopeful so good on ya Jack!

  • Awesome and to the point! Now if we could only get every single person in the world to read this post things might improve!

  • Bridget:

    You and Jack are just awesome. Simply awesome. I would like to say more, but if I start my comment would just be too long. Also it would be filled with long, complex arrangement of cuss words like idiotic fuck stick. How did he get elected? What the hell is wrong with people? When we, humans, are at our worse, we are just down right scary and dangerous.

  • This post is exactly why I love you!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Well done, Jack! You’re very smart! I hope the Governor listens to you.

  • Terry Hingston:

    Dear Jack – My son, Phillip, will be 9 years-old next week. He was very concerned for the people who live in Alabama. He’s worried that their governor will not be able to take care of all the people in the state because neither his heart, nor his brain, are big enough. I think you two boys would like each other and have a lot to talk about. Keep thinking and questioning things and people – it’s fun to talk to smart kids! Best always, Terry

  • Mee Too:

    Outstanding! Jack has a great smile. Can he teach Rush Limbaugh how to speak Chinese? Or perhaps how to show kindness to visitors?

  • I have hope, but it sure isn’t for that jackwagon, it’s for Jack and the rest of that generation. Jack, you sure did a good job, keep it up!

  • Spinny:

    I think perhaps Jack needs his own teaching corner. You know for remedial learners like Alabama’s governor, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, etc.

    He could cover basic topics, such as this, that seem to give them trouble.

  • Kait:

    Sorry, I have no idea what this Governor did. Did he disparage a foreign country or something? A foreign country like mine perhaps? I know how people like to pick on us poor Canadians. :)

    • Kait, the newly inaugurated Governor of Alabama opened his mouth and inserted his foot up to his knee by stating (something to the effect) that he believed that Jesus Christ was Lord and those who didn’t share that belief couldn’t “be his brothers and sisters”.

      • Kait:

        Well what an idiot. Did he say anything like that before he was elected? I would hate to think that he did and was still elected.

    • Rechelle:

      Oh he just said something very silly about Christians are his only ‘brothers and sisters’ and everyone else can just suck it. Except he didn’t quiet say it that way.

  • Nice job, Jack! Also, I’d like to say, as a Christian, I’d rather be Rechelle’s sister than the Governor of Alabama’s.

  • Irma:

    Looks like I need to turn on the American news, because this Canadian girl has no idea what prompted this post. Sounds like your governor must have said something monumentally stupid, though.

    Off to watch one of the 4374824 US networks we get….

  • Mindy:

    Well aww shucks, Jack. I was looking forward to *not* being related to a bigoted nincompoop!!

    I find my siblings tend to treat me less kindly than the general populace does, anyway. At least strangers don’t bring up embarrassing stories of my stretch pants phase or make fun of my cooking.

  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good job, Jack!

  • Jack is so much more intelligent than most of the people elected to govern our nation – we need more people like Jack …Jack for President in 2037!

    • Spinny:

      I believe we’ll have to wait until 2040 for Jack to be eligible and for it to be an election year.

      Perhaps he can take over when his mom leaves office?

      • Oh….Yeah…You’re right. I didn’t think that one through too well!

  • Sara:

    Jack you da man!!!

  • WVKay:

    Jack’s intelligence is only exceeded by the awesomeness of his freckles.

  • Joel Wheeler:

    Jack FTW.

  • Rechelle,

    I’ve considered unsubbing from your RSS feed a few times, mainly because I feel that you occasionally cross the line in your seemingly pathological treatment of PW (whom I can’t stand either, for the record).

    Posts like this one, are why I haven’t, and why I keep coming back. Can we have more of this Rechelle and less of the other?

    Respectfully yours,

  • Those of you who have no idea what this is about can read about it here:

    The dermatologist turned governor said this during a Martin Luther King holiday observance. At a church. Where MLK was once a pastor. The irony, it burns…

  • annmarie:

    I am ashamed to say that I had not heard of this yet. How is that possible? I don’t watch the news, but I do listen to NPR. Wow. Thank you for enlightening me.Oh, and Jack is very cute.

  • Jay:

    Awesome job Jack! Tell it like it is!

  • Jason Harrington:

    See, now many bloggers would have approached this post either with just a column of text and some rather uninspired commentary on the governor’s silliness, or by just posting pictures of their kids with captions saying “isn’t he cute?” But you…you’re a deft little blogalchemist (yes, that’s another new word I coined), you.

    Impressed and loving you, as always,


    And PieNearWoman is hilarious, you keep The Balance just right, keep doing your thing.

  • Spiderjohn:

    Good job Rechelle.

  • M.R.:

    “This is America, where a white Catholic male Republican judge was murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year old Mexican-American gay college student, and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon, all eulogized by our African-American President.” -Mark Shields

    But the Gov seems to prefer that America be a hotbed of religious hatred. So sad.

  • susan:

    what is it about Alabama governors!! so typical that racism in that part of the country still abounds. sickening.

    • MissTeach:

      Perhaps I missed something, but how did his statement display “racism”? Misguided religious ideas, yes. But racism?

      • MissTeach:

        The governor neither excluded or included any races with his statement. He included all people who are Christians as his family members and, as there are Christians of all races, his statement sounds like the antithesis of racism to me. Why, there are even Jewish Christians (Jews for Jesus).

        Too often, people are quick to scream “racism” when it is really some other type of “stupidism” being displayed.

  • Nancy:

    BEST. POST. EVER. I beg you to print this out and mail it to the idiotic governor of Alabama.

  • N'awlins Darlin':

    Personally, I have no problem being completely unrelated to some jackass from Alabama.

  • Hates Rechelle:

    What a goofy looking kid – what’s up with the freckles & those teeth?

    • Jill:

      Although I am sure Rechelle could answer your stupid post better than I and judging from her lack of response, I suspect she is gracefully ignoring it, I do want to jump in and tell you that you are being so disrespectful here. If you do not like Rechelle, I am sure she could care less. But to attack her children and family is really unwarranted and extremely immature.
      Grow the F*** up. If you want to have an interesting discussion about opposing views on many interesting and important topics, it seems that everyone is welcome to chime here on Rechelle’s blog. If you want to act like an asshole and attack her family, it seems like you are a cowardly, uneducated, and insecure individual and should not be commenting on her blog.


  • wondering..:

    Does your town have an orthodontist? Also, why are so angry all of the time?

    • Kait:

      Probably because of idiots like you