Who Cares What the Score Is? Pan Slowly Across That Coach Again

December 8th, 2010

I attempted to watch the KU/Memphis game last night. Not because I care about pre-season college basketball, but because the Country Doctor was actually at Madison Square Garden watching the game with some of his old college buddies and I was hoping to see the lot of them on TV. Unfortunately, I was unable to devote myself to locating the CD and his entourage because I kept getting distracted by the appearance of the Memphis Tigers Coach, Josh Pastner.

Who just happens to resemble something between a greek god and Michaelangelo’s David.


  • Eye candy and calorie free… I can see why you were distracted. Even more awesome, the CD at Madison Square Garden! How cool is that?!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I prefer K-State’s Frank Martin. Good guy, good looks, and PASSION, man!

  • Ha! I was watching as well. But I think he looks like Sweets.

    Either way, makes basketball much more fun to watch.
    Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk.

    • Rechelle:

      He does look like Sweets!

  • Emily:

    Hmm…I’m not really seeing it. Maybe the straight-on-front pose is not the best for hawtness. Does look a little like Sweets though…

  • tigerjenn:

    He is waaaay cuter in person. AND so nice.

  • Linda C:

    Oh nice, but Mister Mule Train from your August 15th post still has my heart fluttering. wow!

  • Nancy:

    He’s adorable, but not weathered enough for me. I like my men slightly craggy. Actually, just more wrinkled and hairier than me is good enough. Or blind. Blind is good.

  • I am now a Memphis fan… verry nice.

  • Blasphemy!!!!

  • Christine from Canada:

    I’m a Canadian who doesn’t follow American college basketball. I had no idea who this guy is. So, I Googled him.

    Rechelle, Rechelle, Rechelle: This poster thing-y right here doesn’t do him any justice. There are much better pix of the man, looking more relaxed, happier, not quite so harsh, driven, and — dare I say — eyebrow-groomed.

    This picture notwithstanding, I can see how he’d be distracting.

  • Suzanna:

    Dang, he has a pretty mouth!

  • Clay:

    But doesn’t he look a little like a bible thumper? He could make millions as a televangelist.