Vote For Your Favorite Christmas Creep Because My Mind is Scalloped Potatoes!

December 24th, 2010

Santa at the blood bank.  (Please note the vials and the rubber gloves)

The above bit o’ Christmas creep was sent in a wee bit late as were a few other photos, but due to technical difficulties, I could not get the others to post.  Maybe by next Christmas I will figure out how to use this thing called ‘cyber space’ more effectively.

It’s been a little more crazed than usual around here lately.  Aside from the usual Christmas spasms, I have been helping to move my parents from one end of the state to t’ other and then  just when I had a day off to climb on top of this mountain called yuletide, a viral strain of Christmas crud invaded my blood stream and laid me out for thirty six hours straight.  I find that I am looking forward to December 26th more than I ever have in my life!

Right now I am sitting in a doctor’s office in Topeka waiting for one of my sons to be seen.  The dermatologist is sixty five minutes behind schedule (damn doctors!).  I am also experiencing an inexplicable craving for scalloped potatoes which is making me even more cranky than usual.  So to take my mind off my misery, I figured I would assemble a few finalists for the Christmas Creep Contest and let you, my dear readers, decide who wins the fabulous $25.00 gift certificate to the online store of the winner’s choice.

Here are my favorites…

#1 – Santa Fish

#2 – Strangled Santa

#3 – Santa does the Christmas Creep

#4 – Petrified Santa

#5 – Burning Rage Santa

#6 – Blood Bank Santa

And if I don’t see you until after the holidays – I hope yours is exceedingly merry and bright!  And if, on the off chance it is neither merry nor bright, I send you extra big chunks of my love in a dismal attempt to compensate.


  • bPer:

    Happy Holidays, Rechelle, to you, your family and all the Rechelle Unplugged community.

    in particular I hope you all had a Happy Winter Solstice, the true reason for the season! The deepening darkness has now passed and longer, warmer days approach. Time to celebrate!


  • Happy Whatever You Choose To Celebrate! Rechelle, I hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday. And to all the other posters here, thank you for your frequently funny, quite often thought provoking comments. I may not always agree, but I do stop to think and try to see things from another point of view.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I agree bPer! I love the Christmas togetherness with extended family, but I really get excited for the Winter Solstice. When I was working, a group of us would have breakfast at a little cafe on the Solstices. No commercialism, presents, decor, songs, stress or other hoopla – just togetherness over a good meal to celebrate the time of year.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Nancy:

      Lovely idea!

  • Christmas is going to be quite here at our house – a very good dinner, which we’ll decide on when we go shopping tomorrow and see what cuts of meat are available, and I will be treating myself to eggnog with a little (ahem) dash of whiskey.

    Most of the family is far flung this year, so my hubby and I will enjoy the peace and quiet and opportunity to relax.

    Cheers and good tidings to all!

  • Nancy:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Rechelle. Wishing you peace and love all year long.

  • jalf:

    Merry christmas! (And what a shame the name “Christ” has snuck into it in English..)

    Anyway, just came across this, and, thought it was a lovely bit of surprise Christmas atheism:

  • San-ta-fish! San-ta-fish! San-ta-fish!

  • The BBC has invited the Pope to give the Xmas message tomorrow. DISGUSTING. Why does it appear that no-one gives a toss about the 000′s abused by his organization and HIS role in hiding the perps? No wonder the young seem to have no respect for us older ones who let such abuse pass as no more than a blip and not ruination of lives it actually it.
    That is my Xmas message! :-)

  • Mo:

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Rechelle, hope it’s all you want it to be. And thank you for making this one of my favorite places to stop in every day.

  • Happy holidays, Rechelle! Big hugs to your family from me in wet & wonderful Washington state! Smooches!

  • km:

    Oh. My. Some of those are really disturbing!