The Christmas Creeper Edges Out Santa Fish for Win!

December 25th, 2010

Santa does the Christmas Creep submitted by Nancy wins!

Merry Christmas Nancy!

You win a $25.00 gift certificate to the online store of your choice.

Please e-mail me at

Thanks to everyone for the fab submissions.

Living room full of wrapping paper,



  • Congratulations, Nancy! That (what looks like to me) ax wielding Santa is very strange, indeed!

    Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s calm here, just a couple of rubber bands on the floor that the cat’s been playing with (bitch). The mahem won’t start around here until 3PM, PST.

  • Nancy:

    Hahaha! Ohmygosh – I actually voted for the strangled Santa! Too funny! This house is just down the road from us and when they spotlighted their Santa it immediately became an axe murderer! Their house is less scary on Halloween.

    Merry Christmas to all – it’s a beautiful day here in Tennessee, hope yours is too.

  • Congratulations Nancy!

    It is truly creepy indeed… I immediately thought axe murderer.

    I have to say, the people that tied their Santa to the chimney don’t do it anymore. Somebody must have told them it didn’t look quite right. Either that or maybe they didn’t like all the people slowing down as they drove by to stare at their house.

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    A truly creepifying win! Every time I see that picture I start humming “Is that you, Santy Claus?”

  • Congrats, Nancy!

  • Nancy:

    Thank you, thank you! Gift card received and SPENT already! I purchased “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand and a beautiful 2011 calendar. Doing a happy dance! THANK YOU!!

    Settling down with my new Territorial Seed catalog and a cup of coffee to dream of spring. Get the catalog, by all means – it’s like garden porn. Each page makes you drool and whispers, “You know you want it….”

    Have a wonderful day, ladies!