Snowfall on Pound Cake

December 15th, 2010




  • Mo:

    I’ve seen and lusted after that cake pan … so nice to actually see how a cake turned out in it, it’s very lovely!

    • I’ve always wanted that cake pan, too! So pretty! Now I want some cake!

  • Shelley:

    You’re making me wish I hadn’t given away that cake pan! I made this exact cake (chocolate houses? churches? castles? w/snowfall) ONCE in 3 years & decided it was time to give the pan away. My Latino (male) gardener wanted it, so hopefully he’s making a snowy poundcake this Christmas season :)

    Enjoy yours!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    But Rechelle, you’ve baked….a….church! LOL!

    I used to wish Santa would bring me this cake pan, but then I saw a similar one that is pine trees.

  • Rechelle:

    I have used this pan three times since I bought it several years ago and this is the first cake that didn’t break to pieces when I tried get it out. It’s very hard to get enough butter and flour into all the cracks and crevices. Especially if you lean towards weakness and shakiness like I do.

  • Nancy:

    SO pretty! I highly recommend Baker’s Secret spray – it’ll pop just about anything out of a pan.

  • jane:

    also don’t fill to top. The cake needs room to fall out! Sounds weird but it works